Home Wedding Script

Wedding is always associated with fun,happiness, joy. And it does not matter in which format runs this celebration, for example, it may be a modest home wedding. And that during the celebration of the event was interesting, it is important to prepare in advance, to think through all the organizational issues and to take care of a good scenario with fun contests for the guests. In this case, it will be about a home wedding, so do not be superfluous to know where to start and what to prepare.

Preparations for the wedding home

Any wedding always requires carefultraining and home is no exception. Here it is necessary to take into account a lot of questions from the study of drawing up the guest list to a beautiful script. You will become much easier, if you pre-sketched on paper all the items that you will follow in the process of preparing for the wedding of your home, and do them one by one. So you do not forget anything and get a perfect result. And in order to know where to start, check out these tips:

  1. First, where to start - it's an invitation to guests.
  2. After becoming known the exact number of people, make a wedding menu.
    Menu for home wedding
  3. Prepare their own meals at homeconditions to the wedding is very difficult, so better to order a wedding catering. This is a service offered by some restaurants, it included food delivery to the venue of the beautiful wedding table serving and professional service from the waiters.
  4. Think about how and where you will arrange the table. It is important to take into account the preferences of visitors and to place them at the wedding so it was nice to talk to each other.
  5. Think about who will take over the responsibilities of Toastmasters. Then be sure to discuss them with the entertainment program, which will be home to the wedding.
  6. Make a good script for a wedding at home.

Master of ceremonies at a wedding home

Decoration of wedding venue

The next stage in the preparations for the wedding of your home -This home decoration and space, which will host the celebration. Modern decorative elements such as garlands, balloons, drapery fabrics make it possible to decorate any room and even withstand a certain style. You might want to do something with their hands, not to spend a substantial amount on the finished product. A few tips on this topic:

  • Buy cheap garlands to decorate the place of the newlyweds with witnesses.
  • Beautiful fabrics drape the room in whichIt will be home wedding feast. You can sustain a certain subject or theme throughout your wedding by selecting individual elements of the decor of one tone.
  • The main decoration of wedding table can be a beautiful living flowers, placed in the middle.
  • Serving homemade wedding ceremony should be (nice tableware, for example, white).
  • A sense of solemnity at the wedding at home will help create colorful balloons in large numbers scattered around the premises.

Decorating a home wedding

The selection of music for the celebration

To create a complete holiday atmospherehome wedding, think another important point in the script - a musical accompaniment. So you successfully fill the lack of live music. Modern music sources on the internet can save you in this matter and free reserved a considerable number of good pleasant songs. The process of organizing this phase of preparation for the wedding will take home more quickly if you use the following tips:

  1. Pick a good collection of fun music for the wedding, under which the guests would like to dance, to participate in competitions. It is desirable to match the wedding theme song.
  2. Perhaps someone from the family is able to sing beautifully - ask him to perform a couple of nice songs with karaoke or minus one and turn it into the program of home wedding scenario.
  3. You need someone who willresponsible for the registration of a musical wedding, so pre-arrange with him what the program should be on the home wedding, familiarize him with his script.
  4. Use karaoke entertainment for additional guests.

Musical arrangement wedding home

Wedding feast

Wedding - a magnificent feast where wine flowsriver. Guests spend almost all the time, sitting at the table, so you need to carefully consider the festive feast - entertainment scenario. Ideas for organizing a beautiful wedding, there are many home - it all depends on the preferences of the owners and their budget. A few pertinent tips to help you make the right decision in this regard:

  • If the number of guests at the wedding homeplanned considerable, and the places in your home do not have enough room for their accommodation, organize a banquet. This option is a feast would relieve a lot of space for the incendiary dance.
  • For older people, the wedding is better to put extra tables and chairs at the reception - then get mixed version of the wedding feast at home.
  • If you are a supporter of the usual wedding party, arrange the tables in the other rooms, which will be planted separately children, grandparents.

Festive reception at home marriage

The script for a home wedding

  • Bride Redemption.

Groom with a witness (boyfriend) arrives at a beautiful wedding car to the house of the bride. Guests gather at the entrance to begin negotiations between the witness and the witness:

- You have the goods, we have a merchant: your - girl, and our - good fellow.

- And how much product will take?

- And we do not feel sorry for the sake of love.

- Then sypte money, nor angry with yourselves, to fillto the edge of the treasury. Good done something generous, however, to get our beauty as his wife, let him demonstrate his bright mind and awareness of the life of his beloved.

