Armenian toast at a wedding

If you are going to the wedding of the Armenians, you mustprepare in advance a genuine and sincere congratulations to the newlyweds. Aptly chosen words toasting can touch, cheer or get to think about the future. To Armenian Wedding remembered for a long time, you need a responsible approach to the selection of wishes for the bride and groom. If you find the right Armenian toast at a wedding, then you will pass all the positive feelings and emotions that you planned to say to your loved ones. Such requests will be a real ornament for celebration.

Funny toast at a wedding in the Armenian style

Gala evening momentous eventIt should be filled with sincere toasts and congratulations. If you plan to make an impression on the guests present a unique and dazzling speech, it is necessary to use the Armenian wedding toasts. Every such a wish is a long or short parable able to convey to all present guests kindness, sincerity and humor.

Selecting Armenian toasts for an upcoming wedding,It is also fascinating to learn how to tell them. Spoken wish Armenian accent, can push even drink non-drinking guests. So before you make a toast at a wedding, after learn the words and work out to tell the mirror. But if you can not decide what to choose congratulation, we suggest to take advantage of to the examples of Armenian toasts.

  • Armenian toast from a friend about a young family

Once it so happened that a poor but goodman fell in love with the beautiful but rich girl. The parents of the bride were against this marriage and forbade her daughter to even look in the direction of hopeless youths. After this poor guy had to turn to God for help in this mountain. So there was an Armenian epic. But not paying attention to the blessing of the Almighty, the beloved father took his sharp, long knife, and decided to kill the poor boy. This is how the Armenian tragedy. Meanwhile, the girl's father saw the boy away, ran to him, grabbed the dagger.

But a miracle happened, and the sharp blade piercedMan is not, and a container of wine on the back of the animal, which led the boy to drink. So there was an Armenian martial arts. His father, seeing how the wine flows, decided to have a flowering almond, together with the future then. And embracing, they sang a song. So there was an Armenian folklore. After some time, they saw a young passers-by and told the glad news of the young beauty who was looking forward to his father's indulgence. So there was an Armenian radio.

We offer a glass of wine for all the guests present witnessed as there was an Armenian family!

  • Armenian toast of a bride's uncle

High up in the mountains, where the moonlight gentlyhugs the tops of the mountains, grew a beautiful flower. The beauty of it was breathtaking, and the smell made tremble the heart of any. So let's raise a glass to our flower - beautiful bride, whose enchantment brought to millions of men mad. But that day she went to the lucky one who always stole the heart and soul of this beauty. Let's drink to the bottom of the bride and groom!

  • Armenian toast from a friend for the groom

Parents had an only son, to whom they arewhat is not denied. The boy grew sociable, kind, so he had a lot of friends. When he was 18, he met a beautiful and unique girl. After some time, the young man decided to marry. When it came time to invite friends, Man's father offered to help. He said he would call all their own, who was friends with the son. The young man agreed.

When the day of the marriage, the parentthe house was full of relatives guy. But the young man surprised by the fact that the wedding did not come any close friend. Frustrated guy came up to his father for an explanation. Old horseman replied, "All your friends were invited. But the cards I wrote a request for assistance. Here you can see what came of it. " So let us raise our glasses for the true friends who had gathered at the wedding to congratulate the groom and support at a crucial day.

  • Armenian parents toast to the newlyweds

In the mountainous village lived three brothers. The youngest was 40 years old, but he looked like a decrepit old man. Middle brother in 50 years remained without a single tooth. And the oldest was 70 years old, but his health envied by others. Decided younger brothers discover the secret of this youth. The old man gladly accepted the guests in his home. And when the brothers arrived, he asked his wife to cook a feast. "Honey, do not forget to bring the best watermelon", - he told the owner. When a woman has brought a watermelon, cut the old man and said: "This fruit is not suitable, bring another."

Six times the owner sent his wife for a newwatermelon. The last option he liked, and he was pleased with the choice of women. When the meal was over, the guests asked the old man: "What is the secret of your youth, and excellent health?". The master replied, "You have seen how I obeyed his wife, fulfilling my desires? But neither she nor I felt irritation. My wife and I many years live in harmony and peace. This is the secret of my appearance. " This let us wish the newlyweds a toast of eternal peace, youth, harmony, mutual understanding!

  • Armenian toast from your friends

One day the gods decided to create a woman. They have bright sunshine, warm sea breeze, harmony siren, talkative magpie, beautiful voice of a nightingale, the rain, the beauty of the white swan, pensive moonlight. Added to the image of a little thunder and lightning sparks. All components are combined, mixed and got a woman. After that, the gods decided to give it to the man, "Take it and enjoy." So here's to a magical and mysterious blend that lurks in every woman! This toast to the beautiful ladies!

  • Armenian toast to love

Several hundred years ago, in a mountain villageyoung couple decided to exchange rings. To do this, they climbed a high mountain, but the groom got excited and dropped the ring into a deep gorge. The young man decided to get their own wedding rings, and his fiancee ordered to stay put and wait for the return. Since then, many years have passed.

When the groom returned, he saw the wrinkledold woman instead of a great lover. But such changes are not scared young man. Not taking his eyes, he walked over to the woman and put the wedding ring on her hand. The old woman immediately turned to the young, beautiful bride. So let us raise our glasses to the healing power of love! This toast for the bride and groom to our worthy passed all the trials of life!

Video: Armenian real wedding toast

If you plan to surprise guests presentlong and plot congratulation to the groom, it is recommended to use a toast shown in the video below. With this plot you will be able to feel the full flavor of the Armenian wishes addressed to a close friend. This original toast will cause a storm of positive emotions on the part of all the guests present.

Armenian toasts can decorate any weddingfeast. With the long and beautiful congratulations, you will be able to surprise everyone present. But if you prefer to address the newlyweds a few good, but significant words, the offer to learn this short wedding toast in prose or verse. Say congratulations from the heart, and you will be surprised young family interesting, unusual wishes on the wedding day.