The scenario of the wedding in a cafe

Cafe - a great, inexpensive option placesof a small number of invited guests at the wedding. The atmosphere of such places is easy to do even more intimate and grand view of the small size and the rent will cost less than the reservation of the hall of the restaurant. All this makes it the number one most popular among honeymooners, so we offer you the option of wedding scenario that can be applied to the conditions of the cafe.

Preparations for the celebration

Preparation for celebrating a wedding in a cafe is not significantly different from a wedding celebration to be held on the basis of another institution. However, there are some specifics:

Cafe often smaller than a restaurant or a portion of a park zone, which can serve as an alternative, and therefore less need decorations on it.
If the cafe is small, it is not necessary to rent itOnly the wedding in order to save - in the room should not be too many people, so guests do not feel embarrassed, but enough space for the organization of the dance floor and stage.
The cafe menu is easier and the possibility of food - lessso if the couple want to please the wedding guests with exquisite dishes, will need to additionally make use of the services of catering companies (of catering).

Details for weddings

No wedding is complete without a specialwedding details. All of them are divided into universal, thematic and staging. The first group includes items that are present at any wedding, regardless of the scenario and theme decoration celebration. To the second - a decorative character attributes, creating a certain atmosphere at the wedding, which sustained the whole event. Others present at the ceremony, as demand scenario, need for competition, in this case:

"Powerful pants": sewn together at the sides of the pants (2 items threes pants each) - for the competition of the same name;
Cheerful stage props: a mustache, hat, big sunglasses, monocles, noses, wigs - for competitions "Flea" and "Funny pictures".

Details for wedding in a cafe

Decorating the wedding cafe

This scenario requires no specificdesign of the hall cafe because It does not have a specific thematic focus. However, it would be appropriate to place in any suitable location for photographing the rack, which can be any type, coloring, configuration - this area will allow guests and the newlyweds make original, fun photos from the wedding and have interesting competitions.

Jewellery cafe for a wedding

Scenario wedding in a cafe

Honeymoon Meeting.

After the walk, when the coupleofficially enter the banqueting hall cafe, they welcome visitors who are located a corridor on both sides of the red carpet leading to the wedding bridal table. Some invitees are holding in your hand balls with wishes written on them, others confetti, candies, small money. When the couple appeared at the door, and will march to its site, guests must overwhelm their small props and release balloons, wishing them good health in turn, prosperity and love.

Wedding hall in the cafe for newlyweds


When the bride and groom will take this path,stopping a few steps away from the table, fit parents, throws at them wedding towel, serving tray with a loaf, from which first pinch off the bride and groom, and then the guests. parents cuddling Further, kissing, holding a ceremony twinning, and the couple took place at the wedding table.

Submission of the newlyweds wedding loaf


The first dish that imposed the newlyweds,Wedding is a liquid porridge, soup. By tradition, the wedding they have it together "rashlebat" simulating married life. It is, and wondering what sex are the children (if there are lumps, then there will be a daughter). Once the porridge is eaten, the guests filled their glasses in unison shouting "Kiss!", And opens the toastmaster wedding feast.

Toastmasters Speech scenario:

- Our dear newlyweds, to this day in the lives of all you'll have to clear up the mess together - bad and good. Rashlebat the first porridge! And we look at you, rejoice for you!

- If lumps are then daughter! If liquid porridge, give birth nimble little son!

Exchange vows and mandates.

Newlyweds are called to the wedding arch in the halla cafe. There they are holding each other's hands, in turn recite a declaration of love and vows. After an exchange of words, the guests shout "Kiss!", The host presents the newlyweds symbol certifying the truth of their love (a medal, a certificate, or other memorable attribute), and reads them a mandate - advice, instruction, how to build a married life.

After completion, its mandates parents saynewlyweds, toasts, drink all of the heroes of the occasion. The bride and groom sit down on your meta and says toastmaster mandates mother-in-law, father in law, mother-in how to relate to the young and to get along with each other. Relatives of the bride and groom hug or drink brotherhood.

Toastmasters Speech scenario:

- Dear newlyweds! From the day of your wedding you are forever connected to the strongest bonds - bonds of love and marriage! Let your sense of blooms neugasaemo! Be friendly, looking at each other only the best, even if small, domestic quarrels and arguments are always put off until tomorrow, and always in the arms of time.

Exchange wedding vows in a cafe near the arch

Toast of guests.

After mandates parents newlyweds, the guests takeword, saying toasts, wishes, greetings from himself. Start better with witnesses, move on to family, friends, colleagues. To Tamada could imagine interesting guests, the couple before the wedding can provide her with a brief description of each. It will be good if the guests will prepare a celebration greeting numbers (songs, skits, dances, videos) that will make the wedding festivities even more touching, sincere and diversified.


