porcelain wedding Scenario

20th wedding anniversary is called a porcelain. On this day, it is important to give your sweetheart love, care. The name of the festival was due to the characteristics of the material: a thin, fragile, delicate, done by hand and is expensive, and China local people called it "white gold". Relationships like porcelain tested by time, the couple put a lot of effort into the marriage, patience, love, but it is still fragile, it should be protected.

Preparations for the celebration

Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary at the family acceptedtable to a narrow circle of relatives of people. But it is generally lax, caring for the triumph of the menu, preparation "nest" for the holiday, can tire spouses. This event is best to allocate funds for a restaurant or a cozy cafe where you guests can safely enjoy the holiday of love.

A cozy cafe for a porcelain wedding

Decoration of celebrations venue

Venue celebrations need to decorate inthe spirit of Chinese porcelain: the blue-gray color of the interior, porcelain vases, figurines. On the table can be a candle, decorated with delicate lace. Chairs should decorate small pillows of blue cloth with white pattern. White roses give holiday comfort and pleasant aroma will fill the whole room. The highlight of the evening will be the new china, which has already become a tradition and a symbol of 20 years of marriage. Every guest will certainly appreciate your efforts.

Interior for the celebration of the 20th anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

An important place is occupied by the musical accompaniment. List of melodies need to be, given the age of the guests, the wedding scenario. A selection of "golden hits" youth spouses will allow to plunge into the memories of young love, give a holiday mentality. Calm music would be appropriate at the first stage of the celebration when the guests visiting on competitions should choose cool rhythmic melodies, the dance part of the program must be completed with romantic songs.

of porcelain wedding Scenario

20 years wedding anniversary script will help make porcelain celebration memorable. Consider an example scenario.

Guests are greeted porcelain jubilee

When guests came, distributes all the leading small cards with ribbons, on which each of the guests wrote their spouses congratulations. Starting the evening greeting-toast:

- Porcelain - exquisite material, good storesheat gives pleasure. It is similar to a family that protects the warmth of feelings, love for each other. Only this material is not immediately acquires its shape and beauty. Painstaking work, love, create it hands of husband and wife, turning a piece of clay into a masterpiece of art. In this way, he created a pair of his creation - the family! We believe that your love will transform this fragile material to gold!

Lead offers and spouses to followhim on a long journey across the ocean of love. On the first island, guests are Tree of Love (flower arrangement, branches). On his visit cards tied to the wishes, which were distributed at the beginning of the evening. The couple are considering wood, thank guests:

Tree of Love wishes for a 20 Anniversary

- Thank you, dear guests! Let this wonderful tree will be a symbol of our eternal love. Nice to see this day, relatives and friends at the same table. Thank you for coming to share with us this celebration. We hope to be noted is not yet a holiday together, until golden wedding.

Leading announces "bitter", together with the guests said to "twenty":

- So just do not Drinkers wife, my love, they kiss bonded, so bitter, gentlemen, up to twenty guests, I believe!

Guests thank the spouses, each gets up and says his congratulations on the line:

- Dear (name of spouse) and (name of spouse)! Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. For twenty years you keep the fire of love of family. Wife - an example of women's wisdom, and the husband - the male patient! We wish you joy to live in the year! Let love always burning in the eyes!

Leading invites to start the dance of the evening, which opens Porcelain dance couple. After the dance, the wife says to her husband's greetings:

From his wife in verses:

Verses husband to china anniversary

Then, the husband thanked her husband in verse:

Poems to his wife porcelain anniversary

In the hall there are children dressed as cupids, with "palm branches". Children greet guests and spouses offer to stand under the "branch of love" and make a wish. Child toast:

- Mom and Dad, you are a wonderful couple! In your day, wedding anniversary, I wish to maintain a sense of happiness and joy that you are experiencing now and love each other forever. May every day of your life together will be warmed by mutual love, care.

Leading proposes a toast:

- I would like to wish you to you to the centenary crying just from happiness, you have stomach ached with laughter and boundless ocean of love will never let you out of their networks.

Watch the video, which prepared the kids parents 20 wedding anniversary:

Contests 20 years of married life

On the wedding day, the couple can afford to have fun to the fullest. Relevant will be competitions, memories. It all depends on the tastes of couples and their guests. Below we offer you a fun competitions.

  1. "Love, passed through the years." Competition to test memories / her spouse. Husband for some time withdrew. A woman answers the questions of the presenter:
  • How did you meet?
  • Where the husband has revealed to you my feelings?
  • What gifts touted spouse?
  • Number of guests at the wedding?
  • Under what circumstances her husband met with the parents?
  • The head of the family - husband or wife?

The husband returned to the room and answer the same questions.

  1. "Apple Love". Go out a few guests. Members are opposite to each other, they are blindfolded, handed an apple. Win a couple, which first eat his apple, but will not touch his hands.

Competition with an apple on a porcelain wedding
  1. "Sweet Tooth". On the need to fill a wide bowl of small chocolates. Guests are given the Japanese sticks, which they need to catch the sweetness. Wins the one whose first dishes will be empty. The number of participants is unlimited.
  2. "Confession". It is necessary to prepare two trays, one tray with card-questions, and one - with cards and answer. Leading approach to guests, asking who he wants to address the issue, then pulls a guest card. The one called guest pulls a card with the answer.

Examples of questions:

  • Who's in the family?
  • You found love on the Internet?
  • Your husband under the heel?
  • The husband (wife) prepares you for breakfast?
  • Your spouse (wife), an FBI agent?


  • Yes, and I suffer from it.
  • When there is no money.
  • When the husband (wife) is missing at home.
  • When coming from the tax.
  • Only at night.

Gifts for the participants of the competition can be any memorabilia: figurines, magnets, coasters, calendars.

This cool script wedding anniversaryIt will help make your holiday unforgettable. Toasts, competitions, wishes to give joy to every guest. The vibrant music will amuse most humble and unique decor, warm atmosphere of love will long be remembered guests close.