berry wedding Scenario

What did not come up with modern organizersweddings, to achieve its objectives and organize colorful and cheerful extraordinary holiday. In this regard, special attention should be paid berry wedding, which is increasingly attracted to its name and is a genuine curiosity. This wedding - summer holiday option, which is the main theme of any berry is chosen, be it cherries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries, blueberries. Intriguingly know, how is it possible to organize a wedding interested in using a prepared script.

Preparations for the celebration

For a successful organization berry wedding coststhink about every little detail and carefully approach the thematic detail. Use and treat each idea to compile the script holiday. A few good tips to help coordinate actions and phased approach to the organization of berry wedding:

Wedding invitations for guests with berry motifs
  1. Issue invitations to guests with elements of berry motifs: drawings raspberries, blackberries, currants, cherries
  2. the bride's dress should be appropriatedecorations. For example, the belt for the dress on which are embroidered berries raspberries, strawberries or cherries. Bright accessories to match holiday - berry necklace, earrings, bracelet, bright handbag or shoes.
  3. The dress of the groom should also comply with berry style. Maybe he likes to put on a fun idea for a wedding suit Executive bright tie with strawberries. However, not every man will go to such an experiment, so boutonniere supplement cherry flowers or other berries.
  4. The berry wedding menu should be taken into account, corresponding to the selected style. The presentation of food must also be issued in compliance with the main motives with berries.
  5. The decor of the banquet hall must match the style of the wedding berry.
  6. Decorate the wedding cake with colorful berries.
  7. Drawing up an interesting scenario for the wedding feast of berry bride and groom.

Cake Decor Seeds wedding

Details for berry wedding

Without a good set of details for all occasionsLife will not be able to realize any masterfully prepared script. It is therefore important to think in advance what you will need for a particular competition on the theme wedding. A detailed list of details for the berry holiday scenario:

  1. Ripe berries. These may include: cherries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries. Decorate their porch or in the yard of the bride ransom, attach to the walls, hang to all kinds of surfaces or trees.
  2. Fruit basket for berries.
  3. Inflatable balls with strawberry pattern.
  4. Lollipop with berry flavors.

Details on berry wedding

Decoration wedding celebration place

Decorating the banquet hall, which will befestive meal berry wedding should also match the selected theme celebration. So you arrange tables and chairs, behind which sit the guests, the newlyweds around the table and the interior will be entirely appropriate occupation during training. Next, check out a few ideas to help you match the style of the wedding berry:

  • The restaurant hall can be decorated in the form of springflower garden with cherries. Use sprigs of artificial cherry white and pink (the Japanese name for cherry). So you'll get a gentle atmosphere, which creates a spring mood and compliance berry wedding theme.
  • Please use the following artificial berrydecor at the wedding: sprigs of currants, which are holding massive white curtains, baskets of cherries and strawberries, placed here and there, the newlyweds wedding table decorated cloth with the image of thematic berries.
  • Each guest is on a plate lay out a beautiful cream berry cuts.
  • Perhaps the restaurant you will be able to provide for the wedding banquet dishes with berry pictures.
  • Instead of fresh flowers that adorn the wedding banquet table, use a high narrow vases filled with delicious summer berries.

Berry decoration of the wedding banquet

The script of the berry wedding

  • Bride Redemption Seeds wedding.

Bridesmaids, according to the script, to meet the bridegroom. At the head of each wearing a mask in the form of berries: strawberries, currants, cherries, raspberries. groomsman Keywords:

- Welcome to the berry garden, dear guests! I am here for the main gardener. What can I do for you?


- Start up the girls, we have through your beautiful garden: the way we keep important!


- Not to our Do-berry bride goes your way?


- For the bride-Berry!


- Just so no one will take place! You see, during the harvest season now, berry garden is crowded, so come at another time.

Witness lays out a few banknotes in berry basket.


- Berry Garden - very expensive, so do not be stingy!

Witness again puts money in the basket.


- Well, that persuaded! Empty berry sweet look, however, will have to go before a lot of tests that prove whether you are worthy of our bride. You see, the girls stand in front of you, sweet berries. Guess which of these fruits loves to eat your beloved. If you're wrong - will have to pay a fine and to eat a portion of fruit misnamed.

If the groom guesses - just passes on the scenario. And if not - it meets the requirements, it helps the witness.


- Good for you, the bridegroom! Your trust is growing to the mistress of the berry garden! But now several field assignments: Narvi strawberries and become closer to the bride.

The witness previously hanging on the porchballoons, some have a pattern with a strawberry. The groom with a friend have to burst balloons hands on the script, because one of them is hidden a piece of paper with kisses.

the witness's words, when the bride reaches the goal:

- It's sweet lips berries of our garden. Guess where the bride kiss - you can freely pick up his beloved. And no - you pay the ransom, you still have to test on berry.

