Paper Wedding Script

Paper anniversary symbolizes the fragile periodthe relationship between husband and wife. After the first year, when everything is new, rosy and interesting, the couple more sober look at each other, begin to see the flaws. At this point is particularly important to be lenient, understanding and love for your partner, and the holding of the anniversary on gay scenario is intended to help in this jubilee.

Preparations for the celebration

The preparation for the celebration of the two-year anniversaryIt should be addressed in advance. Perpetrators of paper celebration will have to decide how they want to celebrate the anniversary - will be a narrow family circle with close relatives and friends, or a large-scale event, which will come friends and acquaintances. If paper anniversaries got a child, you need to decide whether the son or daughter to be present during the festival.

If the perpetrators want to arrange a paper celebrationtheme party with a dress code, it is necessary to warn the guests at least a couple of weeks, so that they had time to prepare clothing. Everything from invitations to the napkins should match the same style. You also need to take care of inviting the photographer that will make a memorable photo.

Watch the original video, which will help to prepare the invitations to the celebration of self:

Decoration of celebrations venue

Paper wedding presents heroes of the occasionmany ideas on decorating the room has its name. Various paper decorations can become elements of decoration of the hall: this Japanese origami, delicate paper napkins, the tissue sculptures on the dishes. Chinese Paper Lanterns will light a cozy decor option for the event. As for the flowers that adorn the room, fit white, light beige, lemon, cream-colored shades.

The snow-white decor of the hall to the paper celebration

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Ideal for background music paperanniversary suitable live music, if heroes of the occasion enough financial resources to pay for services groups. Also anniversaries can create a playlist of favorite melodic songs - music should be relaxed, the background, but not sad. The competitive program should articulate separately and more cheerful songs.

The script of the paper wedding

Below is a script that will help hold the paper in an original and fun celebration.

When guests find their seats and be seated, the word takes the lead:

- Hello, dear guests! We are gathered here to congratulate the two-year anniversary of the young couple. It's only been a few years since, as the bride and groom put the ring on each other, and became legal husband and wife, but they have already become a strong family. The culprit celebration paper only to learn each other better over time. Let's welcome them with loud applause!

The guests applauded paper jubilee

Guests with leading applauding, go spouses. The husband or wife:

- Our family is grateful to all who have come to this holiday! Suppose we lived together for quite a bit, but it's going to continue until the end of life!


- Bitter, bitter!

Guests pick up, the couple kissing.

- Thank you, dear Anna (bride's name), andNikolai (groom's name) for what is for us an example of pure great love. And now let's allow parents to open a paper anniversaries toast the beginning of the celebration dedicated to the young.

Parents say the culprits of paper celebration toast, the guests drink, eat. Then leading arises again:

- After a short pause, when all tastedwonderful dishes prepared by cooks, want to spend a little competition for the spouses. After two years of marriage, you probably have a much better understanding of each other, is not it?

Competition pantomime for paper spouses

Paper anniversaries respond positively.

- And this - the main thing. But now I want to test how well you understand other people. Your marriage has passed the two-year milestone - a paper wedding, and a lot has happened in that time. Tell guests that the most exciting, the most interesting thing has happened to you since the marriage. Just have to do it without words! I note the time, and the one who will manage to win.

Perpetrators of paper celebration participate in the competition. When a winner is determined, a leading said:

- Congratulations, you have won the competition! Despite the fact that the opponent managed a little slower, we also his reward. Prizes to date prepared a lot, even the guests expressed their desire to bring them. Provide rewards paper spouses for their loyalty, love, understanding!

There comes the moment of delivery of gifts. It can be paper dolls, figurines of happy newlyweds, cards, tickets, travel, gift certificates. For those who do not know what gift to make, the ideal solution would be an envelope with banknotes - even paper culprits celebrations themselves buy themselves the necessary things.

Money - a good gift for the two-year anniversary

- We wish you, paper spouses to lifeIt was beautiful and easy, like the song! So I want to play a song that was playing during your first dance. Let it remind the bright day of your wedding!

Perpetrators of paper celebration go dancing.