To participate in the wedding contest "Penalty" invited men.

Toastmasters Speech scenario:

- Well, that all the drinks that are on the table, had a try ?! And now the exam! The best students, chemists testers, get out!

On the wedding contest "Three heroes" welcome friends of the groom.

- What a fine taste of our men - just the real heroes! And let's see if you are actually well done!

Women are invited to participate in a wedding contest "Flea."

- Our girls also did not miss, in sales andshopping they have no equal! Let us answer the question, who is the most nimble! Well, and how such beauty does not perpetuate ?! Next wedding contest - "Funny pictures".

The competition for the funniest wedding photo

Dance part.

Newlyweds are invited to the center of the hall cafe on their first wedding dance, then dance the evening open to all.

Toastmasters Speech scenario:

- Family life is comparable to the dance: where something needs to give way somewhere - to lead somewhere - just a hug, but it is always cooperation, always - contact, where the two go hand in hand with each other! Newlyweds - from this day forward you are a husband and wife, the station is their first wedding dance!

The first dance of the newlyweds in the cafe

Seeing the young.

Bride beckons to her unmarried girls,It gets back to them and throwing the bridal bouquet - is the one that will catch the flowers, the first to marry, find happiness. After this is done the ritual removal of the wedding veil, the couple say parting words and escorted out of the cafe in the married life. Ends wedding fireworks, pyrotechnics or fire performance, after which the bride and groom go and visit for some time and continue to feast diverge.

Shooting a wedding bouquet in a cafe

Games and competitions for the newlyweds and guests

Wedding Contest "Three heroes".
For the wedding of the competition, accordingscenario kindly make "heroic pants" (2 pcs.) - suit of three sewn together at the sides, wide pants with suspenders. In a wedding contest involves two three-person teams. Participants must wear pants and go heroic quest, which team will fulfill all competitions faster, that and win.
Tasks better to paint in a prominent position, to"Warriors" could proceed to the next test immediately at the end of the previous one. Competition time is passed when his qualitative performance fix wedding jury.

Wedding Contest "Flea."
This wedding entertainment passes the scenario intwo stages. First, the participants give the job a minute to gather with guests as much as possible objects (clothing, accessories, specially bought humorous items), who will be more, he will receive the first place, the second number - the second, etc.
Next, participants were asked the following task -to put it all on themselves so as to obtain a harmonious whole image. After all cope, the jury again allocates space from the first to the last. The two figures are added together, participants who received the smallest number of the final to win the wedding contest.

Best comic costume wedding

Wedding Contest "Funny pictures".
According to the scenario in the cafe set specialRacks for photography (or given to any particular place). Guests are divided into several members of the crew. After taking funny pose and using different wedding, scenic or household paraphernalia, the team should be photographed. It would be very nice if the couple will use the services of on-site photo printing, but also the surrounding will be able to appreciate the fun without her. The winners of this contest are chosen wedding by secret ballot among honeymooners and guests.

Funny wedding guests pictures in a cafe

Wedding Contest "Penalty".
Those wishing to participate in the wedding contestaccording to the script are displayed in the center of the room and sit on the chairs. They are blindfolded, then newlyweds, mixing different drinks that are available in the café bar. They create several versions of "cocktails" and offer contestants, 0,15-1 drinking a glass of potion tastes determine its composition. It is better to confine 1-2 tastings or offer a small amount of drink, to participate in this contest wedding guests did not feel bad.

Memorable prizes

Memorable prizes for competitions for a wedding in a cafe,that does not go in a certain style, can be completely different: edible or inedible, specially designed or not, but always small in size:

Edible souvenirs for tenders - cakes, tarts, sweets, fruit, handicrafts made of packed fruit cocktails, small bottles of liquor.
Inedible wedding prizes - towels, collected in the form of a bow, a flower, a cocktail, a piece of cake, as well as magnets, wedding cards, bookmarks, medals, key rings, decorative candles and more.
Packed souvenirs for the wedding - candy boxes, gift boxes, bags, decorative bags and bags of candy, fruit, berries or wedding souvenirs.

Prizes for the contest at the wedding

Video: example of a wedding in a cafe for Toastmasters

An integral part of any wedding in a cafetoastmaster. He - a pledge of enthusiasm, fun, celebration coherence acts (besides the newlyweds) center around which rallied the guests. Make wedding Neskuchniy, can only interesting person with talent, imagination, who owns the art of oratory, and extensive experience in this field, so it is always better to hire for wedding professional moderator. If you are the master of ceremonies, it will be interesting to study the examples of the wedding in a cafe - it watch this video: