iron Scenario wedding

The sixth anniversary of the date of marriageIt called iron wedding. Iron - the first metal, which has become a symbol of the anniversary - by this time strengthened family. However, it is both brittle material, for which required constant care. Holding iron wedding the couple will take a fresh look at each other, and an interesting scenario to make the event a memorable one.

Preparations for the celebration

Before preparing the perpetrators iron celebrationsyou need to determine the scale of the event. Young anniversaries can call only the most close - relatives, friends, or to arrange a merry noisy party. Cast iron is considered to be the anniversary of a family event, but today the couple gladly organize a big celebration. If the perpetrators of iron celebrations already happened to have a baby, it is necessary to think beforehand, will be present at the celebration couples with children.

After the formation of the guest list comes the stageinvitation. If iron anniversaries themed celebration with the dress code, it is necessary to send invitations to the instructions for a few weeks. You should also hire a photographer to a celebration in memory of you still have excellent pictures.

The video below will help you create unique invitations with your own hands:

Decoration of celebrations venue

Color cast iron - black. The young couple can use black elements when decorating the banquet hall, but this heavy color should not be much. Good to combine with dark details cooler light colors of the space (for example, beige and black cloth napkins). You should also use a cast iron products with the table decorations - candle holders, figurines are well suited for decor and some dishes can apply in cast iron pots.

By tradition, the iron wedding day wifeI hung out on the street pans. Cast requires constant care to maintain a presentable appearance, purity, kitchen utensils beauty tried all sectors. Cast anniversaries can arrange a small exhibition of his dishes at the entrance to the hall, to the visitors no doubt as to their solvency as the owners of the house.

The decor of the place of the six-year anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

If you allow the financial capabilities, invite to a celebration ensemble. In another case, fit a simple collection of songs made heroes of the day.

The script of the cast-iron wedding

Cheerful scenario perfectly complement the celebration of the anniversary of iron and experienced presenter will make a vivid and memorable event.

When guests sit down in places, leading begins:

- Greetings to all who came to celebrate withHero of the day of their sixth anniversary! Six years - a considerable period, many couples break up at this point, unable to overcome their differences and quarrels that emerged after the first year of marriage. But we are not talking about them! We congratulate those whose close family overcame the adversity of the storm, and is going to become even stronger! Please welcome them!

The guests applauded perpetrators iron celebrations.

Applause iron jubilee

- Dear (names of spouses), you have gone through a lot andWe reached the first anniversary of metal - iron. Cast far stronger than its predecessors symbols, but still fragile material, which is easily broken down, if not to follow him, not to care. To become a black metal silver, and later went gold, it is necessary to heat up the iron heat of love, until he will be nice and shiny. I wish that your love her fervently forged fine jewelery - a happy family!

Guests with culprits celebration drink iron, lead continues:

- To help you forget about the troubles, start from scratch, I want to spend a small ritual.

Lead poses spouses large cast iron pot and each celebrant holds a piece of paper and pen.

- On this piece of paper you have to write alltheir claims to the partner. Remember the old grudges, record every flaw, and then drop into the pot. One condition - the need to write honestly. It should reflect everything that hinders you in life together.

Cast anniversaries perform a task master.

Cast iron pot for the anniversary of the ritual

- And now, to complete the ritual, take these matches (spouses give a match). Light them up and throw at the same time to fire consumed the old miseries!

Perpetrators of iron celebrations are held ritual.

- Congratulations! All your troubles, grievances, claims burned! Now you can take a good look at each other. There has been an update that has left behind the troubles. Bitterly!

Guests with leading shouting "Bitter!" Iron anniversaries kiss.

- After this magical discharge is necessary to relax a little bit - to eat and drink! Help yourself, dear guests.

There is a slight pause, the guests from the hero of the day to eat, drink, talk.

