coral Wedding Script

Thirty-five years spent together afterofficial marriage, marks or coral linen wedding. Coral symbolizes long love of the spouses, which means days spent together has become more beautiful, happier, calmer. Coral wedding jubilee will provide an opportunity to relax from everyday worries, take a fresh look at each other, and help them in the original script.

Preparations for the celebration

Hero of the occasion should not be ashamedorganize a large-scale event on the beautiful date - 35 years. Welcome to become good friends, close and distant relatives - parents, siblings, children and grandchildren. For thirty-five anniversary for sure there was a large, close-knit family that is happy to not only take part in the celebration of the triumph, but also help to organize a large event.

35 years together - coral wedding

There are also a few traditions thatspouses may embody, in preparation for the anniversary. One of them - the oath ceremony which takes place at sunrise. Jubilees spend the night alone, deciding whether or not they are willing to spend rest of their lives together. In the morning there are heroes of the occasion, swear to each other in love, let go of the old innuendo, insults, quarrels.

If you decide to arrange a beautiful wifeA case with a celebration, guests of this dress code should be notified in advance so that they have time to prepare. On themed holiday be sure to call the photographer that will make a memorable photo, video.

Watch the video, which will help create their own original invitation:

Decoration of celebrations venue

Symbol of thirty-five anniversary - coral,It has a bright red hue. To decorate the room according to the symbolism, it is necessary to include in the interior parts of that color. Good will look contrasting textiles - red napkins on a white tablecloth, a table can be decorated with flowers of this hue. Red may be present in the menu - it's fruits, berries, salad with tomatoes, soups (such as soup). Mandatory decoration of the table should be a tasty red wine.

coral Wedding Script

The ideal decoration can become marine items - figurines of fish, posters with the seabed, shells, corals themselves, after the triumph of the character it is inextricably linked with the sea.

Musical accompaniment for the Jubilee

Perpetrators of celebration coral can hiremusical group which plays a quiet, meditative melodies, combined with the holiday spirit. If the heroes of the day there is no financial ability to call staff, a good solution would be their joint selection of works - before the anniversary is further brought together by the spouses.

The script of the coral wedding

An interesting scenario will pass unforgettable coral wedding and realizes his professional leading or close friend anniversaries.

When the guests are seated in places, leading gets up and takes the microphone:

- Welcome, dear guests, in ourbeautiful, wonderful coral holiday! That's this door enters a married couple, which many of us can envy - they lived together for as much as thirty-five years! Was done on the silver wedding, the case goes to the gold, and the family continues to be an example of true love, loyalty and mutual respect. I ask you to loud applause to greet the couple when they enter through these doors! They deserve this honor!

Guests begin to loudly applaud culprits coral wedding come, sit on the top places at the table.

- Hello, beautiful (spouse names)! While you were to us, I just said that your love is admirable. Just think of it - to spend so much time together and not lose a gentle attitude towards each other! Just in case you over the years - had an argument, and little serious, birth, education is associated with endless worries, nerves, fatigue, but despite this your wonderful union survived!

Leading pauses and raises his glass for spouses.

- Let's drink to that, to the ship, withour spouses, stood in such a long voyage, in spite of the storm, storm, gale-force winds! For the fact that the road was light and continue shtilnoy, waves - soft, gentle, and this way the warm spring sun shone! Bitterly!

Guests drink for heroes of the occasion, they kiss. Leading pauses to guests could enjoy festive meals.

- You've been a real ordeal, butit is time to relax, enjoy the fact that you have each other. I give an opportunity to you, dear anniversaries, to say nice compliments to your partner.

The husband goes first.

- My dear, beloved, wife saint! I still can not believe I found you. When we met - I knew that I would stand here in front of you, thirty-five years and love just as much as then? I thank you for everything that happened between us - joy, misery, because we are still together going down the road of life. My heart and soul belong to you entirely! Take this small gift!

coral Wedding Script

The culprit celebration coral gives his wife a bouquet of thirty-five red roses and coral necklace.

- Wear it and do not forget that even in the most difficult moments between us, I love you!

Then he takes the word spouse.

- My faithful husband spent with me somedecades, I have no one who would have been dearer to you! I can not tell you how joyful to be around me, what a blessing that you support me, you give constant care. Let all the bad things will be left behind, it does not matter when you're near me, so close and beloved! I want to end life to cling to your hand, and let our journey lasts forever!

Wife gets your gift.

- I give you a piece of coral - for good luck, let it protects your life. I love you!

The guests applauded perpetrators coral wedding, leading yells: "Bitter", anniversaries kiss. Leading:

coral Wedding Script

- Today's a holiday symbol - coral. It is not in vain chose the chief representative of the thirty-fifth anniversary. Think about what is coral from itself - this is the material particles formed by thousands of skeletons of polyps, the process can take place for centuries, even millennia. So your family was formed days spent together - joint thousand days! And you continue to generate her still.

Leading pauses.

- It turns out that the thirty-fifth anniversary isstrong connection with water. Water element, in turn, is a cleansing - it absorbs negativity, calms and helps relieve stress. As family life, water can be a quiet, peaceful, and could erupt unprecedented storm! But, despite this, life exists only because of the water element. I want to make you a gift that will help protect your family from adversity.

Lead presents perpetrators coral celebrations small picture, which shows the river or the sea.

coral Wedding Script

- Dear heroes of the day, guests also wanted to teach you a few gifts, so let them do it!

Perpetrators coral wedding receive gifts fromguests. This may be other paintings with landscapes, souvenirs, symbolizing the watery element. An excellent gift will ship in a bottle - so easy to find in the gift shop.

- And now, ladies and heroes of the day, I want to ask youhold a small ceremony. Please write down what you understand about the relationship, having spent so many years together, give good advice, leave a message to their grandchildren (if these do not lead makes the console - the future). When they get married, the parents give them this note with your invaluable lessons learned!

Perpetrators involved in the celebration ceremony, the master transmits a note children anniversaries.

- Well, that's coming to the end of the official partevent - your wedding coral! But before you finish, giving the floor to the guests, I want to ask you to cut a wonderful cake made by our confectioners!

leading endure cake Assistants. Perpetrators of celebration coral cut it.

Cake for culprits celebration coral

- Finally I want to add something from themselves: I wish you, dear wife, to live in complete harmony, the way you live now. Give each other love, share joy, do not hesitate to show their feelings and you can easily overcome all! Bitterly!

Perpetrators of coral kiss celebrations, the official part of the event ends.

Contests 35 years of married life

Several additional original contests, games will help to diversify coral celebration.

  • Refer a friend. The game is played at the table. Guest pours some wine into a glass, and then transmits the next sitting. The next participant also adds a bit of wine and passes on. When the glass is filled to the brim, the person in whose hands it was, says the jubilee toast, then drank.
  • Musical competition. Also held at the table. Guests are divided into two teams, the contestants task - to remember and sing love songs for culprits celebration coral. Members of each team take turns doing it. The winning team, who managed to remember more songs.
  • Wearing. Presenter gives one of the participants in a small box filled with various funny garments - clown's nose may lie there, blue wig, huge raincoat, boots, etc. The music participants quickly pass each other a box.. One participant, on which the music stopped, not looking, selects the first available thing and it is within half an hour.

Jubilee 35 wedding anniversary - it is beautifulevent, which is designed to divert the anniversaries of daily affairs and concerns. Interesting scenario coral wedding will spend an unforgettable holiday, please perpetrators coral anniversary, give a good impression to all participants.