linen wedding Scenario

The fourth anniversary of the marriage isName linen wedding. Len knowingly became a symbol of the anniversary, because after four years of life, strengthened relationships - from the fragile fabric calico transformed into a durable material that is not so easy to break. To have fun linseed celebration, jubilee will need an original hilarious script with contests, games, congratulations.

Preparations for the celebration

To start perpetrators linseed celebrations needto decide how to conduct the fourth anniversary. The couple may invite only the closest people - relatives, best friends, and can throw a massive party with lots of friends and acquaintances. If the heroes of the day became parents, you think: will the child to participate in the event. Also, couples should consider the next anniversary, the date of which is better suited for a large celebration - then linen wedding can be done safely.

linen wedding Scenario

If the couple decided to celebrate linenanniversary of the scale, they need to invite professional toastmaster, who will share the gravity of the organization. Hero of the day, decided to organize a theme party with a dress code, you must notify the guests.

Decoration of celebrations venue

Popular destinations in decorating the premisesfor weddings became a rustic style, which means village. Rustic linen is ideal for weddings. Using natural fabrics when decorating a table (tablecloths, napkins) and other interior items, live or dried plants, old "grandmother" dishes will be a wonderful solution for linseed celebration. The cozy decor will provide the audience in a good mood.

Rustic - perfect for linseed anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Perpetrators of celebration can collect their playlistfavorite songs that will complement the festival. Also, the availability of financial resources, the couple may prompt musical band playing cheerful folk works - such tunes reflect the style of the event.

of linen wedding Scenario

The script needs a beautiful wedding anniversary during the big celebration. Below is the leading speech, greetings, contests.

Guests sit on their seats, leading takes the microphone:

- Welcome, dear guests! Today we have gathered, thanks to two wonderful people, who have already spent four years together. From the point of view of human life - it is a short time, but the jubilee love, their respect for each other is no doubt that they will live a long, long time! Now prepare the loud applause and Meet the heroes of the occasion!

linen wedding Scenario

Anniversaries come, the guests applauded.

- Dear (couples names), we justWe say that you have lived together for four years. The fourth anniversary of the wedding is called linen. This means that you have become even closer, have managed to get used to each other, to get used. To maintain a strong relationship, you need to take care of linen, only then it will become a tree, and after - the metal. I wish you to become a gold linen wedding! Bitterly! Bitterly!

Guests pick up the last words of the master, heroes of the occasion kiss invited drink.

- Tell me, newlyweds, hard love each other?

Jubilees replied in the affirmative.

- Good! Now we will make sure that it was even harder!

Lead gets a long rope and binds the spouses.

- We will hold a small ceremony which will helpyour family to stay together for many years. Remember the song that was playing during your first dance? Then you just got married, and now celebrate the wedding linen - four years turned your family! We would all like to see the remarkable slow dance again.

Linen Wedding: script

It includes music. Tie a linen rope, dancing wife.

- Your dance was really beautiful! From the moment you began to dance, this rope has acquired magical powers and will protect the family from adversity. I have for you another gift.

Leading figure gives jubilee spouses whose hands are bound with linen ribbon.

- This figure, according to tradition, symbolizesthe strength of your relationship. Keep it in a prominent place, so that it looked like you, perhaps together to overcome any obstacles, quarrels, misunderstandings. The main thing - to hear each other and remember that you are connected. Our guests have also prepared for you small gifts ...

Guests give their perpetrators linseed celebrationsgifts. It can be all sorts of things made with linen or other fabrics. Clothing - nightgowns dress for his wife; Useful things for home - tablecloths, towels, bed linen. Suit any souvenirs with the symbols of the four-year anniversary.

Gift for wedding linen: figure happy couple

- Jubilees already seen enough to gifts, and we want to see how the young kiss, though guests? True! Bitterly!

The couple kiss, guests drink.

- And now I declare a short break, so those present could enjoy fine, delicious dishes prepared by our chefs.

Guests eat and anniversaries. After some time, leading arises again:

- Well, I see all ate, drank, holdcompetition! Only recently we have seen the dancing linen anniversaries, and now I want to see if the guests dancing well. Some are pretty hot body warmed up drinking, it is time to arrange a discharge! Well, everyone here.

Participants gather in the center of the hall.

- Who will sound music that you haveto come up with interesting and unique movements. Do not hesitate to be unusual and funny - depends on your success in this competition! Lazy will be eliminated before the end will reach only the most active participants. The winner will determine the guests.

Invited guests participate in the competition, the winner is determined by the applause. Leading:

Prize dance competition

- Well, congratulations! For the fact that we have been charged with positive emotions - we give you a charge to make up for them.

The winner is awarded a bottle of expensive vodka.

- The other participants were also good, agree? Do not leave them unattended!

The others handed out candy boxes, small gifts or wine.

- These wild dance led me to the idea of ​​a newtoast. Dear linen anniversaries, you have seen, nothing thinking these people were dancing. I wish you a carefree, joyful, merry life to you, without hesitation, circling dance together! It does not matter what others think, the main thing - be happy, live in perfect harmony! For you!

Guests drink to the perpetrators of linseed celebration.

- I have already said a lot of congratulations, therefore,I pass the opportunity to express my warm congratulations to your family and friends! I'm sure they have many thoughts that they would like to share with the hero of the day, so call them. Go ahead, dare entertain heroes of the occasion a beautiful toast!

Lead makes a little break, linen anniversaries accept greetings from invited guests.

- Yes, our guests were eloquent! Even nothing to add to the flow of the good things that have just been heard. Dear heroes of the day, we all want to ensure that your life was sweet, but not always work that way, so we have prepared for you two drinks.

Beautiful shape cups for linen wedding ritual

Lead makes two cups.

- Ispeyte them together one by one, in a sign that you share with one another and the sweetness and bitterness.

One drink - sweet tea, the other - the salt water. Perpetrators of linseed celebration turns each drink from the cup.

- This little ritual proved that you truly love each other, willing to sacrifice his own comfort for the sake of a loved one. This is rarely seen! This is admirable.

Bowls carry. Leading:

- At the end of the celebration take a small gift - a magnificent cake that will remove the remnants of bitterness and leaves a sweet aftertaste.

From the kitchen, take out a nice big cake.

- Do us the honor, cut the cake!

The couple made the first cut.

Cherry pie to the fourth wedding anniversary

- You are willing to take with the bitterness of life, so candy deserve only. I wish you a sweet life! And our guests something a little bitter ... Bitter!

Jubilees kiss, the official part of the celebration ends.

Contests for 4 year marriage

Several contests and games that help to diversify linen anniversary.

  • Pioneer. Guests celebrations are divided into two teams with an equal number of people lacking a long rope leading - the main attribute of the contest. The problem of participants - to show its strength, dragging rope. The winning team presents leading linen pioneer ties.
  • Wedding ring. We need two teams - the more people, the better. Presenter gives each team a donut with a hole. To win the competition, participants must pass the ring from the first to the last contestant, referring only to the bagel fingers. The winner is the fastest team. The prize could be a bunch of bagels winner.
  • In style. The game may take place among all the guests at the table. Leading the box folds into different things -. A funny wig, bright yellow raincoat, pink boas, etc. As long as the music is playing, guests pass each other a box, then the song stops. He who was a box, take the first available thing and is then half an hour.

Watch the video, which filmed a funny tongue twisters contest, which will be used to create a script of the anniversary of linen:

To spend a perfect celebration of linseed,organizers have to prepare seriously. Well planned event on the original script, the audience will remember for a long time, and everyone will be happy to review the memorable photos and video with the anniversary.