Caucasian Scenario wedding

Traditional Caucasian wedding - is a series ofmagnificent ceremonies, preparation to commit that goes very seriously. Although modernity has made some adjustments to individual wedding moments Caucasians managed to preserve the unique features of the original celebration. This event was waiting for the couple, their parents and guests, after the wedding for a representative of Caucasian nationality - not an ordinary holiday, but one of the brightest events that occur in life. To prepare for it in a specific scenario caucasian wedding. Let us consider in detail significant wedding ceremonies.

How is Caucasian wedding - the script

On the territory of the Caucasus is home todifferent nationalities (Ossetians, Armenians, Chechens, Azeris), but because the traditions and ceremonies of different regions may be slightly or significantly different. But certainly there are the following stages of preparation and celebration: the suit, the appointment caucasian wedding date, discussion of dowry, theft (optional step), the wedding day itself. City celebration differs from the village: in large towns event has traditionally been less in the villages, many ceremonies are preserved.

Caucasian Modern Wedding


In ancient times, before the matchmaking groom futurewife took one step preparation for the wedding: the bride's choice. As a rule, a suitable search passion involved parents, often it happened, when the narrowing were still very young. Each family was trying to find the perfect option for a son, and therefore taken into account when choosing a bride everything from parents' marital status to her health (because it depends on the ability to give birth and raise offspring). Today, this tradition has survived in few places, the groom chooses his own future wife.

After receiving the blessing of the parents (letsymbolic), the groom to the narrowing of sending in the matchmakers. To start a family the men reported the girl's parents courtship date by which those carefully prepared (set the table, prepare the speech). The first arrival matchmakers father, a brother or a mediator from the groom comes to the home of the future spouses, where it is warmly received close relatives betrothed. After abstract discussions Matchmaker proceed to the main purpose of arrival - a request the hands and the girls heart. For the first time decided to refuse this request.

Caucasian courtship ritual

The second time, the preparation for the arrival of a much matchmakersbigger: the bride's parents served a chic table, invite many relatives, and come meet representatives of the groom's hand cordially. And again not accepted immediately get down to business: the guests at the table talking about the weather, the latest news developments. When standard threads end, the two men again voiced the request of the bride hands and heart. At this time, the father agrees.

Destination wedding date

After the second Svatovskaya festivities matchmakersagree to meet with representatives of the bride's family again - to discuss the upcoming celebration date. Previously, wooed the girl in the spring, while the wedding itself took place in the autumn Caucasian (after completion of all field operations), but now the couple and their parents prefer the summer celebration. While the date of the appointment is discussed also the financial side of the event (according to tradition, the costs in connection with the wedding takes the groom's party), the number of guests present at the event, the amount of dowry for the bride.

Summer wedding Caucasian

Discussion magnitude dowry

This word is called a kind of "redemption"bride, the compensation paid by the groom's side of the family Caucasian girl for the loss of utility workers, and another property, which she takes with him into a new house. As a dowry, usually performed before the material things, but now prefer to pay with their parents money. There is another interpretation: it is not a ransom, which is paid to parents of the bride and groom a gift from her betrothed, get her in the form of dowry. In this case, no one but the girl does not have the right to dowry.

Stealing the bride

This custom is known to all, but is rarely usedon practice. In the old days it happened that the parents of the girl, or she suddenly refused to groom in the wedding. There was only one chance to take a bride to get married - to steal it. Theft is usually made close friends of the future spouse or brothers, they brought the girl to the groom's house, where it was surrounded by honors, strongly urged to accept the offer. As a result, a beautiful bride could do nothing other than to say "yes." After spending the night in the house with the men, she was considered disgraced.

wedding Day

Caucasian wedding - a generous feast, to whichIt comes a huge number of guests. Sometimes an event attended by about 200-300 people, because the tradition of any passer-by, who brought a gift, has the right - to eat, drink and make merry at a wedding party. Newlyweds necessarily invite all relatives, even the most distant, because if you forget about someone - it is an occasion for serious offenses. At the festivities be sure to hear the music, go dancing, including the so-favorite Caucasian peoples lezginka, where she appears as a beautiful swan, and a man - in the form of an eagle.

Traditional dance of the Caucasus - Lezginka

Can not do without a wedding Caucasiangreat toast: guests of the event are carefully prepared to pronunciation congratulatory speech. During wishes in honor of heroes of the occasion, praise the virtue of men present, courage and perseverance. Referring to the bride, saying its unearthly beauty, thrift, modesty and humility. Often toast themselves do not sound as standard greeting words, and told as a parable. The participants try to give the couple beautiful teachings as metaphorical statements.

Previously, the bride on the wedding Caucasianwere allowed to attend only sisters, but to modern events come close girlfriends girls and sometimes other relatives. For bridesmaids betrothed wedding - also a great event, because it has a chance to meet your soul mate. Girls are seriously preparing for the event, embroider their clothes, handkerchiefs (which may subsequently give the gentleman get noticed). Young people, in turn, learn the clever phrase, but in a sign of its location is transmitted vending lady treats.

Lush Wedding Caucasians

There are several features that distinguishCaucasian wedding. For example, the bride at the event, unlike other guests decided to be quiet and modest, small talk, sit on the sidelines of the general fun. Little girl should eat and drink, often her face is closed from attending white cloth. Hero for the day on a traditional wedding Caucasian allowed to touch each other. Only after the bride crossed the threshold of the house and narrowed to the touch "will remove the ban" will their wedding night.

Respect for women in general andthe main heroine of the wedding in particular - is the cult of Caucasian people, formed by the ancient traditions of Islam. In contrast to the feasts of other countries, there is not to shout "bitter" (the couple at the party did not even have the right to touch each other), to let the vulgar jokes. Not allowed any liberties with respect to the girl, indecent comments.

The humble image of Caucasian bride

Wedding procession

On the wedding Caucasian necessarily presentlarge wedding procession. Often, a string of numbers 30-40 business class car, while traveling all the cars honking loudly. The first car is going, the so-called "banker". According to Caucasian traditions, anyone can block the road motorcade. To drive further, the banker must pay tribute to the passer-by (with money, sweets). In the second car ride newly married, and the third carries rugs that trail before narrowing to the foot of the tread on the ground. The remaining cars are relatives and friends.

How long caucasian wedding?

Traditional Caucasian wedding earlier lastedat least three days. All this time, the invited guests and outsiders the villagers waited a magnificent feast, fun dancing, live music and other events. It was believed that the louder behave present at the celebration of the Caucasus, the happier and richer life will be newly married couple. During the event it was decided to invite only the groom's relatives, but this tradition is often violated in today's world, so the wedding there are still relatives of the bride.

Guests of the wedding in the Caucasus

In connection with this custom, now lostrelevance, used to play as much as two weddings. The first took place from the bride's family for a week before the official marriage, and lasted only one day. This event symbolized the parents farewell to his beloved daughter, her transition into a new family. On joyful occasions sure to present the groom with the bride.

Video: Caucasian real wedding

Given that the wedding is almost the mainevent in Caucasians, money for activities not regret organization. The relatives involved in the preparation of this event, ready to give the last penny, but to arrange a great feast. To feel the atmosphere of the event is not enough to read about the traditions of the rites, you need to see it with my own eyes. Look interesting, exciting video, which shows how the beautiful Caucasian wedding: