Short toast at a wedding

The best solution for the newlyweds congratulations,when there are many guests at the wedding - a short toast. Small, but can accommodate a lot of warmth, sincerity, sense, they are able to convey the most important thing - your mood, respect, joy for the young. Tradition wishes to invest in a toast to the wedding goes back many centuries.

It has long been the relatives have expressed their love and warmfeelings, good wishes words spoken during the wedding celebration. Short Wedding toasts are good in situations where few visitors, because everyone has to make a speech several times. It is easier to remember a few bright, expressive wishes, rather than one long and tedious poem.

Possible short toast at a wedding

  • A little toast to the bride

Family - is the realm where the mistress is a woman. So we wish the bride to be a beautiful queen reasonable to maintain in their possession during a positive attitude, a warm and cozy atmosphere.

  • Symbolic toast at a wedding

Love can be compared with a candle - the flame strives upwards, which represents the movement toward higher goals. It gives warmth and light. We wish the young to the candle of love always warmed up, light the way.

  • Short toast about guardian angels

Usually willing to three life guardedGuardian Angel - Hope, Faith and Love. But forget about the fourth, I think the most important thing - Sophia, personifying wisdom! We wish to protect newlyweds from all angels in a long life!

  • A little toast to the principle of reflection

Let newlywed life will be the same fun,joyous as a triumph. The bride and groom give us their joy, do not forget to have fun, and we honor them in return. Therefore, we wish always guided by the same principle: to give and to be close to bestow, to love and be loved!

  • Short toast of trees

I loved once Poplar slender birch. She agreed, and intertwined their branches in a fit of deep feelings. So they were left standing in the field. We wish the newlyweds to love branches that hold them together, never again rasplelis.

  • A toast to the wedding on honeymoon

Honeymoon - the happiest time of the spouses: while carelessness, lightness, passion, sublime feelings, gentle thrill lovers. We wish Brac to their honeymoon stretched for life.

  • Toast of the good wife

As a proverb says, the first lifewealth - health, and the second - a good wife. We wish our bride to justify these words, and only the husband is obliged to cherish his wife. I propose to raise her health his glasses!

  • Short toast about the goddess

In Greece, was the goddess Nike, which brought victory in battle. She was holding a palm branch, a symbol of superiority. We wish to bring the bride to her husband victory, success, a true Greek goddess!

  • A little toast to the groom

Our groom - a real astronomer. He discovered the incredible beauty of a star, a charming bride. Bodnimem same yuokaly that she always had the strength to illuminate the way to her husband worries light, devotion, love!

  • A toast to the wedding about the harem

Many men dream of having a harem. For each day there were many women, contributing interest in his family life. Let our groom never want to have a harem, because his wife will be able to replace a thousand women!

  • Toast of understanding for the wedding

As one writer said, happiness isunderstanding. A family life is very important - understanding, sincere support and respect. Drink well to such qualities in the family life of our newlyweds was enough!

  • Short greeting verse

We wish you to live and have fun together

Have everything you need in family life!


  • Beautiful short toast

I wish you to make your golden carriage was carrying you onhappy, easy life, deftly circling all the difficulties and obstacles. To the road led by the unprecedented beauty of the garden, and nearby are all those who are dear to you. For the well-being and happiness of young!

  • Toast about the richness of the wedding

A wise man said that wealth is not the number of gold coins, and satisfaction with their lives. Let us raise our wine glasses for that our couple was really rich!

  • Wishing happiness to the wedding

House of family happiness is being built out of the walls of friendship, love, roof, and inside burning fireplace comfort. Let's drink to the whole is more than enough to our youth!

  • A little toast hearts of lovers

Scientists have discovered a surprising fact: the hearts of two lovers who look into each other's eyes begin to beat in rhythm. So let our bride and groom heart is always beating in unison!

  • Funny short toast

The feelings experienced by a man in love,identical to the euphoria that comes from the effects of known drugs, and cocaine. So let our newlyweds will always be charged up by the overflowing of their love!

  • Short greeting of love

Touch and embrace a loved one acts as a painkiller. That is love - a force capable of healing. Let us drink to the fact that our young have never experienced pain!

Video: short toast to the wedding in your own words

You have been invited to the wedding, but you do not knowimportant and necessary to say a word? No problem! Do you want to learn a lot of useful ideas and learn to speak briefly and to the point, with the skill zapravskogo Toastmasters? Watch the video and get ready to pass for a real guru in the field of casting bright congratulations! Interesting solutions, useful information and practical recipes - all this you will see below.

A rare good man takes a long speech,intricate wishes, during which it is necessary to wait a long ending. Too long to toast always evoke nostalgia, so short, congratulations - the best choice. On our site you will also find material about the wedding toast from the witness that will help you create a beautiful, succinct speech. Remember, the main thing - to be sure to show originality, to express the sincerity to your greetings brought positive emotions.