According to the script wedding, for the redemption of the witnessto prepare different mini-contests and questions on the topic of the birth mother in law, the date of dating young shoe size marries the girl, her eye color, favorite flowers. If the bridegroom is difficult to give a correct answer - let him pay the money.

Redemption bride on wedding home

After the groom passes all tests, it picks up and carries his bride to the registrar.

  • Meeting of young. After the registrar sent the couple to the place where the home will be a wedding banquet (for example, a house of the groom). At the threshold solemnly parents meet their children with bread and salt, the guests showered them with candy and coins, and in-law says:

- Hello, dear children! Here you are the legitimate husband and wife get our joyful blessings, live happily in peace and harmony, give us grandchildren. And now, to find out who in the family will head break off a piece from the loaf, obmoknite in salt and generously feed each other.

Meeting of young home on the wedding
  • The first dance, and invite guests to the table. Opened the door, the couple traditionally the first call at the house / apartment, and behind them a visit. Under beautiful music newlyweds begin their first wedding dance. Then the bride personally treats each guest a piece of loaf, people sit in places.
  • Gifts. Master of ceremonies announces the greeting of the home wedding, each guest calls starting with parents. This part of the celebrations in the home provides toasts and congratulations young prepodnoshenie gifts.
  • bride dance with Dad. A touching moment at the wedding, which is provided on the compiled plan.
  • Removing the veil. Another mental effect on the wedding ceremony, a wedding present in a home scenario. It involved a bride-in-law. Under the beautiful soft music mother of the groom gently removes the veil of his daughter, carefully put on a scarf, and her boyfriend helps.

Removing the veil from the bride's wedding at home
  • Transfer of the family hearth. Prepare a three beautiful candles. Both mothers have to light their candles as a symbol of hearth of each family, and pass it to your children, igniting the third candle. on wedding scenario, words that should say toastmaster for this competition:

- In the evening we all have witnessedformation of a new family. It is a sacred event that is blessed in heaven. Let this young couple, starting with the wedding day and the rest of his days, live in goodness, happiness and love. Their loving mothers pass a piece of the family hearth, to have always been a warm, cozy and well in the house.

Entertainment program for the wedding

Guests at the wedding it is important to ensure not onlybeautifully decorated and covered with delicious tables, but also entertainment. During the feast toastmaster should joke appropriate to tell a funny story on a wedding theme, declaring toast. However, all of this should be as unobtrusive as possible, so that the guests had the opportunity to eat, to rest between raising glasses and unwind moving dancing. Below you will find a few humorous contests, games that will help you create a good wedding entertainment scenario in the home for guests.

Cool competition for home wedding

Games and competitions for witnesses and guests

  • Predicting the sex firstborn. Witnesses put children's hats and bibs, hand sliders with which they must run for the guests to raise money. One who is greater than the money (from boyfriend or boyfriends) and determine the sex of the first-born.
  • Stealing the bride's shoes. While the guests have fun, dance and raise their glasses filled, someone steals traditional shoe. This spontaneous initiative of any of the guests, the competition is a script. Master of ceremonies announces the incident and boyfriend to boyfriend must complete several funny competitions with music, to bring back the missing bride accessory:
  • Take two inflatable ball, put it on a chair, the problem with the other sisters boyfriend them burst.

Competition with the ball popping on the home wedding
  • Arrange the baton between the witnesses: the highest for a certain period of time to kiss the guys - or girls buddy - buddy.
  • Stealing the bride. A similar competition, which is not provided for the script. To practice it, too, should be witnesses. Several exciting competitions:
  • Kiss the friend with an obstacle. Under the cheerful music witness kisses witness first through one person, then two and so on until ten. To implement such a competition actively involved guests.
  • Place the two chair at a distance of four meters. The witness has to bear the friend from one chair to another in different poses.
  • Check groom offense. Select the four men of the invited guests, headed by the boyfriend. Change clothes in their gypsy costume, oriental beauty, two passionate Spaniards. Let they will dance in front of the bride and groom a seductive dance. This funny dance competition, which causes a lot of laughter among those present.

Funny home games wedding
  • Sale of wedding cake. Married cut yourself first big piece. The rest of the guests dessert sold, everyone should buy their portion. The money goes to the newly-made family budget.

Video: conducting the wedding at home

Wedding - a wonderful occasion to gather all theirnear and dear to people in order to together to celebrate this momentous occasion. To such a considerable number of visitors were interested in your solemn feasts, it is important to come up with a good scenario in which home wedding will be organized. And if you want to visually see how there can be such a beautiful wedding held on the scenario, review the video.