Script wedding

Organizing a wedding - a very responsiblean event that requires a global approach, careful attention to detail, a lot of time. Here, everything is important: the look of the couple than treat guests as interesting entertainment program. On how you will make the script wedding, directly depends on the success and the right wedding atmosphere. Therefore Suite will not be superfluous to take care of the preparation of the plan of events on their holiday.

Preparing for a wedding celebration

Each wedding celebration begins withpreparation: the need to determine in advance, in what format will be your wedding, what competitions you would like to see. Examine the example scenario, as the tradition should be trained to the wedding celebration before the trip to the registrar:

  1. The bride and groom spend the night apart from one another. The future husband should not see his bride before the wedding.
  2. Bride at this time make the final touches on the restore beauty, tidy wedding dress.
    Preparation of the bride before the wedding
  3. The morning of the wedding day the newlyweds begin early to bring its appearance in perfect view to the celebration.
  4. As a rule, already at this early hour is invited to a wedding photographer. He spends the morning photo session with the bride. ransom - After that first wedding ceremony begins.

Details for weddings

To arrange colorfully invented a script for the wedding, you will need props. This is important because small theatrics designed to produce the desired effect on the guests during the holiday.

  • For the implementation of the planned weddingscript and save money, look for props among his old things. You may be able to find a samovar old trunk or deformed from the basin of time. All of this will come in handy for gay wedding contests on the script with the mother, groom tests during the bride price and other games on the wedding guests.
  • For competitions must prepare propsindependently. Draw posters in the style of the wedding for decoration entrance, create drawings for different competitions for redemption bride scripted event. Yet you should think about the costumes that will be useful to funny competitions, according to the scenario, a quick change men into women.

weddings Scripts

bride Redemption

Guests gathered at the entrance of the bride to the groom's house for a meeting. Comes the groom and his entourage coming to meet. Pal (witness) says:

- Good lad granted. They say you have a good product then usual. Merchant our excellent: beautiful, young, intelligent, generous, rich, almost military.

The best man (the witness):

- This product can be, is found, however, how much do weknow that your merchant is such as you describe. Not heard, not seen, we did not have the honor to confirm. Therefore, let your merchant will show itself in the matter and take a few tests.


- Well, men are destined, to pass the test - we are ready!

Redemption bride at a wedding party
  • Wedding test №1: «Love is strong." Give the groom a wet towel with the words:

- Show me the groom, because of their love for the bride: Bind up the towel so hard, how much you love her.

The groom struggles to tie. All guests must encourage it, forcing the tie tight. After that, the witness said:

- I see that love is strong! Now untie him, to show how quickly you will sweep all the squabbles of the house.

  • Wedding test №2: «A gift for the bride." Before the groom put the basin. groomsman Keywords:

- Praise that generous - so show me what the greatest gift you are ready to give his beloved, but mind you: it must be a gift of her dreams.

The groom has to guess what it is he himself and sit in a basin. And if not - then demand money for the tip.

Competition: the groom in a basin at a wedding party
  • Wedding test №3: «Traces». Arrange on the threshold of a variety of painted marks on the paper. groomsman Keywords:

- Girls living here a lot, so they are trodden. One track you inquire diligently, and beloved to the altar lead.

The groom has to find a trace of the bride. For each misfire - ransom.

  • Wedding test №4: «Almost rich." groomsman Keywords:

- Kohl rumor says here that you're almost rich - here and write out its state of his bride's name. And we honor!

Groom puts near the entrance to the apartment bride her name from the bills. Honeymooner loudly calling the girl's name, quickly opens the door and finds her lover and takes to the registry office.

Name of bride money for the wedding ceremony

Meeting Suite

After marriage, the bride and groom approachingto the restaurant, where the script is performed wedding banquet. At the threshold in the restaurant waiting for their parents and guests are greeted with cheers, confetti sprinkled newlyweds, coins, candy. the groom's mother holds a huge loaf rushnyk. Her words:

- Dear children! That has come true this bright day in your life, when two hearts united. Let the road to marital happiness will be happy, full of love, care and affection, and let it be your house full cup with his endless hearth. Break off a piece of bread and show all of us, who will be the host of the house!

The bride and groom tear off a piece of the loaf,dipped in the salt and feed each other. Who more than a piece - and he will be the head of the family. Then swing open the doors to the restaurant and guests after the newlyweds go to the room.

Meeting Suite on the wedding ceremony

first dance

The bride and groom invite the guests to take their seats in places, then, according to the scenario of the wedding, dancing their first dance of the newlyweds under the beautiful music, such as the waltz.


The restaurant cares leading wedding toastmaster assumes that opens the banquet of the saying:

- Dear guests! Please welcome our couple and raise our glasses filled wedding for their happiness. Bitterly!

After a short pause, when the guests hadeat, leading announces greeting of the wedding celebration with the presentation of the gifts, during which announces each guest by name, starting with the parents of the bride and groom. Matchmakers are suitable for everyone who is given the floor, holding a microphone, as well as collect the gifts that the guests presented the newlyweds. After the toasts at the wedding, the guest is given full glass, he drank to the bottom and shouts "Kiss!".

