Funny toast at a wedding

Being invited to the wedding, the man beginsthink how beautiful and interesting heroes of the occasion to congratulate the entry into family life. As a rule, most of congratulations to newlyweds said during a banquet. Speech present are touching, solemn or parting. Very popular funny toasts to the wedding, which can amuse the guests and give triumph a light pleasant atmosphere. Beautiful witty greeting exactly stand out among others and will be remembered for a long time the groom with the bride.

Thinking funny toast to the wedding celebration,must take into account several important points: the length of congratulations, acting at the time of your speech, the degree of relevance of jokes. Merry wish should be short, concise, and must be spoken with a soul. Guest, speaking funny toast, a few days before the wedding is well worth it to rehearse. Another matter which select words: it can be a parable or anecdote written it yourself. But in order to please everyone, the joke should be kind and friendly to cause all the positive emotions.

Possible short funny toast at a wedding

  • Funny wedding toast the four qualities

Once a hero of the occasion said to me:

- Oh, how I wish that my fiancee was true, good, well-kept house, moreover, that unearthly beauty!

What I thought:

- My friend - crazy! Find these qualities in a woman is almost impossible, and the four he just can not cope! But what do I see? That's close to (the groom's name) sits a girl who embodies the dream a reality - it is true, good, economical and incredibly beautiful. So let us raise our glasses and drink to the fact that my friend got such a beautiful bride, and to the very hero of the occasion always bridegroom saw only the best, decent quality!

  • Funny wedding toast of fairy tales

I mean heroes of the occasion thatwedding day miracles happen, and the tale is true story. I can prove it! One day I congratulated the wedding of his brother. That night he and his wife decided to read the newly-made fairy tale "Ivan - the king's son," and nine months later they had a baby boy! Then I walked to the second cousin's wedding, after which the couple decided to read "Mary-mistress." Guess what happened next?

A year later, I was called to celebrate the triumph of another: bride and groom in the evening read "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Eight children - it is not a joke, gentlemen! I propose a toast for that after today's celebration, read the heroes of the occasion, "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"!

  • Funny wedding toast of jealousy

Jealousy - an interesting thing! It is said that with respect to men and women, it acts differently. For example, if a man is jealous, it becomes silly, funny, and even lose the respect of his wife, and a woman's jealousy makes it tender, supple. Perhaps it is, but let's drink to ensure that the young wife was affectionate just like that, without seeking to verify the truth of those words!

  • Funny wedding toast to a happy marriage

The world knows a lot of jokes that make fun ofrelations in marriage: that after marriage all at once rolled head over heels, but let's try to remember at least one good! I've got this in mind, listen up! One man asked how he lives with his bride, to which he said: "We had lived happily, happily for twenty-five years ... until they met each other." I wish the young to their happiness began certainly today the wedding and never left their home!

  • Funny wedding toast on bed

One elderly married couple once asked: "How did you manage to live more than seventy years together, retaining the love, affection and respect" What wife responded: "Just. In our house we never had a double bed - only twin. " I propose a toast to the wisdom of the elders, and the couple wish to use their secrets, and never on this single bed is not to miss! Bitterly!

  • Funny toast the first wedding ceremony

In the first wedding took place in the ancient legendparadise. Before new husband rose, queen of flowers, in a bow lower their buds and jasmine smell pleased the couple their sweet fragrance. Bright lilac blossoms to blossom at their approach, and the young nightingale song did not stop. So let the heroes of the occasion as two of those old legends will be watching around him a beautiful world full of happiness and beauty!

  • Funny toast for two reasons

I wanted red fellow marry a young person, andshe turned him down. Then the guy decided to ask, what is the reason for its refusal? She said: "I have two reasons. The first - is you, and the second - is someone else. " The lovely bride, today's celebration the Queen, still decided to marry (fiancé Name). The first reason - it's new husband, is not disadvantaged many advantages, and the second - is the lack of someone else. Let's raise a toast to the groom!

  • Funny wedding toast from the mother-in culprit celebrations

Once the sage curious people came and beganask your questions. One of them was a young man who asked, "What do you think, who was the happiest man on earth" On that the sage replied without hesitation: "Adam! Because he had no mother-in. " But in my opinion, if the first man was so kind, loving, caring mother-in-law as my own, that he was able to be a million times happier. Let's drink to the beautiful mother of my beloved!

  • Funny wedding toast of the meanings of the word marriage

As many here know, the word marriage - ishomonym, having several meanings. The first - a husband and wife team, the compound of the vows couples in love, and the second - a defect in a product. Unfortunately, the case is that these two seemingly unrelated concepts, are closely intertwined during a joint life with his wife of her husband. Dear heroes of the festivities! I wish you to live in peace, understanding and harmony to your marriage will never become defective. For your happiness! Bitterly!

  • Funny toast as a joke at the wedding

There is a judgment on the case of the terrible accident - happenedhead-on collision of two vehicles, all survived. The judge is a woman sitting in one of the cars, and asked: "Tell us what happened? As the accident occurred "To which she replies:" As has occurred! I, as usual, sitting in the front seat, drove the car traffic. A behind the wheel was a man. " I mean heroes of the occasion that the car under the name of "family" - a vehicle which is not easy to manage. So let their road will be light and happy!

Video: Funny wedding toast

To easily tell a funny toast, whichcause a burst of laughter from the audience for a long time and charge the atmosphere with positive emotions, you need to spend some time for preparation. Good greetings should not take much time - usually it takes less than a minute. Everyone invited to recommend to rehearse his speech, although even without prior training in toast to have a chance to get a funny, funny and cause guests smile as in the video below.

Funny toasts are often emotional, because theywell received by guests. Funny speech guest can speak in the middle of the feast, and in the beginning, to "warm up" the public, to help everyone be liberated. Funny congratulations option is typically used friends, as they are well aware of the sense of humor newlyweds. To get even more ideas for congratulations, toasts to look at the wedding of friends, prepared by our website.