Original toast at a wedding

No wedding can not do withouthonest and sincere congratulations. During a celebratory banquet all the guests present are trying to say funny, heartfelt and memorable wishes. If you choose the right original toast to the wedding, you will be able to convey all the positive emotions that had planned to devote his dear and close people. In order for your congratulations steel decoration at the upcoming holiday are kindly requested to pick the right words.

Variants of the original wedding toast

During the wedding presentvisitors are trying to congratulate the young couple eloquent, witty, original toasts. Uttered wishes filled with sincere, soulful and wise words, life tips. Before you say congratulations, certainly beforehand work out that the fear of public speaking, and with it the usual hitch did not spoil your unusual toast at a wedding.

At the wedding, most of the requests addressed tothe bride and groom, but in order to stand out among the guests toast may be pronounced for parents or friends of the newlyweds. Correct would be a few days before the wedding to prepare the perfect speech that touched the hearts of all those present. If you can not determine what the toast will cause a sensation at the upcoming celebration, we suggest you use the examples of original greetings.

The original toast from a friend for the young

One day the young wife had to go totrip for two months. At the expiration of this period, he returned home. At that moment, when he saw his wife only said one word: "Hello!". The woman was offended, and then asked: "Why did you kiss me?". Her husband, without thinking twice, said: "We're married for five years. Now I do not think this is already a prelude appropriate. " So let us drink to the fact that our bride and groom are not fought shy of kissing even after the celebration of the golden wedding! Bitterly!

The original toast to newlyweds on their wedding day from a friend

We wish the newlyweds to their neverMemory left. It is important to keep in mind the days when you first saw each other when they first embraced, giving mutual kiss, and the day for you to gather all your relatives, close friends and loudly shouted the magic word "Kiss!". Do not forget this happy moment, and you'll be rewarded with incredible gifts of fate.

A toast to the wedding from the bride's uncle

On September the son of a young couple went to the firstclass. After school, the newly student ran home, and then with his fists lashed out at the parents. The boy was in tears, shouted: "Why do you not warned me that these charges for ten years ?!". To avoid misunderstandings, we must warn the newlyweds that obligation, the beginning of which we are now celebrating, not ten years, and a lifetime! Let's raise our glasses to the fact that these obligations it has always been a joy! Let's drink to your happiness, love and loyalty!

A toast to the wedding of the brother of the bride

As said the Empress Alexandra Romanova,duty in the family appears unselfish love. According to her, every family member should forget the egoistic "I", to devote himself to a loved one. If failure occurs, then everyone should blame themselves rather than the other. For harmony in the family requires endurance and patience. Both sides must come a desire to create a happy marriage, to overcome obstacles that may prevent this. I wish to take advantage of a couple of these instructions, and then your marriage will be blessed angels!

The original toast from a witness to the wedding

On this important day of joy, I wishour newlyweds that they have always been characterized by three habits: the first habit - it is the desire to work constantly, and the second - the desire for good health, while the third - on a regular basis to improve in teaching. Thanks to these wonderful habits you will be able to reach the top of harmony and happiness. Then on top of this with you will always be in your mutual love and eternal. So let us drink to this wonderful feeling that united the hearts of our Honeymoon! For the love!

Toast by the witness for the wedding

Dear newlyweds! Your first meeting took place long ago, and on that day you are married, concluding matrimony eternal love and friendship. It is a long awaited event you decide to become a family. Their mutual love, respect and passion for each other you perpetuate the bonds of wedlock. From this day you start to build a strong and united family, embarking on a new path. This work is creative, interesting, but also difficult. I wish you with dignity to overcome all the obstacles in life and always be happy together! Health, wealth and love! Bitterly!

The original toast for a young family on the wedding day from a friend

If you build a house and save on the foundation, thethe building will soon collapse. But if we now look at the newlyweds eyes, then we can easily see that your family home is built on a solid foundation of love. So I want to create a hotbed ever stood on this solid foundation, holding the walls of well-being, prosperity and joy of the roof window. To no event caused you grief and sorrow. Happy wedding! Bitterly!

Video: The original toast to the wedding of the parents

If the newlyweds parents plan originallycongratulate their children to the wedding day, then offer a toast to take advantage of in the style of rap. Such a wish in the form of a song will surprise all present guests and will decorate the gala banquet. To assess the benefits of the original rap toast you can, by viewing the video below. With the represented scene, you can similarly write your greetings and addressed the newlyweds:

Original wedding congratulations help yousurprise present guests, and most importantly - the bride and groom. Uttered from the heart, soul, bright and cheerful wishes cheer up, touched or forced to think about the future. If you plan to make a greeting in the form of rhymed, then we offer to learn toasts in the verses. Remember that beautiful and original greeting for a wedding - it's a way to make a sincere contribution to the happy newlyweds destiny, so the best toast at the gala banquet will be the one who uttered with sincerity and love.