Funny wedding toasts

To toast the wedding was a success and calleda positive response from the newlyweds and guests, it is necessary to prepare well for it. Not only are the words that will speak congratulator, but also pitch, emotional wishes. This is especially true of those who have decided to choose a funny wedding toasts for congratulation heroes of the occasion.

As a rule, humorous and funny wisheschoosing good friends of the bride and groom, as they are well aware of the sense of humor newly married couple. Choosing funny toast, you need to beware of vulgar, nasty jokes, giving preference to those that are exactly like the audience guests.

Options cool wedding toast

  • Cool toast to the bride by the groom's best friend

Somehow (the groom's name) said to me: "You know one! I want to imagine a girl that was shopping, smart, beautiful, caring and kind. " I was surprised and thought, "This man is crazy! Is it possible to immediately cope with the five women? "And when his life appeared (bride's name), it became clear that it is not necessary to look for longer, because it combines all of these qualities. I want to congratulate the heroes of the occasion with the wedding and once again happy for his best friend, who was able to find the perfect woman!

  • Cool wedding toast to the bride by her father

Once I told a most amusing story. Many years later, after the marriage, the wife says to her husband:

- Honey, you know, if I did not once meet with you, then I would marry Michael.

- Here it is! And I think, why he told me so warmly shaking hands at a meeting?

Well, my wife and I also do not stay on the sidelines andwith all sincerity want to shake the hand of the beautiful fiance, our son-in newly made, but the cause of this handshake is different: we want to express our sincere gratitude to the man who managed to tame the obstinate nature of our daughter. So let us drink for him and it's a firm handshake!

  • Wedding toast funny tale about

There is a good Russian fairy tale, where the snake aftermarriage becomes beauty-princess, but only does what pleases her husband. They say that in life there is exactly the opposite: a beautiful lady turns into a real snake! Let us sincerely wish our new husband, their life has become a real fairy tale. Bitterly!

  • Cool toast with a wish of financial well-being

It is said that the city showed up extremely dangerousmaniac, he attacks the young couples, providing them with well-being. I wish that as soon as you find yourself alone, the crime was committed! Raise the glass and drink to the fact that you were attacked by the money, and you could not get rid of them! I wish that the newly formed family has always lived in prosperity, I suffered from this happiness, and the couple loved each other all our lives! Bitter newlyweds!

  • Cool toast from a guest about future weddings the bride and groom

Dear newlyweds! On this day you have become husband and wife, with you, we celebrate a green wedding. I wish that in addition to this, you are still noted as many as ten weddings. Paper wedding - after a year, the cotton - five, ten years - bronze, porcelain - fifteen, crystal - twenty, silver twenty-five, pearl - thirty, ruby ​​- forty, gold - fifty and diamond - through seventy-five years.

Let your love does not fade even for a day! And let all those who are present at today's wedding, be sure to visit your future anniversaries!

  • Funny wedding toast the happy days

There is an opinion that there is no such thing -happy life, but there are happy days for each family. Agree or not - your right, and I wish that every day was happy! Let all the wonderful moments will make your life happy, happy, successful, and every day is a continuous fun! Let life not be striped zebra, and will - white unicorn! Bitterly!

  • Cool toast of trees

There is a legend that in the beautiful forestgrew up near Poplar strong and slender, fragile birch. So they liked each other, that the rays of the warm sun stretched its branches, until finally they are not intertwined. Does this little story is not the personification of what we observe between the bride and groom? That is why I wish, no matter what happens in your life, drag each other, as poplar and birch, to be stronger and firmer stand on his feet!

  • Wedding toast tastes

They say the most important thing in the family to have familypeople have similar views, preferences, tastes. Here we are with my venerable wife is very similar, both are crazy about ... me! With newly made husband we know a relatively short time, but I see that we are not much different - we both like all those present, just in awe of the beautiful bride! So let's raise a glass to the fair lady, became the day his wife!

  • Cool toast to love

The most pleasant conditions that happen withman - this passion, love and an overwhelming feeling of love. The first promotes good communication, the second - a passionate relationship, and the third one - mutual understanding, surrender, sacrifice. In the case of our heroes of the occasion, it is impossible to separate these three concepts. So let them always accompany each other, helping to preserve the bright, happy relationship!

Funny toast during a wedding eventhelp the audience to unwind, cheer, or even surprise them. To it failed, congratulator should be well rehearsed speech - then everything will be perfect, and words will cause a good guest response. If you like to say a brief and succinct suggestions, find on our website a short toast to the wedding.