jade wedding Scenario

26th wedding anniversary is held under the symbol of a verygood gemstone - jade, which represents a solid family life of spouses, who were able to live together for so long. This festival will be held in a special atmosphere, full of magic, beauty, style and fun. To slightly ease your preparation, use of the proposed scenario and competitions to jade wedding.

Jade is a symbol of the 26th wedding anniversary

Preparations for the celebration

Preparations for the celebration of the 26th wedding anniversary -it is a pleasant experience, because its main character is a beautiful gem green - jade. On this day, anniversaries exchange gifts made from it (for example, medallions or household items), guests also give the heroes of the occasion jade objects - they have not only a beautiful view and a great value, but also have a positive effect on human health.

The image of the couple for 26 wedding anniversary

In preparation for the celebration, the couple choose a placeof the anniversary: ​​if a café or restaurant, its decor has to be made with green tones, if the event will be held at home, it is decorated in the appropriate key. The room must be provided for the arch or a garland of mistletoe under which jade couple will exchange vows, renewing them.

Cafe in shades of green to jade wedding

Mistress orders a cake decorated with greencolor, stylized bake delicious desserts. Invites leading or honorable duty to jade wedding is assigned to any of the invitees. A list of the guests: it must be good, proven friends, friends with whom, too strong, like jade - jade so the wedding can be absolutely justified celebrated in private.

Desserts 26 wedding anniversary

Decoration of room for the celebration of the triumph

Place of celebration can be made inany style, the main rule - the predominant color should be any shade of green. The decor should be involved and the main symbol of the anniversary - jade. It is made of stone ware, vases, figurines, bonsai trees, decorations. The room can be decorated with these items, the table can be served by them. Perfectly set will look jade ware saturated shade cloth with a similar tone - it is profitable accentuate the texture of stone.

Wedding decor in shades of green

Saturated green blends with the darkflowers and shaded atmosphere of the room, illuminated by indirect light sources (lamps, candles, lampshades, lamps, illuminated), lighter shades - white and other light colors (in this case, the room is better to light a bright, for example, natural light). Jade wedding, which is in the summer, can be carried out in the countryside - green foliage color is very appropriate.

Musical accompaniment anniversary

Musical accompaniment jade weddingmust be harmoniously fit subjects celebration and decoration. Depending on what style was decorated room, and will depend on the choice of compositions:

  • If the anniversary of the decor was compiled in the Empire style, Baroque and Rococo, the atmosphere of aristocratic luxury complement the classical music.
  • If the design of the hall is made in the Art Nouveau style, Gothic or constructivism, relevant works by contemporary composers and music more expressive.
  • If the room is made in the style of romanticism, music can be more easily and directly (for example, pop, or any other).
  • Country Style or celebration outdoors perfectly with melodies that mimic natural motifs or any fun music.
  • Ethnic style (most suitable Chinese music) with the national Chinese or any neutral tones.

Jade musical instruments for 26 wedding anniversary

of jade wedding Scenario

According to the leading of the scenario (in its role of toastmaster or someone from the guests):

- We have gathered in this place for a reason, and forIn order to be witnesses of renovation vows of our dear friends, be it a reliable ally in this important day for them! 26 years - this is not a moment but a whole little life, carried out hand in hand with the best man. Together in joy together in the challenges together in the life of a child in love, which is being held together 26 years ago, will not go out ever! Let us give the opportunity to speak to each other jubilee marriage vows!

Perpetrators of celebration recite the oath. Guests shout "Kiss!", Say toasts, congratulations jubilee.

Invitations jade wedding

According to the leading of the scenario:

- 26th Wedding Anniversary - Jade! This stone is the best symbol of the nature of the marriage of our comrades: the same durable, precious, beautiful, able only to decorate the life of the couple. So let souvenirs made of this material reminds you every day about the power of your love, your family fortress. But to get the treasure, you have to go through an exciting test!

Anniversaries are invited to participate in the game "Search jade treasures."

According to the leading of the scenario:

- But that's not all the treasure hidden in the room! Our hostess is waiting for a beautiful decoration, but to get it, will have to pass several tests, and we help you with this!

Held game "Jade Bracelet", after which the present are invited to the dance floor. Open the first part of a dance evening jade wife.

According to the leading of the scenario:

- While anniversaries dancing near our tableJade tree has grown! This plant is not simple, and enchanted: bearing fruit - precious jade trinkets, but only to those who tear off all the leaves with the tasks and execute them! Let's do it!

Everyone plays the game "Jadetree ", if the couple will fall the task of" making a wish jubilee "and similar, they can transfer them to any guest. Then open the second part of the dance of the evening.

According to the leading of the scenario:

- Dear heroes of the day, we have no doubt thateven after 26 years, we will meet together to commemorate the 52 anniversary of your wedding, and you're still good friends, as they are now, your love will only grow stronger! Let us raise our glasses to the couple jade, let happiness accompany them always, bonding and illuminating this marriage!

The official part ends.

Contests for anniversaries and visitors

  • Playing wedding anniversary "Jade Bracelet".

To require a bunch of contest(Bracelet or necklace) jade stones. His dismantled, beads put in a deep bowl, there also placed other precious and semi-precious stones like jade touch on. The contents are stirred and filled with water, turbid washing powder or foam bath. Anniversaries and guests must collect jade bracelet, taking the stones out of the water desired. Participants in a circle pull out the beads, if necessary will fall - it strung on a thread if the other - of the free job (any number of amateur).

Jade beads for the competition on 26 anniversary
  • Play for jubilee wedding anniversary "Search jade treasures."

Before the celebration of the premises, which will be26 celebrated the anniversary of the wedding, guests should hide jubilee gift - commemorative jade item (dishes, glasses, massage, vase, decoration). They draw a treasure map, which in the form of riddles, allegories, riddles indicate the route search of the treasure. Spouses parties have to guess where the hidden gift, if any step of the search is the difficulty they have, they may ask for a hint, for which must show the number of amateur.

Gifts from the guests at the wedding of Jade
  • Playing wedding anniversary "Jade tree."

To the back of each sheet Jadebonsai tree attached small folded piece of paper with different tasks. Guests and anniversaries should "break" all the leaves (pull and carry out all instructions Phantom turns). Among the tasks can be placed, for example, are as follows: to say congratulations jubilee in the form of verse, song, dance dance, drink a glass, guess a riddle, etc. For the successful execution of the participants can be awarded prizes, it is desirable that they were made of jade. Examples of such jade souvenirs you can see in this video:

Jade wedding - it's a great opportunityspouses and their guests to enjoy the magical atmosphere of jade stone, which was valued civilizations for centuries. As a symbol of good marriage, it is a great reminder of the power of love and the bonds of your family. We hope that the 26th anniversary of your marriage will be successful, fun, exciting, and offered a little script that posodeystvuet!