Funny wedding toasts for a friend

True friendship is always different menloyalty, respect, kindness. When the best friend is getting married, you want to wish him only the best that there is in the world - that's just to find the right words. It is important to prepare in advance eloquent toast to the wedding friend with sincere wishes. Take advantage of our selection of ready-made greeting lines.

Options toast at a wedding

Wedding toast of friendship

My dear friend, (groom's name)! You and I have been friends since childhood, a lot from the time the water has flowed, with different situations we were faced with you. What is most remarkable: after every emergency we become committed to each other and our friendship - stronger. Who you marry, let your family life will be as happy as you on this auspicious day!

I am sincerely glad that you (groom's nickname) tiedtheir fate with the right partner (bride's name), an affectionate woman and dear beloved. However, I would like to raise a toast to the fact that our friendship with you has become only stronger! Love, happiness, health and fidelity to you, dear newlyweds! For the rest, I will help! Kiss the bride and groom!

Toast about love

In this vast world there is a greatfeeling as love. It is as if, all-absorbing material, which is able to transform a dried bush in a flowering tree. This feeling appears and you, my dear friend (the groom's nickname)! You just shines with happiness that this beautiful woman (bride's name) to reciprocate and marry you.

I wish you, the couple, all-consuminglove that turns people into angels, and God gives them the paradise around. However, do not live there most of the time, at least occasionally come back to stay on the ground to share your love with us - your loved ones! So my toast to your happiness! Bitter newlyweds!

Wedding toast about happiness young

We - the people of the earth, and nothing human to us is notalien, so the life of each of us is made up of the same scenery: big and small details, some disagreements, and then reconciliation, sadness and great joy. All of this - give way to successive days of our destinies, everyday life, in other words. However, these days are able to shine a very different light, when our life comes love. It brings happiness for themselves, from which you want to change the world and to highlight its vivid sense of this.

My friend (the groom's nickname), now I want to enjoy the happiness of your family: let it always lives in your home! Bitter (groom's name, bride)!

Wedding toast each other on the fairy tale

Most children believe in the fairy tale, which shouldbecome the basis for their adult life. They honestly believe that the princess frog is capable of becoming an unearthly beauty, it is necessary only to kiss her. However, when it is growing up, the tale turns into a harsh reality, where the whole world is turned upside down. In such circumstances, unearthly beauty gets nasty toad, continue to love that dare not any altruistic.

You're my best friend (the groom's nickname), I wish,that this did not happen never! Let your beautiful wife (bride's name) prettier day by day, your coach never turns into a pumpkin, and the castle, so that no one dared to conjure a misfortune! Live in this tale, and everything will be fine! Bitter, for the love of the newlyweds!

Wedding toast about love and hate

The laws of the world based on the principles of reflectionMirror: When we are sad, the world reflects the same picture. And when we are joyful, the world is also smiling back at us. Relations between the two people are built the same way: you have to love - to you too, and if you hate - and then you will hate. To live according to the laws of reflection, it is necessary to show wisdom, which is the ability to understand and be tolerant of each other.

According to the toast, I wish the couple love sohuge that it made it impossible to hurt your soul mate and a little angry at her. Live in understanding, patience and a friendly atmosphere. Bitter, for the love of dear newlyweds (groom's name, bride)!

Toast each other about the relationship

Often family life after a whileafter the wedding takes partners the ability to appreciate, love, feel the tenderness to each other. Relationships become routine, indifference, love gives way to habit. However, this is not always, some couples keep affection throughout his life to the very last breath.

His best friend (the groom's nickname), I extendI sincerely wish to build just such family relationships! Live in love and be worthy for each other husband and wife! Bitter for dear newlyweds (surname of the groom, bride)!

Wedding toast a friend about prophetic friendship

All my life, since I can remember, at anyHolidays wanted his friend to meet a woman who would be a faithful, loving, kind, beautiful, well-treated by his friends and they have always been pleased. But you, my friend, have always regarded these wishes skeptical. And so, to my crazy Fortunately, the day came when it all came to pass. Therefore, we make the appropriate conclusions, and drink to the benevolent friends, who are predicting a good life to each other! Let them into your life, dear newlyweds (name of the groom, the bride) to be as much as possible! Bitterly!

Wedding toast about the stages of life

Everything in life has its own development cycles. For example, young adults of each of us is like a beautiful early spring: the life around is just beginning to bloom, awakening from a dormant winter. Next spring gives way to summer, which is associated with a vibrant youth. This period awakens the desire to break into the endless journey to come to know the purpose of the world. Then comes a golden autumn in the life of each of us, when life's path is defined, the goals have matured, and we know exactly what we want. The same change is undergoing family life.

This toast I wish that everysuch a period you (called the groom's name, bride) have been decent, happy, with bright positive impressions and boundless love. For you, the bride and groom! Bitterly!

Wedding - a special event in everyone's lifehuman. A close friend of the groom want to share with them this joyful moment, saying the sincere words from the heart. Due to such minute friendship becomes even stronger. Prepare in advance a wedding toast, get the important keywords for a beautiful greeting the bride and groom. Alternatively, check out the video below where you will find beautiful toasts best friend for a wedding.