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Bride Redemption - classical tradition with whichmodern wedding begins almost every nation. Traditionally, it is going to a huge number of visitors and ordinary onlookers to look at how the groom arrives to pick up his beloved to the registrar. This action is carried out, as a rule, accompanied by noisy fun tests, through which must pass the groom. This is probably the most crucial moment for the future spouse, so you should carefully prepare all participants, making up a funny script this interesting scenes.

Preparing for redemption

The process of preparing for redemption bride passesdirectly on the wedding day, a few hours before the groom arrives with his noisy company. The scenario has long been ready and is in the hands of the witness. With him it is imperative to introduce other participants, which will be needed to implement such a plan. And that redemption took place without a hitch, a few tips to help you:

Preparations for the gay bride price
  • In advance take care of the decoration of the entrance to the house of the brideand the entrance. Generously balls hang over the door, decorate with ribbons makeshift arch, hang various posters with humorous inscriptions in the wedding theme.
  • For ease of implementation of a competition,put tables on the street to meet the bridegroom. Take care of drinks and snacks. If the wedding takes place in the winter - a long time do not hold dear guests on the street.
  • Prepare a special box, in which you will collect the money for the bride.
  • Appoint a responsible person who will carefully follow the money. It is important that nothing be lost during the day, safe and sound fell into the hands of the newlyweds.
  • Select the number of girls with the bridesmaids, who will assist in the process of foreclosure.

Details for redemption

Making the script - it is responsible,which will fail if you do not think about the necessary additional information. After the words are made up, invented interesting contests, you will understand what the accessories useful for a particular scenes. So, what exactly you may need to perform funny bride redemption scenarios:

Details for funny bride price
  • Pre-purchase a large number of balloons, which you will decorate the entrance.
  • To make humorous posters with caricatures of the bride to the groom, prepare a lot of multi-colored felt-tip pens, paints, crayons.
  • You arrange a piggy bank in which you will collect the money, candy and stuff on redemption. Use ribbons, bows, artificial flowers.
  • To some competitions, you will need: a glass half filled with water, a large basin, baby pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids, rope, clothespins, 10 lollipop.
  • Draw chalk traces of different sizes, including those to be encircled by a natural bride footprint (make it along the contour of her foot).


Scenario funny bride price includesthe presence of actors, so you should decide in advance with the people that you will be involved in their submission. Be sure to register them in the scenario list. You have to paint the detail in your script order dialogue participants, the words that accompany certain actions. The roll-call shall describe it for everyone. It might be interesting if you are using prose.

Characters merry foreclosure scenario

As a rule, the most of any major participantsbride price are: a leading (witness who prepared and thought out fun contests or toastmaster) and its assistants, the groom, the witness and the other assembled guests (they are helping future husband to cope with various tasks, prompt and moral support). At the end there are the parents of the bride and the very beautiful in her wedding dress.

Decorating the venue

The way the bride meets herbeloved, it depends on many things in the future family life couples. The first thing to be carefully taken care - a decoration of a place of cheerful bride price. Everything should shine, fragrance, talking about how there are excited and are looking forward the future head of the family. Below you will find a few parting words, which will help you prepare and you arrange the bride's yard for the arrival of the groom.

  1. Clean - the guarantee of a pleasant and irreproachableexperience, so you need to pre-clean the yard carefully. Wash thoroughly porch floors, remove unnecessary items may previously you will need to make some repairs, paint some details (creating a perfect image, you can not hurt).
  2. Then proceed to the design and decorations. Tie on a railing with a beautiful drape ribbons, attach a small bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers, some of which can be placed on window sills the entrance. Generously use colored ribbons hanging from the ceiling.
  3. The walls decorate with different funny pictures caricatured style or thematic inscriptions about the wedding. Everything should match a single theme - bride price and gay marriage.
  4. At the entrance to the staircase put a makeshift arch of the balls. If possible, the entrance of a beautiful drape cloth in the form of an arch.
  5. If the redemption takes place in the village - then decorate the yard get much easier: you need less material for decoration (eg, use a large number of balls).
  6. Do not forget to beautifully decorate and the room where the bride is waiting for her lover.

Decorating places bride price

bride price scenario

Act One. Groom with parents and friends drove to the smart car to the house of the bride. There is a meeting: witness and bridesmaids gathered at the entrance to the staircase and do not let our dear guests. It first begins to talk and ask this question:

- How far is the way you hold, my good fellow?

- Why, my beloved seeking. I want to pick up the aisle!

- Found the right road! However, the path to beauty is not easy: you are waiting for the test. I think well if you're ready for them.

- Ready!

Act II. Bridesmaids are suitable for the groom with the bank and the words:

- Once determined to marry - Recharge piggy bank fills a future family budget. Your friend does not hesitate to let and also puts a toe or two!

Satisfied monetary tribute to the girls on hand filled with a drink from the snack guys and diverge, close to the entrance of the groom admitting to the staircase.

ACT III. Trials and punishment.

The meeting of the groom at the bride's home

Contests for the groom and witnesses

  • The competition first. Leading pre-arranges drawn tracks and says a verse:

Here the girls ran -

Very much trodden!

Consider your favorite track,

To love a thousand years!

If the groom gives the wrong answer - every time puts part of the ransom money in a piggy bank, it helps the witness.

Cash penalties for the groom error on redemption
  • Second contest. The groom with guests moving forward and into the vestibule entrance. Here he can be seen hanging from a rope funny bride pictures mixed in with her girlfriends in childhood. He must guess the photo of his future wife. Guests help. The witness says:

Here we see now -

How does your sharp eyes!

One two Three -

Where is it: Find!

  • The competition is the third. At the entrance of the groom should put the name of his beloved banknotes. Then the money is put into a piggy bank for redemption. groomsman Keywords:

To future wife loved -

Write the name of her money!

bride's name out of money during a fun foreclosure
  • The fourth contest. Climbing up to the floor above, the witness put before the groom a huge bowl, with the words:

And now, young man generous,

Put it over here a gift to the bride.

It should be valuable,

The most-most unusual.

Here the guy has to guess what it is he himself. Jokingly do Tips newlyweds, such as how the subject of the bride will have to live together for life, etc. Guests are required to submit fun and funny ideas to suggest.

  • Fifth contest. "Money over the edge." The witness gives a half-filled glass of the groom, so he poured a lot of little things, and the water ran over the edge. Her words:

- Show me the abundance of his riches, gold-plated cup with coins!

  • Competition sixth. It remains the last flight of stairs to the door leading to the bride's apartment. The groom should crayons at each step to write a reason why he would marry. Leading his hands chalk and says:

- And now, well done good, you have to capture in stone the twelve reasons why you get married.

It is better to prepare the groom, advising him to think of these reasons the house. And at the end of the competition need the latest redemption in the form of chocolates, champagne, different coins.

The last stage of foreclosure merry

Video: Funny bride price

It is not difficult to understand that a good script for redemptionbride can imagine one day. It is necessary to see a lot of information, just ask your friends what traditional competitions to fill the first few minutes of the ceremony, all turned out to be interesting and fun. Do not regret humor during the preparation of his bride price, widely use your own imagination and creative approach. See the video below on funny bride price, which will help you become more familiar with how it should look like live.