nickel Scenario wedding

It took 12.5 years from the date of your wedding? It's time to make a nickel wedding scenario. Let's try to figure out how did this tradition and why the wedding is called nickel.

Nickel ductile metal silver-white color. In ancient times it was equated with precious natural resources, valued on a par with gold, silver for uncommon difficulty of extraction. Nickel is used for the production of dishes, many of interior items, jewelry, coins, see photo.

Products made of nickel on wedding anniversary

Married nickel symbolizes strength,reliability, relations of spouses. According to this custom wedding anniversary every woman should have in the home products of nickel candlesticks, cutlery sets, tea / coffee sets, the presence of which is a measure of family income. Without special care, care of nickel objects fade, so there was a wedding tradition in brilliance nickel utensils judge the friendship between the spouses, the joint homework, okay relations of spouses.

How to mention nickel wedding anniversary,holiday to remember for a long time, and besides, everyone was having fun? It is necessary to make the event a script, choose the wedding venue thematically arrange the room, write it leading, consider wedding contests, games for guests.

Preparations for the celebration

Nickel noncircular wedding anniversary date, itIt decided to celebrate in a close circle of relatives and close friends. In summer, the anniversary will approach a boat trip or a picnic in the fresh air, and the wedding feast in the winter in a cozy restaurant or banquet hall warm and friendly gatherings at your home. The main thing that the couple loved the place, you feel comfortable. The photo below shows an interesting place for a celebration.

Possible venues for weddings nickel

Decoration of celebrations venue

The chosen place to celebrate a nickelwedding decorate the balloon in the shape of hearts, posters with the wishes of the couple. Use the symbolic number 12, signifying the number of years lived, and in addition to his face a hint of the fact that time does not stand still, and goes forward.

Serve wedding table in a silver-whitecolors nickel colors: silver candlesticks with white candles, linen napkins with silver rings, as in the photo, salad bowls, glasses and cutlery with silver monogram. At the end of the wedding Free hot drinks in the tea (coffee) Services from nickel.

Examples of table setting for nickel wedding anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Music for nickel choose anniversarycarefully, relying on the taste of the couple. To create the right mood holiday, open celebration of classic wedding tracks, for example, a march by Mendelssohn. During the feast of the nickel needed pleasant background music, not a barrier to communication wedding guests.

The active part of the nickel wedding timecompetitions, quizzes requires mobile music, appropriate to the tasks. To dance of the anniversary of the nickel pick fun musical tunes that guests wanted to dance from the heart.

of nickel Scenario wedding

According to the traditions of nickel wedding feaststhe couple must take a walk on for a couple of memorable places: the church where the wedding took place, or the christening of the child, the place dating lovers favorite attractions. The couple can walk alone or with your wedding guests. Walking a good reason to organize a thematic photo shoot love-story, as in the photo below.

Photoshoot love-story at the time of the anniversary of Ni

According to the customs of nickel wedding guests met the couple in the banquet hall, showering them with coins, rose petals.

Leading opens nickel anniversary of words- We are gathered in this beautiful evening tocelebrate the strong union of two hearts Ivan and Mary (names of spouses)! Already 12.5 years, they go hand in hand, supporting each other, coping with the difficulties of life's journey! We meet a loving couple.

Sounds march by Mendelssohn, the banquet hall include spouses.

leading wedding- I suggest this beautiful evening to open the romantic dance, symbolizing conjugal love this couple.

It sounds musical composition, the couple dances, see photo below.

Dance couple nickel wedding anniversary

leading- Beautiful wedding dance has convinced us that the feelings of lovers are not forgotten. I invite everyone to the table and offer parents say the first toast to the loyalty, strength of feelings of spouses to each other.

The participants are seated at a banquet table, poured champagne.

Parents of the couple- Our beloved children, 12.5 years ago, your heartunited, we are witnessing the connection is growing from year to year. We wish you to be friends, respect each other, take care of his house, the children take care of their love against adversity. Let your union becomes stronger as eventually becoming stronger wine. Bitterly! .

After the first toast wedding banquet continues trapeznichayut guests. After about 15-20 minutes leading continues- What would like to wish our love of close friends? Please! .

Wedding anniversary greetings with a nickel from my friends:

  1. Your relationships are for us an example of a strongfamilies. To live together 12.5 years is no joke. We wish you a long life together, wealth, well-being, to marital bonds were flexible, durable as nickel. Good luck!
  2. Our life is unpredictable, sometimes similar towide road on which we race at high speed, and sometimes on the winding mountain path along which we go slowly, with difficulty making his way through the thicket. I wish you to make your journey together, continuing already 12.5 years old, was an easy, rich with interesting events, and no matter how difficult the road, you will remain faithful to each other satellites. Here's to the trust, loyalty marital union. Bitterly!
  3. Friends! You have an important anniversary, 12.5 years nickel wedding. So let us drink for ensuring that your relationship was strong as nickel and shiny. Happy Anniversary!

During toasting, gifts are given to the wishes of the couple, the holiday feast continues.

leading wedding- Thank you to all those present for their warm words. Let's play! .


Leading wedding continues- In a sign of the fortress of the union of two hearts, make a wish and launch magical lanterns. I ask all to come out.

All overlook the street, make a wish, start the magic lanterns (balloons), see photo. Leading announces dance part nickel wedding.

Running Lantern nickel wedding anniversary

Contests for 12 years of married life

  • Competition Seasons. Engaged couple. The couple stand back to back, the husband turns to face the audience. Leading randomly calls a month, the husband shows his favorite activity at this time of the year, while his wife tries to guess without seeing his actions. Then the answers are compared spouses. If the wife guessed, then it is assigned a prize point, if not, then her husband. Then they change places. Who will pick up points, he gets a special prize.
  • Competition 12. Dance contest for couples. The music is playing, couples whirl in the dance. As soon as the music stops under the chiming clock (12 times), couples should portray the figure 12. The last pair is eliminated. After each round the number of chimes strokes is reduced by 1 unit. The winner is the couple who will be last.
  • Competition 12 declarations of love. Divide participants into two teams, select the captain. Each team must come up with twelve declarations of love in 5 minutes, and then the captains compete with each other. The winner of the competition is chosen wedding audience.
  • Artist Competition. During the 12 minutes the competitor must paint a group portrait of the couple, and then the words to describe his work. For the test, you will need a brush, paint, large format paper (Whatman paper sheets fit). The competition is held among the relatives, spouses, friends, and determine the winner of the couple.
  • Auction contest. To prepare in advance of the competition souvenirs related to the history of the couple, symbols of their love talismans for good luck. For example, pendants, brooches, souvenirs brought back from their honeymoon, nickel objects. Each lot give the name, apply the instructions for use, determine the initial price. While nickel wedding organize the sale of mascots. The auction winner is the one who offers the highest price.

Wedding Anniversary 12.5 years a good reasonmake a happy holiday love. The wedding celebration will bring new experience in family relationships, refresh memories of the spouses, as the video below will allow the feelings of the lovers break out with renewed vigor.

A beautiful story of family relations of the couple's wedding nickel See the video: