Funny wedding toasts short

An essential step in the wedding celebration isGreeting part, during which the guests pronounced sincere wishes young as beautiful toast and presented gifts. Often invited relatives, friends from the excitement and experiences lack the necessary words to vividly express their congratulations with all my heart.

For desired effect it is important to prepare in advancefunny little speech or wedding toast short stories, to help you avoid awkward pauses while casting congratulations to newlyweds and show his eloquence. Newlyweds always nice to get a gift if it is accompanied by sincere wishes of happiness, health and others, in the form of a wedding toast.

Possible short toast to the wedding fun

  • The wedding toast father - son

Son! You as a wise real man has to remember one simple truth about his woman, what are you more and more will bestow her gifts, so she will be invaluable for you. My wish - to become your wife, for you are now a treasure that must be protected against any thief. I raise my glass to the strong love of a man for a companion that knows how to appreciate it. Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast for the bride-counsel from the mother

Daughter! You, above all, a woman who has to light the way his men bright rays of happiness. The extent to which the family will miss the kingdom of joy and fantastic days, depends primarily on you. Therefore, true love of her husband, respect, honor, so that he was always ready to travel to distant lands and bring you a scarlet flower. I raise this glass of wine wedding, children, fairy tale for your life!

  • Cool wedding toast from a friend of the groom

I remember a friend in my youth told youthe girl of his dreams. She had to have not only external beauty but intelligence, loyalty, thrift, tenderness. Then I wondered how many wives do you have to be at the same time! However, you have reached your goal, met the sole that has all these qualities. In the wedding day, you want to announce your wish: that you do not get tired to discover it for yourself with other positive aspects, and your desire to continue to come true!

  • Funny toast to the newlyweds from your friends

Dear newlyweds! We sincerely wish you to quickly get hold of a huge house with a large real fireplace, lots of kids. That's all you need to us - a friend - it was where to come to the end of the week and have fun outside of your warm, cozy hearth. We raise our glasses to the fact that the strong friendship has always been a place of your happy family life!

  • Wedding wishes from friends of the bride

It is believed if the girl, who is married,never has a single decoration, it gave a man his fate solely on love. This is a good sign for the men, however, self-respecting husband would never allow such rumors about his family and his wife osyplet not only jewels, but precious moments of happiness, love, tenderness. For your beautiful life, the newlyweds!

  • Wedding toast from parents

Dear children! Your union can be compared to a bird that diligently and carefully Viet its nest. At this stage, the basis (marriage) is ready, it remains the case for the chick, which should be settled in the warmth of the hearth. We wish to have on your life's journey never met such a bird that podselyaetsya into the wrong socket, destroying them. Take care of their own happiness, constantly strengthen the nest of love, kindness, tenderness, sensitivity. The only way you will achieve the strength of the family hearth. Bitterly!

  • Wedding wishes from grandparents

In the old days at weddings the groom usuallyWe want this toast: "Love your Luba as sweet darling, and shake it like a wild Grushenka." It was understood that the married, the husband has the right to demand from his young wife unquestioning obedience. However, we will, grandchildren, do not want this, because life wisdom and experience suggest: only tenderness, love, you can achieve harmony in the relationship. Therefore, if a husband and Natrusov pears, then let them be sweet for both! Bitterly!

  • A toast to the wedding of a family friend

The peoples of the East, there is one true story, according towhere marriage is considered to be a mirage in the desert, which looks like an oasis with life-giving water, palm trees, the palace and all the other creature comforts. However, coming closer to him, the witness begins to lose the joy in his eyes, saw the gradual disappearance of the island paradise of life. He understands that this is an illusion. I wish you, my friends, to family life in a mirage in the desert has always proved a real fact, and you have lived and prospered in the midst of his paradise!

Video: examples cool short toast

On the topic of wedding wishes there area huge number of proverbs, folk tales, which successfully you can use in his congratulatory speech. For hilarious toast is not necessary to invent witty phrases, instructive parable, just heartily wish the newlyweds happiness, loyalty and mutual love. The main condition - is to be concise. To do this, check the examples fun toasts short content in the video below:

These fun ideas wedding toast, you canto base and develop, complementing their thoughts. Be your imagination, add your own experience and you have the perfect eloquent toast to the wedding. More on our website you will find other fun wedding toast with interesting content and relevant jokes. Take advantage of them to pronounce the greeting speech of the newlyweds.