emerald wedding Scenario

Emerald wedding is celebrated after 55 yearsyears of married life. Emerald - a rare gem that affects surrounding its beauty. With him compared the relationship of spouses who have lived such a long period of time together in perfect harmony. This wedding anniversary is certainly worth celebrating so to memorize all the invitees. How to organize this anniversary?

Preparations for the celebration

Do not plan a noisy celebration, because the perpetratorsholiday - elderly people. They will be happy to spend the day in the circle of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, share with them the experiences and listening to stories of loved ones. But nevertheless it is necessary to prepare a script that did not spoil the holiday nothing. Also, be sure to find suitable premises and select the songs that will be played at the wedding. Carefully consider all the nuances of the holiday, you deliver a couple of unforgettable impressions.

Decoration of celebrations venue

Stock up on artificial emerald - he willthe main design element of the room. Pour pebbles in a transparent vase, slide to beautiful decorative sprigs. Tablecloths and curtains should be emerald. Pay special attention to decorating couple of chairs - decorate them with white covers, embroidered artificial emerald. Make covers you can by yourself, it is necessary to have at least basic sewing skills.

Making room for the emerald anniversary

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

In preparing for the wedding playlist necessarytake into account the wishes of anniversaries themselves. On the anniversary of emerald must sound "Song of Youth" of the spouses, with whom they are related fond memories. The memory of the golden years come to life with appropriate songs. It is basically a good and spiritual compositions 50-60s, who like not only spouses, but also to all guests.

Dancing on the emerald anniversary

The script of the emerald wedding

Spouses-centenarians will be happy to celebrate thisa great wedding date in the close circle of family and close friends. It is not necessary to book holidays toastmaster using agency. On the role of the leading wedding perfectly handle any of the couple's children. It will monitor the progress of the festival, to monitor what is happening. The wedding starts at the table where all the guests have to come on the anniversary. The first toast son or daughter pairs:

- Dear Parents! It brought together all the people close to you so hard and for a special occasion. After all, this day is celebrated Emerald your wedding! We celebrate 55 years of your life together. On your way there were quarrels, arguments, insults, but you could feel the happiness, to overcome all obstacles. And in this day, we are pleased to congratulate you on the long-awaited wedding of emerald!

Stserany of emerald anniversary

All guests are presented with jubilee gifts, then my congratulations granddaughter says:

- Grandmother and grandfather! Looking at your pair, I will kindly envy. After all, your relationship - a real godsend. To live up to the rare emerald wedding is destined not for everyone. I feel the joy of knowing that you were strong, maintaining love and respect for each other for over half a century. Let's drink to the fact that your feelings are not extinguished as many more years!

Its perpetrators wedding anniversary wishes must necessarily express the wife of the son (daughter in law) or a daughter's husband (in-law). Hero of the day will be a pleasure to hear words of admiration not only by blood relatives:

- A great sage said that relationsmost importantly - to lay a solid foundation. Not only are you able to build it, but also built a solid house of bricks understanding. In addition, you manage to maintain a steady fire of a home for many years. The best thing you can do for us - it is to transfer its experiences. I would like to raise this glass to your wisdom by which we are gathered here to celebrate your long-awaited wedding anniversary!

Express your wishes can be anyone. Congratulations adults should be diluted with verses that could very well learn a little for the wedding guests. The child - a symbol of longevity, so the children have to take part in the wedding. In addition, all guests will be pleased to hear the baby talk.

After the feast begins entertainingevening program, which includes competitions and games. It is desirable to exclude mobile entertainment, as older people will be very difficult to sustain the entire evening on his legs.

End of 55-year anniversary of the wedding day

Finish the wedding should be fireworks extravaganza orlaunch air lanterns. If the weather does not allow to carry out these plans, limit your tea drinking. Heart of older people revive old memories, rejoice in the wife of such a wedding anniversary.

As a gift to suit here is a video collage:

Contests on 55 years of married life

Emerald Jubilee is not without interesting contests that make up the entertainment in the evening. Entertain guests and perpetrators emerald anniversary will manage the following competitions:

  • "Guess the person." Leading the game thinks of one of the participants show some animate object, whether a monkey or Dima Bilan, without uttering a sound. The rest of the participants are trying to unravel the lady. Win the most quick-witted and clever.
  • "The original compliment." Each member of the wedding comes up with some unusual wish or compliment spouses. The winner is the one who, according to the couple showed their imagination, resourcefulness at 100%.
  • "Unusual application." Leading the game shows an object, such as a regular file. Participants in the game in turn called the unusual use of the subject (to fill with water, slide down slides, etc.). Those who run out of ideas, out of the game.

Pastime on emerald anniversary

Wedding Anniversary - it is an interesting event,which will bring pleasure not only the heroes of the occasion, but also to all invited guests. It is necessary to think carefully about the course of the wedding, create a script to the triumph of the left good impressions and memories!