- The way you look at each other, it becomes clear that happiness permeates your relationship. I give guests the opportunity to tell their wishes for a pair of paper!

Guests take turns talking toast, again there is a short break for a meal.

- Well, we have again a little rest, it's time to spend an active competition to assimilate the food better! The dance contest, so fans move - all in the center of the room!

Participants gather leading fit and gives everyone an open newspaper.

- The task of the contestants - to dance to this newspapermad merry dance! The fun will dance, the more chances to win. However, I complicate the task: every thirty seconds, the music will stop and the paper is reduced by half. Wins the one who does not tear the paper into pieces, and will move more actively than others.

Attributes for a dance competition to the paper anniversary

Passes this contest paper celebration. Leading:

- There are a winner! Congratulations. Get a prize that will give cheerfulness for the following musical achievements.

The winner of the contest celebration paper presented a good bottle of spirits.

- And you, the participants, not go for you, too, have a present!

The other leading distributes bottles of wine.

- Yes, the competition was fiery! Our great heroes of the day, I wish you to these dances, your life together was fun, giving joy and smiles to others. Dance often together - then all the troubles seem small! Bitterly!

Guests shout "Kiss!", Drink, paper culprits celebrations kiss.

- Our paper anniversaries certainly oftenrecognized each other their feelings. Now we'll see how they do it. Dear wife, I beg you to share this contest and gather a team of participants!

Paper anniversaries collect command.

- Now playing conditions: for the allotted time you need to make a note with a declaration of love to his partner. Are you surprised that did not write, and do? Everything is simple and complicated at the same time: the words and the letters you'll have to cut from the covers of magazines!

Paper Wedding: cut letters for notes

Presenter gives each team a stack of magazines, scissors, glue, paper for notes.

- The clock is ticking!

Perpetrators of celebration paper making notes lead:

- Stop! And now let's see what you got ...

Take turns reading the notes leading anniversaries.

- Before I read the note and thought to choosethe winner, but I understand: with so much love winners - both! I wish you that these feelings are not abated, and fifty years later, when we gather to celebrate your anniversary again!

Participants paper wedding contest their seats.

- To our table confectioners prepared a beautiful white cake, symbolizing the purity of your relationship. Let the paper - fragile material, but it is said, can endure.

leading endure cake Assistants.

The snow-white cake to paper anniversary

- This cake I want to congratulate you, wish,so you are not looking at the struggles of life, small quarrels, difficulties remained tolerant to each other! Then the paper is transformed into a metal which is difficult to break. On behalf of the guests together solemnly ask you to cut the dessert!

Perpetrators of celebration cut paper cake, a leading helps to distribute the pieces of the guests.

- That came to an end the official part of ourpaper celebration. Guests enjoy a delicious dessert, paper anniversaries, enjoy each other! Enjoy not only now, but for life, because you've got an excellent opportunity to live it together. Bitterly!

Paper anniversaries under the cries of "Kiss!" Kissing, guests drink, the official part of the event ends.

Contests 2 years of married life

Diversify congratulatory script amuse guests help with games interesting contests. Some examples:

  • Reminder. For this competition at the celebration will take several sets of paper stickers on the number of participants. contestants task is to as quickly as possible pasted stickers themselves. The winner is the party to the right faster than the others.

Office stickers for competition second anniversary
  • The money for the coat. Participants include several pairs. Hall leaving girls, men remain. Presenter gives them ten small denominations that participants must hide in costume. The task of the girls - to find these notes to buy a fur coat. The winning couple, where the girl cope faster.
  • Relay race. Another active competition for couples. Required attributes: a few shots of vodka and pickles as well. Men sit on the chairs, the girls become close to the opposite wall from them. Competition Objective: companion must quickly carry through the hall vodka with cucumber, then sit down on his knees wife, drink, give a bite. After a man has to carry her back. The winner is the fastest couple.

A unique celebration of the script will spendwedding anniversary fun, original. A thorough preparation of the competition program, the room decor, music selection is needed for a perfect celebration of the paper that is long remembered by those present.