- And now, dear guests, when things getrest, have to work! Many realize, how difficult are the first years of life with a child ... But the years of his life with her husband often issued too heavy! A contest, which will show if you are good, beautiful mother in the care of children and their husbands. Heroes of the occasion and invite you into the center of the hall.

Couples come to the center of the hall, the men sit on chairs, women are close to them. Each pair of hand bag.

Set diapers for iron anniversary contest

- Children's products are found in this package- Cap, diaper, pacifier ... Your job, ladies, as soon as possible swaddle her husband, put on his hat and give a pacifier, not to cry! Who will cope quickly - first served.

Guests participating in the contest iron celebration, the winner is determined.

- Congratulations, you deal faster than anyone! Other moms are inferior to you in speed, but also great to swaddle their favorite, so get all the prizes.

Participants are presented with a brood-puppets.

- Our iron anniversaries too well himselfWe have shown in this competition. We all know how difficult it is to raise and educate the child, but your parents have coped remarkably! Let's raise a glass to those without whom this festival did not take place, and would not have had such a wonderful couple. For parents of spouses!

All participants in iron celebration drink for parents anniversaries.

- And now I want to give the floor to the guests who came to honor the couple, whose love of admiration and respect!

Perpetrators of iron celebrations takegifts and presents guests. It can be cast iron products - dishes, candlesticks, boxes, and other household items. Also at the wedding, it decided to give a cast-iron kitchen appliances that will become indispensable helpers in the household. After the gift giving iron jubilee leading pauses, guests eat and drink.

Examples of gifts to the wedding of iron

- Many fine words we have heard about ourHero of the day, and which were wonderful gifts! I want to add something of his own. To cast the relationship became strong, beautiful, it is necessary to constantly polish - gentle words, confessions, passionate kisses. When you perform these simple terms we are waiting for more than one happy date! Offer jubilee polished iron strong relationship with a kiss! Bitterly!

Perpetrators of celebration iron kiss.

- I'm sure we all remember those present howbeautiful was your first dance. To live together for many years, it is necessary to remember those beautiful moments that you create together. I want to invite you, anniversaries, cast iron, on the dance floor to you again as the first time, circled in a beautiful dance! Applause!

Included is the song that played at the wedding of the perpetrators of iron celebrations, guests applauding, dancing anniversaries.

Cake iron jubilee

- That comes to an end of the official part of the fine iron jubilee. But before I say goodbye to you, I want to give a sweet gift - a gorgeous cake!

leading aides endure cake for the celebration of cast iron - with black details.

- I beg you, dear anniversaries, cut it!

The couple cut the cake together, leading helps to distribute the pieces of the guests. Leading:

- The basis of a joint path - this mutualrespect, patience, attention to each other. To maintain a high ratio, save the love, we must remember the main thing. During fights, insults and misunderstandings suffered by both, it does not bring satisfaction to anyone. You cast iron anniversaries, love one another. I wish that this love has helped you throughout life! Bitterly!

Perpetrators of iron kiss celebrations, the official part of the script ends.

Contests to 6 years of marriage

For more fun contests and games will help to diversify the wedding anniversary of the script.

  • Dance. For this competition you will need a lot of participants - the more, the better. All they will have to dance to popular songs, showing acting and pretending to lead the team. The winner is the competitor who showed the greatest activity.

Cheerful dance contest iron jubilee
  • Betrothal. Guests are divided into two teams, each presenter gives one little donut with a hole. The challenge contestants - to put a bagel in the ring finger, and then pass from the first to the last member of the team, using only the fingers, in the shortest possible time. The winner is a fast team.
  • Dress code. The big box leading collects funny elements wardrobe - big wig, colored boas, sombrero, yellow raincoat. To the music of the guests at the table box pass each other until the song stops. Member, in which the music is over, should get the first available subject to wear and for half an hour.

Holding iron celebration - a good excusefor spouses to pay attention to each other and unite. To everything was perfect, the organizers must ensure a thorough preparation - then an anniversary long be remembered by all those present.