diamond wedding Scenario

Diamond wedding - family anniversarycelebrations, celebrated the spouses after 60 years of marriage. Such long-term marriage is rare, only a few couples manage to live up to such an advanced age, saving love. Hero of the day to celebrate this anniversary is already 80-90 years old age is not a reason to abandon the celebration diamond wedding.

Diamond wedding anniversary

Preparations for the celebration

Diamond decided to celebrate the triumph in the circlefamily, in the presence of several generations of extended family anniversaries, or very close. Due to the advanced age of the perpetrators of the celebration of the wedding anniversary of the Organization take the children anniversaries, due to the advanced age of heroes of the occasion. In preparation for diamond wedding celebration is necessary to choose the place of celebration, traditionally decorate a room, write a script holiday, choose the music.

The main tradition of diamond wedding -transfer of family hero of the day parting words to future generations the hearth, so a suitable venue for a celebration banquet hall with a fireplace. In drawing up the scenario of the wedding anniversaries of 60 years to take into account the presence of festival guests of all ages: jubilee necessary to provide comfort to children - moving activity, grandchildren and great-grandchildren - children's entertainment that everyone was comfortable at the wedding.

Decoration of celebrations venue

Making room for a brilliant holidaycreate a mood, an appropriate celebration. Excellent choice decorations - garland of balloons, beautiful floral arrangements. Pattern the table using the accessories with crystals, symbolizing the precious stone wedding - brilliant. To make room brilliant celebration Pick calm, warm colors, to an excess of color inks in advance not tired guests.

Example of a banquet hall diamond wedding

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Music for diamond wedding choose toaccording to the taste of a married couple. Discover holiday tones anniversaries youth who touched spouses cause pleasant memories of youth. During the feast, use background music, allowing the audience to communicate without interference, to congratulate the jubilee anniversary. For the more active part of the evening (competitions, dance) fit cheerful, mobile dance songs.

Scenario of diamond wedding

We offer you a ready-made script the wedding anniversary of 60 years.

Leading diamond celebration opens with the words:

- Dear friends! We have gathered the magnificent occasion - to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the wedding party (names of spouses), which is called a diamond wedding. Through the joint efforts of the spouses to the 60th wedding anniversary is shown all the beauty of relationships, like the brilliance of a diamond, obtained when cutting a diamond. Please welcome our anniversary!

Jubilees diamond anniversary

There have applause wedding guests.

Lead continues:

- To date, there are four generations in our room: the couple and their friends, anniversaries children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. Giving them the opportunity to congratulate the newlyweds, give gifts!

Greetings friends of the couple:

- You love carried through time, having lived manyyears together in perfect harmony. We are incredibly excited because we have been able to live up to this momentous day and testify that your feelings were hard as a diamond. I wish you happiness, love one another!

Congratulations to the children of married couples:

- Dear Mom, Dad! Love, friendship, mutual aid agreement between you have always been for us an example of a strong family. Resulting from the wisdom of your family, we have preserved and transmitted to their children, brought them from respectable people. I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary of the brilliant!

Greetings from grandchildren to diamond wedding

As the younger generation congratulations(Grandchildren, great-grandchildren) can play any children, a small play, sing, dance group dance, for example, the dance of little ducklings. If on a holiday there is only one child, ask them to read a poem for grandparents. Example greetings from children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren look at the video:

Diversify wedding feast contests,allowing the active part of the guests to warm up, to amuse the married couple. The traditional celebration of the end of the diamond anniversary of the transfer of the family is considered the older generation of punishment. Handling is made hero of the day in advance, at the celebration solemnly read out and transferred to the younger generation. At the official part of the diamond wedding ends, the evening continues dancing.

Contests 60 years of married life

  1. The contest "The Artist." Participants invited couples. Participants will be required to draw a portrait of the wife, reflecting the figure of his main character traits. Then the contestants exchanged portraits and trying to guess what qualities displayed a spouse. The winners were determined by the audience.
  2. The contest "Brilliant." Participating couples. The husband, the wife must, within 5-10 minutes to come up with each other compliments, using the word "diamond". Then, the couple turns them read out. The winner is the one who has a list is longer.
  3. The contest "family." All are invited. The problem of participants - to call their associations with the word at a time "family", for example, strong, friendly, etc. Those who act too late with the answer -.. Eliminated. Prize contestant receives, remains the last.

Diamond wedding - an occasion to gather the whole family

Diamond wedding anniversary - wonderfula holiday that allows to gather all the relatives and loved ones. The wedding party will allow family ties to bond, build relationships, a great experience, each participant celebration, which for a long time remain in the memory of children and adults. Celebrating wedding anniversaries of 60 years will be a wonderful family tradition transmitted from generation to generation.