wooden wedding Scenario

After five years of marriage to the house of the young coupleIt comes the first major anniversary - a wooden wedding. The symbol of the holiday is much stronger than those that marked the previous godovschiny- cotton, paper, linen, wax. The fun will celebrate the anniversary of the original script wooden wedding with fun contests and interesting games, job, beautiful congratulations.

Preparations for the celebration

Organization of a wooden wedding anniversary - itresponsible task that should be entrusted to the closest people and true professionals in their field. To wooden triumph was perfect for a long time remember the guests present, it is necessary to consider all the details, show the attention to detail. Invitation cards that are sent to relatives, friends, the color of the tablecloth on bankete- everything must conform to a single concept.

To wooden holiday it was beautiful, allGuests must comply with the dress code, for example, to dress up in a suit or a dress of brown shades, carry anything wooden - rosary beads, cufflinks and other accessories. Let the participants meet the druid, forest fairy, another character that is associated with life in the forest - it will help the organizers to create a real fairy tale on a wooden wedding.

Dresses for wooden anniversaries

Jewellery celebration venue

The event can be organized in a warm home environment or leave the country, if the weather permits. Decorating place depends on where wooden wedding will be held:

  • Outdoors. To exit the anniversary perfect wooden cottage, manor, owned or rented jubilee. In this case, the main decoration will be nature, which perfectly corresponds to the concept of a wooden wedding. Suit all kinds of decorative elements of style rustic - rustic things. This rough cloth burlap, wood, tin ware, wildflowers, old grandmother's things. This celebration will be comfortable and will please all with its unique warm ambience.

See what it looks like an ideal decoration in rustic style on the example of a wedding celebration:

  • At home or in a restaurant. Especially in winter, when the temperature reaches the lower elevations, it is important to organize the celebration of warm wood, which will symbolize the love of the spouses, the heat of their family home. The decor elements, which are ideal wooden wedding: tables, wooden chairs, wooden walls, warm beige, cream, brown, present in all the accessories. Suit and beautiful natural Marble-fir cones, twigs, dried flowers.

Making wooden wedding space

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Music for wooden wedding - it's a song withfolk and other wooden instruments (balalaika, guitar, violin, flute, dulcimer). You can download these compositions from sites or call the musical team that will give the holiday a fresh sound. Under the fun, fast folk rhythms, guests will be able to dance properly. musicians may also perform more peaceful motives, which will be accompanied by quiet conversations at the table.

Musical accompaniment wooden anniversary: ​​traditional instruments

The scenario of a wooden wedding

Here is the wedding anniversary of the script. Performs the role of master may be friends of the bride, her mother and other relatives or a professional toastmaster.

Guests gather, sit in their places. Actors of the five-year anniversary of the wedding guests handing out wooden spoons, husband and wife is not on holiday. Talk begins host:

- Hello, dear friends, moms, dads,sisters, brothers and grandparents! There has come a great day - the fifth year from the date of the marriage fine (bride's name) and (groom's name). All of us sincerely love this couple, and so let's call them all together, knock-ka spoons!

Wooden spoon on the five-year anniversary

Assistant includes leading a merry folk song, guests banging dishes, the couple go, lead continues:

- Hello, our favorite heroes of the day! For the past five years you are to us a perfect example of pure, beautiful love. We sincerely wish, strong, like a tree, union, that your soul entwined roots and age was the same length as in the forest of oaks. And now, dear heroes of the day, while you congratulate each other on the landmark date five-year anniversary!


- Favorite (bride's name), here for so many years I can not think of anyone but you. The days, months, years, and my love is only growing and gaining strength. You're the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me in life.


- Dear (name of the groom), I see that every day we are getting better, and our marriage - stronger. Suppose that there are small quarrels, troubles, but it does not matter when I'm with you. I love you!

Leading calls for applause, the guests shout bitterly !, wife kissing. Then the master continues:

Five years after the wedding a memorable hall decoration

- Well, no wonder tree has become a symbol of the fifth yearspouses life. This is the first durable material in the symbolism of wedding anniversaries, then your family has become really strong. Wooden items are cozy, and did not find a modern building, where there is no furniture in wood: the wood we throw in the fireplace, so they warmed during the cold winter, and it turns out delicious food in a wooden bowl, than in glass. Our guests have prepared you a gift, which is present this unique material - wood.