If the groom is not guessed, the next test, according to the script - to put the bride's name out of the money and sing a serenade.


- And now out with all their wealth, to write the name of the red berries. The more money - the faster you will see the bride!

- Name is already there, there was only a beautiful song about your true and strong love of the betrothed.

The script does not provide for specific songs, so the groom can perform the chorus or verse of any song he knows. His friend can help.

Next future husband comes to the bride's home, finds her and takes with him to the official painting to the registry office.

  • Meeting at the newlyweds berry wedding.

The restaurant's parents, along with all offersnewlyweds. Arriving wedding car, from which it solemnly, the whistling and loud greeting guests leave the bride and groom. They have to go through a corridor, at this time, guests will be showered newlyweds with candy, coins, confetti, rose petals and so on. The parents meet their children at the threshold. According to the script, in the hands-law holds a huge berry loaf on rushnyk. Her words:

- That took this long awaited momentyou can safely call themselves husband and wife. A difficult path ahead of you waiting for, so will those parents farewell, Son, take care of his wife as the apple of the eye, because it is - your haven, your well of life-giving water in the desert, and a loyal friend to all the remaining days of the bright life. And you, my daughter, learn to listen to her husband, be loving, patient and wise woman who is always there. Now break off a piece of berry pie and we know who will be the head of the newly created family?

Meeting at the newlyweds berry wedding

Newlyweds break off a piece from the loaf, dunkand a salt feed each other. After taking on the strawberry dipped in cream and eat too. Together, they come in solemnly decorated ballroom. Here, the bride and groom dancing their first wedding dance, and invite guests to take their seats in places.

Games and competitions for the newlyweds and guests

  • Wedding Contest "Strawberry Jam".

According to the script wedding, the host selects fourguests. Newlyweds can also participate. They were blindfolded and seated on chairs. Each is given a taste to try ice cream with different fillings, they need to guess where the strawberry jam is present. Who is mistaken - is eliminated.

Next tasting scenario - fourtype of jelly, from which you want to guess strawberry, well, the last stage - four plate with mustard, where one of the excipients is a strawberry jam. At the end the winner must of four kinds of jam strawberry find the touch, which he later will receive a gift.

Competition with strawberry jam on a berry wedding
  • Wedding Contest "Hit the bottle."

Pre cherries on long legs tiedrope (not less than 70 cm) are placed on the bottles of each participant of the contest. The diameter of the neck of the bottle has to be a little more than sweet cherries, berry belonged to. Participants in hand given by cherries on a string. The task of each, according to the scenario of the wedding - gather up the greatest amount of cherries in a bottle at a time.

The complexity of the wedding is the length of the contestrope, tied up to a cherry (the longer, the more complicated in a hurry to get into the bottle). Whoever has the least of all the berries after the first minute - is eliminated. The contest lasts for up to five sets of each minute. The winner receives a prize incentive berry (eg, magnet with cherries).

Contest Hit the bottle on the berry wedding
  • Wedding Contest "Cherry Kiss".

To participate are invited to witness. They give birth to a moment in a separate room, but this time visitors are dealt cherry twig. Their task is to kiss all the men (for women) and all women (for a guy), who also hold the cherry. Competition for the future. According to the script wedding this game is better to carry out, as a punishment witnesses who missed or stolen bride shoe.

Memorable prizes for guests

For entertainment berry wedding programIt was even more exciting, and your script is paid off, be sure to think over a berry incentive prizes, which will be necessary to reward the winners of the competition wedding. It must be symbolic cheap souvenirs, which will be nice to get a long memory of your celebration. Several ideas for commemorative prizes wedding guests Seeds:

  • Small beautiful jars with berry jam.
  • Magnet with a picture of strawberries, raspberries and other fruits.
  • Lighters with berries pattern.
  • Ballpoint pens with berry pattern.
  • Japanese chopsticks for sushi with a cherry.
  • Keychain with berries pattern.
  • Small notebooks notebook.

Souvenirs for guests berry wedding

Completion pm

The symbol of the completion of the evening at your weddingthe script will let the beautiful rite of removing a veil from the bride. Mother in law must carefully remove the cap with the hairstyles of the girl and put on her beautiful white handkerchief. It's a wonderful tradition of Slavic wedding, due to which the modern couple paid tribute to their ancestors, leaves a very touching moment at the wedding feast. At the end of this custom, the guests together with the young out to the street, where all together enjoying the beautiful fireworks.

Rite removing veils on completion berry wedding

Eccentricity berry wedding isyou can throughout the show imagination and bring something of their own in such a scenario. For example, think of the different wedding decorations, interesting contests for guests or other original items. So do not hesitate to turn their good ideas in life, especially if it is such a special occasion, like a wedding. Example berry wedding look below the video: