leather wedding Scenario

The skin is still fragile material, but if herto care, it will last for many years. If the date of the leather anniversary is approaching and you are planning to celebrate it, then why not consider a scenario leather wedding to hold the celebration fun and exciting.

Preparations for the celebration

For the third anniversary was perfect, youngspouses to be well thought out, as the original will be the triumph of leather. Implement a script to help close friends, who will assume the role of leading, or a professional toastmaster.

Care should be taken to approach the organization details,creating special thematic mood, room decoration, costume husband and wife, dress code reviews, festive menu, fun contests. Because it is necessary to cook food loaf-cow, bread soup.

Jewellery celebration venue

For registration venue leathercelebration fit the original style of country chic. He is a skilful combination of luxury and simple, coarse elements. For example, draping burlap, decorating the chairs can easily coexist with delicate lace cloths and crystal chandelier hanging over the shabby rustic table. An ideal place for the celebration of the leather giving or private wooden house, although it is also suitable restaurant, apartment.

room decor leather wedding: Country style

According to the style of celebration, coupleshould dress appropriately: a man wears leather shoes, jacket, loose shirt, jeans; girl cowboy boots with leather, easy dress, denim jacket or vest.

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Leather celebration decorate musiccountry escort, cheerful music of folk instruments, Spanish guitar. Couples can hire a team of professional musicians who will entertain a few hours attending the leather wedding guests.

Musical accompaniment leather anniversary

of leather wedding Scenario

When the guests and leather culprits celebrations took their places at the center of the hall leading out, which shatters the plate.

- Well, frightened, friends? We are also scared of evil spirits who want to break the happy family home leather anniversaries, driven away by evil spouses. To the result of cleaning space was fixed, and the family has become happier, I offer the first competition for owners of luxury: a minute to collect the pieces! How many fragments you collect, bring so much happiness this year. But before that, wear protective gloves to avoid injury ...

Leading issue newlyweds thin leather gloves, held the first contest leather wedding.

- We see that you will be extremely happy aftercelebration, once you manage to collect as many fragments in a short time. To relations were strong, they need to feed, so you, dear heroes of the day, have to feed. Takeaway soup!

Bread soup leather anniversaries

Aides leading endure bread soup broth with crumbs of rye bread.

- This soup is a symbol of your unity, andunity with family members, relatives, friends who always support, come to the rescue. Gave each other a spoonful of this soup, and then send the guests.

The couple eat at a soup spoon, a leading shouts

- Kiss!

To the applause of young kissing, guests celebration drink after spill soup on the plates.

- Dear heroes of the day, the way you fed eachother, it became clear that you are friendly and happy. To make you even happier during the celebration of the leather, please accept my humble gift.

Lead presents the couple a gift, the guests followed his example, the couple also give each other gifts leather products (belts, wallets, handbags, shoes, etc.).

Watch the video review, where there are a few useful ideas for gifts for the wedding of leather:

- For guests to the celebration does not cool down, letspend an exciting game! For this we need a small glass (lead takes the prepared container), I pour into it a drop of wine (pouring). And now, our lovely guest beside a little (give a guest, he adds). Transfer to the next person who sits on your right, though he, too, pour a little drink. And here are our rules: on whom the wine overflows, he says, toast, and after drinking one gulp!

A suitable glass for the competition on the leather anniversary

For a more cheerful mood competition leatherwedding song sound that breaks off abruptly when a glass overflows, the guest said congratulations. The game continues as long as the present show interest. When the guests toast the celebration ended, a leading said:

- Well, leather anniversaries, what you wish for,when all said to me? Let's just say: love one another, and then you'll be a force! Your love is already an example for us, so spend a fun test that literally will sing this incredible feeling. The task of each participant to sing or read a few lines from a song about love. Who knows more songs and will be the last, wins!

Last remembered song contest participant receives a prize leather triumph: it can be a little souvenir and treat apple candy.

Prizes for the competition on the leather wedding

- Dear friends, we have just heard so muchmusical works devoted to this magical feeling, there remains no doubt that love is the greatest victory for everyone. So let us drink to the fact that it is infinitely happens to us, and you, dear wife, the wine has not bitter? .. Kiss!

The couple kiss, leather guests celebration drink.

- Dear guests, you have already drank a lot, so it's time to test your sobriety. I ask members here!

Welcome guests coming to master.

- You see these iron glasses? You see. A wine you see in them? You see. Then I explain the problem: without the help of hands, but with the help of the teeth, you have to bring them to the table on the opposite end of the room as quickly and accurately!

Leather wedding guests take glasses teeth and carry them to the table. It remains a winner. Lead, addressing him, he said:

- You are too sober for this large-scale celebration ... It needs to be corrected! Drink a minute remaining contents of your glass.

Guests drank, he awarded a prize a bottle of good wine.

Leather triumph: the prize for the contest sobriety

- I can not believe: three years have passed since then, as you, dear (wife's name) was engaged, and you, (name of husband), led her down the aisle. We have seen how the wedding rings you have exchanged that forever cemented your union. And we remember your first dance gala, which all struck deeply touching her beauty. To the applause, we ask you to repeat this wonderful dance!

The guests applauded perpetrators leather celebrations, the music that played during the first dance wedding anniversaries, and husband and wife begin to whirl in the dance.

- What a beautiful pair! You look great together. The official part of the celebration of our leather wedding comes to an end, so finally I wish you strong like wine, love to the back seat of the car was occupied by noisy children, as well as pockets stuffed with green bills! We want you to have treated each other caravan became a symbol of loyalty, prosperity, wealth.

Loaf leather celebrations

From the kitchen bring a loaf, spouses treat each other.

- Let everyone present also bite off a small piece, to be as happy as the couple in the solemn day, leather anniversary.

Guests passed around a loaf, trying to piece by piece.

- Now celebrating more! Dear friends, do not forget to honor our heroes of the day. Bitterly! Bitterly! Bitterly!

Lead pick up guests, anniversaries kiss, the official part of the celebration of leather finishes.

Contests for 3 years of married life

For those who want to further diversify the program of celebrations leather fun contests, we offer some interesting ideas:

  • Princess on the Pea. This funny competition, which involved female guests. We pose some hard stools that are equal in the number of participants, each poured a certain amount of dry peas. The task involved: not looking at the seat, sit on a chair and try to determine the amount of peas. The winner is the woman (or women), which is exactly call a number or as close to it.

Peas leather for competition
  • Feed me. Doubles competition, in each pair of man and woman in front of them with a little bowl of ice cream, a long spoon. Women should take a spoonful of teeth and feed her companion. The winner is the couple who quickly got rid of the ice cream.
  • Sweet dance. Dance contest for couples. For the meeting will need some chocolates in the number of couples participating. Task pairs: to dance a slow dance together, not letting the candy out of his mouth. Vanquish those who hold out longer than the others. The prize could be a box of expensive sweets.

Leather anniversary perfect occasion to gathernewlyweds with their relatives and friends to celebrate three years of official relations. To the triumph of leather was perfect, it should be carefully work on preparing, to consider all the details. To capture a beautiful leather anniversary on photos and videos, should call the photographer.