There is a ceremonial presentation of gifts on a wooden wedding from the guests. Then it passes a cool contest that will entertain those present:

- Dear guests, we see the beautifulpair that is only the beginning of his long journey despite the fact that they have already spent so much time together. Let us conduct between you interesting competition that expresses your relationship to the couple! Divide into teams and then tell the epithets that fit our wonderful spouses.

Guests are divided into two or four, depending on the commandon the number called by the word line. Conditions of the contest to come up with a compliment-epithet need two seconds. The team, which will miss the time, excluded. The winner is the team which remained last. Presenter gives away win small prizes: natural soaps, wooden figurines or candy.

- Congratulations to the winning team!

Lead applause and a toast:

- Now let's raise our glasses to the wooden heroes of the day, because everything said about them guests - really!

Wooden wine glasses on the five-year anniversary

Guests drink, say congratulations, chatting hero of the day. After a long pause, a leading said:

-Honey Birthday! Yes, Birthdays, because we celebrate nothing more than a day of your birth family, is the fifth in a row. We see how hard you love one another, as the support from the day of the wedding. Demonstrate to us it again, because this is not a sin to learn once again! (Bride's name), here is a paper napkin. We need to tear it without using their hands.

Wife rips napkin.

-And Now to you, dear husband, you need to find a way to glue it.

My husband collects tissue together, gluing of the materials at hand. As glue for such a lightweight material suitable for even a small amount of filling, which is in a salad. Moderator says:

-Vizhu That you really wonderunderstands the couple who will always help each other. We wish you, our dear anniversaries, weddings wood, nothing ever tear that do not have to stick together! Bitterly!

Beautiful wooden kiss anniversaries

The couple kiss and leading aides bring into the room balloons, equal to the number of guests.

-The Official part of the wooden wedding eventcomes to the end. Here is a final gift, balls-diviners. You need to burst the ball and read the contents of the note, which will determine your future! Dear heroes of the day, be happy. Respected guests, continue to delight birthday toasts and congratulations!

Drive back to the guests, sounds cheerful music, the guests burst balloons, and the celebration continues.

Contests for 5 years of marriage

Act out some original competitions during the celebration of a wooden wedding:

  • Woodcutter. This competition is held outdoors. Participants need time to cut the maximum number of logs. The one who had a 5-minute cut more.

Cheerful Competition wooden wedding: lumberjack
  • Wooden songs. Organizers need to find backing tracks of songs that mention the trees, and then turn on the 4-8 songs for each team. Those who will quickly recognize the melody, since sing, win.
  • Collect doll. Competition for wood wedding on time, carried out for singles or childless men yet. As a leading basket mixes three or four sets of wooden dolls, participants are around the basket, announced the start: one minute men should try to collect doll completely. The one who gathered the first toy, or correctly folded more than dolls.
  • Dance men's competition. Presenter gives men participating long skirts, headscarves and hand. In five minutes they need to break into two teams, change, discuss what will be the dance moves. In this dance Battle winner is the team which has managed more than laugh or surprise guests.

Separately it is necessary to touch on the theme of prizeswooden wedding. These are small souvenirs, which will distribute the leading guests after winning the competition. Prizes may be symbolic, such as candy, or more expensive Souvenirs- wooden statues, medals, bottle of delicious wine.

Benefits wedding celebration wooden house and in nature

For those who have not yet decided where to hold the wedding wooden, made a small list of benefits during the celebration of the outdoors and at home:

  • Nature. This option is ideal for the summer, late spring or early autumn. The fresh air, the trees around, birds singing all this creates a pleasant mood. Well suited location next to the river, where guests can swim. Celebrating a wedding on a wooden nature fits perfectly into the context of the event. On the bank will make a fire, where the couple with the guests can enjoy the ritual of burning old things, which will be the final stage of the celebration.

Decorating the wedding venue wood: nature
  • Homemade holiday. Option home celebration wooden wedding is good because it does not require large investments do not need to take a vacation home, carry tables, chairs, food, because it is sometimes difficult to cook outdoors. Most visitors will be easier to come to the celebration of the anniversary in the city of wood, cozy room and eliminate the intrusive insects. Advantages of the wedding anniversary at home - clean, convenient, relatively inexpensive.

Wooden Wedding - this is the first serious anniversarythe young couple. Organizers need to take care of that, so it was perfect, but the event itself is not left only in the memory of participants, but also in the photo, video.