The procedure for marriage

Union men and women, concluded inprescribed by the legislation, called the marriage. After its registration, the couple having economic and moral rights. There is a rigorous procedure of marriage, which is prescribed by the law of the Russian Federation. Despite the prevalence of the facts of the wedding in the church, civic act validity only take on a momentum of its registration at the registry office.

Application for marriage registration

Parties who intend to register their marriage,You must be attributed to the registrar of correct registration statement. Submission of papers does not provide for the legal consequences, so the parties may at any time rescind its decision to enter into marriage. The failure of at least one person to the registrar for registration of a civil act is perceived failure of the marriage.

The procedure for registration of registered familyRussian law provides for between application and the conclusion of the civil act of one month. It is necessary to the bride and groom finally made sure of the seriousness of their intentions or stated about the circumstances that may prevent the registration of marriage. The law provides for the possibility to issue a civil act to pass a month or extend the waiting period for another month, if there are good reasons for this.

Law may be concludedmarriage on the same day, when the young have applied, but the list of valid circumstances, it does not exist. This allowed authorities registrar upon pregnant women, childbirth, groom call to military service, a direct threat to the life of someone of the spouses, the upcoming one of the future spouses long-term business trips. Esze reason for this decision is that a man and woman live together for a long time. These reasons must be proved by documents.

Under the current procedure, the bride and groomhas the right to extend the waiting period before marriage. Respectful circumstances can be: the need to better prepare for the celebration, the desire to wait for the arrival of relatives or friends. The order provides that the change of date for the marriage have the right to address not only the bride and groom but also the parents, and in some cases, public or state institutions.

The procedure for submitting an application to the registrar

What forms of application exist

There are only five ways to apply in the territory of Russia. The bride and groom are:

  • Personally bring the documents into one of the Registry Office. And to do so could one of the future spouses, but will require a notarized signature of the second.
  • Submit them by mail.
  • Make a statement through multifunctional centers providing public and municipal services.
  • Check out the online application for admission to the nearest registry office for personal delivery of documents required for the marriage.

The order of marriage established by Article 11Family Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the conclusion of a civil act happens with the personal presence of both parties. Newlyweds must appear in the registry, registration of marriage is not permitted in the absence of any of the parties. You can not marry, using a representative or service based on the application, which was written only one of the parties. If one person is out of Russia, it will may issue a separate statement, and the signature shall be certified by a notary or consul of the Russian Federation in the host country.

Documents required for registration of marriage in the registry office

The bride and groom, in accordance with the procedure for a marriage registry office employees must submit the following documents:

  • Passports or other documents that certify the person (such as a birth certificate).
  • If one exists, the document on termination of a previous marriage.
  • For the Russians, who want to register their marriage is not in his native city, you need a certificate of provisional registration.
  • The receipt for the settlement of state tax.
  • If the future spouses (or one and them) are under 18 years old, need special permission.

For the Russians to sign the marriage with a foreigncitizen other than those listed documents are needed: notarized translation of the passport, visa and migration card and a document that confirms his marital status. The order provides that the documents of citizens from abroad be legalized Consul (or by apostille). All papers in a foreign language should be translated into Russian and certified by a notary.

The procedure for submission of documents for marriage

The cost of registration fee

Stamp duty, be charged for the registration of marriageRussia, is 350 rubles, it can pay for either side. In the "payer" column indicates the name of the person who has paid the required amount. Payment details for state duty are the same for all of the registry office of the city of Moscow (for each town - individual). It is envisaged that the state fee is not refundable even if the parties have decided not to register a civil act.

Introduction to the rights and obligations

Taking the statement registrar employee mustinform the parties to the terms of the order or the conclusion of a civil act, talk about their responsibilities, responsibilities as future spouses and parents. Employees of the public agency must ensure that individuals are aware of the health and the official marital status of each other. Parties certainly warned about the responsibility that threatens them for concealing facts for preventing the conclusion of a civil act.

Marriage provides educationpersonal property, non-property rights and obligations spouses. one of the persons rights presuppose duties in another. For personal non-property rights of the parties are as follows:

  • The right to change or retain the names.
  • The choice of occupation, profession, place of residence.
  • In the mutual resolution of family issues.
  • On the cancellation of the marriage union.
  • Give consent to the adoption of a child.

The law divides the property in premarital andacquired during the marriage. Joint considered property acquired by spouses during marriage. The two sides equally possess, dispose of them, unless otherwise provided by the marriage contract. Personal property of any of the spouses may be:

  • Things (including tangible assets) received as a gift or inheritance.
  • The property is owned by a man before marriage.
  • Personal items (shoes, clothes), except for jewelry.

Adoption application state bodies registrar

Step feed in the separation joint registrardeclaration of marriage indicates the intention of the parties to create a family, but does not create any legal relationship and does not bind individuals. At any time, a party may withdraw from the decision to issue a civil act and not come at the appointed time for registration. The order provides that the decision to refuse to conclude a civil act should be made man and woman before the state registration.

The procedure for the adoption of a statement from the bride and groom


It is the oldest wedding custom thatfor a long time he worked in the Russian society. Previously, the betrothal was a legal custom, and later was abolished altogether. Now called the betrothal rite of marriage, which is not legally binding. Under the current procedure, the rights and duties of the spouses, provided by the legislation, appear only after the marriage.

Marriage registration

Civil Registration held inindoor registrar with the personal presence of both parties. However, if one of the parties is unable to come due to serious illness or other compelling reasons, the registration may be carried out elsewhere. The order stipulates that marriage with a convicted citizen who is in custody, is carried out by an official registrar in the room that this will determine the chief of prisons in coordination with the authority of civil registration authorities.

Civil registration act performedofficial registrar department by making an appropriate entry in the state register. Spouses who have signed a marriage certificate is issued. Record of civil status act is carried out in two copies, the first created during the year and recorded in the book of acts. The current order of the Russian Federation provides for the need to make the statement of all the documents proving the facts subject to registration.