Comic toast at a wedding

What a great wedding feast withouthumorous toast? It's so much fun when the guests not only give gifts, sincere wish with all my heart, but also humor, saying toasts at every opportunity. Wedding - is the place where laughter, good banter over the main holiday characters relevant and create a relaxed, positive atmosphere.

Use different comic toast tooriginal and wholeheartedly congratulate the newlyweds to the first birthday of their family. Perhaps you will become a star of the evening, and you will be invited to participate in various fun competitions with prizes. Enter your share of positive comic wedding toast to the festive atmosphere of the wedding. There are many interesting ideas that you can use to write your own greeting speech or toast.

Possible short comic toast at a wedding

  • Funny wedding toast with anecdotes from parents

- Dear children! Going to the way adult family life, from us, as parents, you probably waiting for parting words and wise counsel. Straight as the first-grader from a joke, which is returned on September 1 home and hurt parents he said: "Why is it you were not warned me in advance that all this protracted bagpipe already ten years will last?"

- So, we warn you, dear children,so solemnly began the day with "bagpipe" will last your whole life long. So we raise our glasses filled for ensuring that your beautiful family song always sounded joyful, harmonious, with money and love! Bitterly!

  • Wedding toast with comic parable

- One day a stranger came to the Lord God toask for a long time his question: "Tell me, O Lord! Why are you creating a beautiful half of humanity, made one single error: a woman came into our world insanely beautiful, but also unbearably stupid? ". For the Lord said to him: "There's no error, stranger! Look: if they were smart, you would not be able to love you, it is not the wise men. Because for such a woman a man should be perfection itself. "

- Just so perfect a man is for his bride groom is present here, so I propose to raise our glasses, for this good fellow without the disadvantages! Bitterly!

  • Funny wedding toast about mother in law

Once two plush cheetah-male grandThey avoided their forest tenure and unexpectedly came upon a small house. There they saw the inside of a huge gepardovuyu skin, neatly spread out on the floor by the fireplace. After seeing a cheetah dumbfounded asked another: "What is this strange place, and who lives in it ?!" And the other, trembling with fear, said: "Let's hurry to tear legs from here: here lives my precious mother-in-law!". This toast goes on to pre-mother-in-law took the correct position, becoming a loving, caring and just wonderful for my son in law.

  • Wedding toast a joke about the faithfulness of spouses

Was done on a magnificent wedding, and after seeing all the guests,the couple were left alone to continue the wedding celebration in a more intimate setting. And then new husband, as if recollecting himself, informs his wife: "My love! I forgot to warn you about his little flaws: sometimes it happens that I suddenly begin to be jealous without due cause. "

To which his wife, showing his care, said: "Do not bother, darling! You will never feel jealous with me ... without apparent reason ... ". So raise our wedding glasses of wine for their loyalty and love of the spouses, to the jealousy I never darkened their happy family life! Bitterly!

  • Wedding wishes with humor about the wealth

All we all know that life - it's a zebrablack-and-white stripes. And I would like to wish you a life like zebra are solid black. And keep in mind that this kind of life will consist of elegant black Mercedes last issue on which you will travel around the world; plenty of black caviar on a table, as well as the southern shore of the beautiful Black Sea coast, where you will have a great holiday villa for the weekend. Bitterly!

  • Funny wedding toast of harmony in love

Growing up and getting rich life experience, manyof us are faced with different kinds of love. For example: a student view in which you know - with whom, you have there - anything, but there is no suitable place. Another kind of love - a lonely, in which case you have a place, is a means, but no satellite. Next view - unrequited love, in which there is a place and a satellite, but there is no money.

Another love - a philosophical approach. This is when there is a place, a satellite facility, but brewing philosophical question: for what? Hence the theme for the wedding toast: Young love must be harmonious in all respects so as not to fall out of any one component, and the reason was always the case. Bitterly!

  • Short wedding toast of Comic wishing prosperity in the family

Congratulating the young with a wonderful daywedding, everyone wants welfare, prosperity, and the like. But no one says exactly what it should embody the most well-being and how it should look to young to know what they should be in abundance. So, I wish you to have in abundance were always such beasts as real mink in the closet (and not one), a huge "Jaguar" under the window of your home, natural lion at night in bed and humble a lamb, which in all it will meekly pay. For your welfare, young! Bitterly!

Video: examples of humorous wedding toasts

In order not to fall face in the dirt during hiscongratulatory speech at the wedding, the best way - to prepare in advance by selecting or writing a word for wedding toast. The main condition for beautiful wishes - his concise content. To stock up on even more interesting ideas for comic wedding toast, check out the video below with good examples newlyweds congratulations.

Wedding - this is the place where joke, toast and funWe need to pour a river with universal happiness and joy. Therefore humor - always a win-win situation, which is safely used as a successful idea for greeting speech. Additionally, on our website you will find a good wedding toast from their parents, among which will be able to easily find the right words to children in a day of their grand wedding.