Feast on a wedding party

When greeting a part of the wedding is over,toastmaster passes to the script with an active program of entertainment, in a competition which involved absolutely all guests of a wedding celebration with the bride and groom.

Contests and games for newlyweds and guests

  • Wedding Contest "The most persistent."

In the center of the hall 10 invited guests. On a small table put 9-filled glasses. Under the upbeat music guests for Toastmasters team start running around the table, when the music stops, everyone should have time to take a glass. Those who did not - eliminated. Glasses are filled again, and competition resumes. The most persistent is the one who gets the last glass. According to the scenario it is given this title, and hung a ribbon with the inscription "The most stable guest of the evening."

Entertainment program on the scenario of a wedding celebration
  • Wedding Contest "firstborn."

Witness children dress up in hats and bibs. And in the hands give sliders: witness - pink (to the girl), and the witness - blue (to the boy). Tamada says:

- The family always begins with the pair, and then comes the offspring. Now we are all curious to see who will be the first-born: a girl or a boy?

Witnesses have to run around the whole room, gathering in theirsliders money every guest who will give. Then we calculated the amount collected in each of the pants separately. The winner is the one who has more money. The collected amount goes to the family budget honeymooners.

  • Wedding contest with disguises "Checking the groom."

Tamada is four men of the guests - fordressing in costumes of two Roma women, oriental dancer, a passionate Spaniard. Bright outfits and candid. Each of the beauties of "must" for the groom to dance with the task to seduce him. This competition is very funny wedding scenario.

To the competitive part of the wedding celebrationpassed the most fun, check out the video attached below. Here you will find a lot of interesting contests, in which a very big pleasure to be involved guests. From the video you can learn many interesting things for your own wedding scenario. You can show imagination and come up with something of yourself in every contest.

Gifts and greetings for the young

The message of the wedding celebrationguests are sure to have a speech and present a gift to the newlyweds. This scenario section for a wedding takes a lot of time, so the toaster must control the situation, depending on the number of guests, to force the issue, declaring each guest immediately after the other without pause. Well, as gifts for a wedding, it decided to give the money - the most practical and appropriate option grant. So guests are not scratching their heads over what would be appropriate for the newlyweds.

Wedding gifts for newlyweds

Memorable prizes for guests

It is considered good form at the wedding, ifthe couple will think in advance about the souvenirs for the guests, they will be handing toastmaster everyone who wins the competition. So you will draw the desire of more and more guests to participate in competitions at a wedding party. This is absolutely not expensive trinkets that can sometimes come in handy, even in everyday life. Take a few examples on the note and use as wedding prizes for the guests on his triumph:

  • Comic magnets on the fridge in the shape of hearts, caricature Suite, smiles, or with their own joint photo.
  • Sponge for washing dishes.
  • Paper tie on an elastic band.
  • A set of spoons for shoes.
  • Toothbrush.
  • Lighter.
  • Ball pen.
  • Comb hair.
  • Chewing gum.
  • Chocolate in the form of a newly-married couple figurines.
  • Keychain on keys, and much more, that will be enough to your imagination.

Prizes for competitions guests at a wedding party

Completion pm

Completion of the wedding celebration, as a rule,accompanied by the two traditional rites: removing a veil from the bride and the transfer of the family hearth. Both of these are very touching custom, they are carried out under the beautiful music and eloquent words toastmaster. Do not include them in the wedding scenario would be this omission. Therefore, below you will find a more detailed description referred to wedding traditions.

  • Removing the veil from the bride.

Daughter-in-law come to the center of the room, where the girl is seated on a chair. Under the dim lights moving plays nice music and toastmaster utters the words:

- The house parent you left and came to a newfamily. Here you have taken as his own daughter, so you have to take his second mother. Your Veil - a symbol of girlhood that you gave the beloved, so it's time to say goodbye to him, removing the headdress of the bride.

Mother-in begins gently to remove the veil from the bride, and then puts a white kerchief on her head. The girl at the end of this ceremony is to give his mother-in-law a second.

  • Transfer of the family hearth.

Moms Suite ignited candle and pass the flame to a candle that kept the couple. This Tamada says:

- Grown children and two families in this day their heartsjoined together. Their loving mother will be until the end of their days protected from all troubles and misfortunes. And so the couple lived in prosperity, love and happiness, the mother will give them a piece of your home, as a symbol of prosperity, warmth and harmony.

Last rite script closes the festiveevening wedding. Guests escorted the newlyweds in the coming family life and all face the street. Here they are waiting for a beautiful wedding salute or zapuskaniya the sky Chinese lanterns at the request of the organizers of the wedding.

Completion of the wedding celebration

Whatever fun there was a wedding celebration,the end is always a little sadness and tears, because it means the end of a magical day. Absolutely fine when Wedding scenario envisages lyrical digressions of fun moments. Everyone can take a dive into the feelings and sincere love happy newlyweds. Let your wedding scenario will be as multifaceted: funny and sad at the same time, to touch the soul of each guest.