Short toast at a wedding in verse

Everyone is invited to a weddingevent, think about how to congratulate the newlyweds. This may be a formal greeting, touching it or comic desire, which will amuse the audience. Considerable popular short toast to the wedding poems, allowing nice to speak to newly minted spouses, and guests. This greeting should contain no more than eight lines, it can be funny, sweet, solemn. Original, capacious rhymed wishes will not leave anyone indifferent from those present.

Possible short wedding toast in verse

  • Short wedding toast the golden jubilee

Suppose you never joy would not leave,

Let your home be filled with happiness and warmth.

We all glasses for you high lift,

we wish to live without troubles golden wedding!

  • A little toast to the wedding celebration of love

Love - a wonderful all miracles:

souls are united.

Let your life is only laughter

and joy only run.

Shine tenderness eyes

the young couples.

I wish you to always

you have been to each other for free!

  • Verse toast on a joint path

You go today

in the hard way, in a distant way.

You have come to carry out friends, relatives,

so wish, without fear and anxiety

to go through life together until the end.

I wish that your way was beautiful,

to light a smile never left his face.

I wish the newlyweds live happily!

  • Poetic short toast to the wedding of consent

Dear newlyweds! I wish you health.

Let your marriage will be strong, strong,

never bursting at the seams.

Dear bride, the bride, I will reveal a secret:

if there is agreement in the pair,

meet together for a hundred years!

Because wish: friendship, understanding and love.

I raise a toast to happiness,

that will light your path distance!

  • A little toast in the verses of the family hearth

Let out of your home, the wife, does not leave the fun and laughter.

Let more kids with him will bring him even more.

I wish you to live happily for many, many happy years,

to your house with the family hearth radiated a warmth and comfort.

  • Short wedding verse toast with regards

You've become husband and wife - now really have nowhere to go!

I wish instead of quarreling and squabbling ever lovingly kissing

and if something suddenly wrong - soon embrace each other,

casually spoken word - forgive and understand immediately.

I wish that was all that you just want.

And now let's get together, we cry out: "Kiss!"

  • A little toast with a strong family wishes

Fidelity store, appreciate each other,

let it be strength of your family.

However, live always without separation,

sincere, pure love each other.

  • Toast in the verses of the green wedding

Like a leaf spring is that your wedding is green!

So let each of you here glotnet wine to the bottom.

That fresh, a little germ of your true love

become strong, strong tree, not stopping to bloom!

  • Short wedding toast in verse about the newlyweds smile

For your covenant, I raise a glass,

I will say from the heart, not truthfully:

kind of love I have not seen yet -

beautiful, pure, sincere, great!

You eyes never leaving each other all day,

shining smile on the face of the light.

May you wear it everywhere,

and together with her to meet many years.

  • Short toast in verse about the example of the love of the groom with the bride

Let your hands will always intertwined,

and kisses are not allowed to miss the mouth.

Love your carry through the years -

Let continue to be an example to us all.

  • A little toast to the wedding of a friend in verse

Dear friends, that you have become a new family!

I congratulate her Happy Birthday to my soul.

For me there is no more native people than young bride

and the bride-beauty - it even now write!

I wish you a long, beautiful and happy years.

Suppose your house is always as good family,

let inside his warm fire gives sincere light.

So let us drink to the easy life of young!

  • Jolly short wedding toast young

I wish you joy, enthusiasm,

that it was not your contention,

so kids running around -

the girls were so boys

so dinner was always rich

and your salary is high.

I wish you to trace,

They disappeared in the time of life troubles!

  • Poetic greeting from his mother's daughter with her fiance

This joyful day in the heart of every trace of his leave.

How hard it was once all present:

You're sitting next to a white dress with her faithful husband,

and I see that I have nothing more so it is not necessary,

how to look at you, so beautiful, with a bright smile.

I wish the two of you to go through this life without mistakes

assess what great happiness - to be close to each other.

Happy birthday family rasprekrasnye our spouses!

  • Congratulations from the groom to the bride's river of time

Not in our power to the river of time,

we can not stop the flow of ...

But if your hand in hand -

no sadness, pain, fear, regret.

Thank you that you became my wife,

thank you for all that was before,

Thank you for all that you and I,

swimming in the river, we shall see later.

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Choosing a small poem for congratulationsnewlyweds, guests can look forward to a positive response, because it sounds so solemn and beautiful. Not to forget the text during the holiday, congratulator need to practice for a few days before the wedding event. Poetic speech must be said to the soul - then the word will be able to touch the hearts of all those present. There is another interesting option: make a video or fotoprezentatsiyu with verse. This gift is perfect for a wedding, a long time will remain at the heroes of the occasion. How it looks:

A little toast to the wedding celebration in versewill be a great holiday decoration, certainly will remember the newlyweds. Poetic speech always create a special mood by adjusting the present for a romantic mood. To expand their understanding of rhymed congratulations, look for wedding toasts in the verses that will please the audience and leave all pleasant experience.