The Oath of the bride and groom

In recent decades, many of our newlywedstraditions borrowed from the West - is visiting registration of marriage, themed Style events. One of the traditional parts of the Western wedding ceremony is the recitation of vows the bride and groom each other. It is always touching and beautiful event, because, as a rule, it is a declaration of love, a promise of fidelity and devotion. Perpetrators of celebration can agree on how to come up to the curse of the text, and then to say it during the ceremony - this event will leave nobody indifferent.

How to make the text of the words to the oath?

Wedding vow is usually carried out in public among theguests, directly in front of the official registration of the moment. Both spouses must understand that its utterance - a solemn moment, that will not happen again, so the choice of words should be approached seriously to the question. To oath during the ceremony sounded really nice, you need to start writing well before the wedding. In addition, a written version of that insure against unexpected forgetfulness, if the words fly out of my head, the couple will be able to for a long time to keep moving paper a speech at the memory.

When deciding how to say the oath, should avoid unnecessaryself-confidence. Some young people may feel great speakers and think they can find words in any situation, so choose improvisation while casting sworn speech. But even if true, does not hurt to err, after all who ensures that in such an exciting moment of life will not lose the gift of speech? Uncertain mutterings able to slightly spoil the solemn moment of pronouncing the wedding vows, especially if the partner is prepared much better.

Writing wedding vows

Choosing words to vows the bride and groom need toremember that it should not be too lengthy - to say the most important thing, you need only a few words. A short but succinct text expressing sincere feelings, the audience is able to be remembered forever. While pronouncing the oath is to look into the eyes of the groom / bride, after all these beautiful words addressed to him / her. A few small recommendations to help write a beautiful speech the bride and groom:

  • For the bride

At the time of the wedding vow is necessaryevening in a relaxed atmosphere, so that nothing distracted by his own thoughts. Coming up with text, you need to remember: how you met, was it love at first sight, or the gradual realization that without that individual's life can not be imagined? Think of things that make you happy - first dates, the feeling of love, kisses.

Think about what has changed in your life whengroom appeared? By focusing on these thoughts, give them access to the option sheet bumagi.Pervy words wedding vows will certainly be too prolonged, there may be present a lot of repetition and emotional departures, but do not worry. Over time, the careful editing of help to choose the words that will be the most important - it is the oath speech.

  • For the groom

Many men are not as emotional as women,but if you have agreed to a wedding vow, you should try. Coming up with it, it is necessary to avoid awkward comparisons, such as: "You are the best woman out of all the people I know," or "You care about me as my mother." Even if it is theoretically good news, the bride can not rejoice in such words.

We need to focus on what makesculprit celebration of your lover, tell vow sincere, from the heart. Even if the wedding vow is not very poetic, it definitely touches the culprit celebration, because the best word - a word spoken from the heart. Believe me, many years later she would remember the sincere recognition that comes from the heart.

Saying wedding vows husband and wife

Examples of wedding vows for the bride and groom

Given that tradition to speak oath duringentry into legal marriage has not yet taken root in Russia and the CIS countries, the bride and groom may represent bad as it looks. To give an understanding of what are the wedding solemn speech that usually say during them, made a compilation of various texts. You can see the classic, traditional curse of the bride and groom, religious options and amusing speech, known by many appearances on television.

Traditional oath

I take you (groom or bride's name) in the legitimatehusbands / wives. I swear that I will be faithful to you, love and respect to our death. I promise to put maximum effort in order to constantly inspire you to show your best qualities, which you gave Lord, continuous support during sickness and in health.

Before all here present before God, and I(Name) I do solemnly swear that I will try to protect you from all the burdens and hardships that will fall to our share in the joy of support and help in your new endeavors. I promise to be faithful, loving husband (wife), and have them as long as we will not separate death.

Newlyweds during pronunciation of vows


  • Groom:

My beloved, I know that we werepredestined to each other by the Lord, our love - the highest goodness. Let the difficulties sometimes encountered us on the road, and the future is unknown, I believe that God will protect our marriage from all adversity. In turn, I swear to be faithful, loving husband, to protect and defend you, as the Lord protects the entire Christian church. We are all - one, brothers and sisters, so I promise to love you, following the fifth commandment, for life.

  • Bride:

My dear husband, I love you with all my heart. For many years I was looking for you, hoping for the Lord's help, I asked him for someone who can be my faithful companion, but now I see that it has become you. Despite the difficulties encountered us on the road, on the uncertainty of the future, I swear to be a caring, faithful wife, to listen to you throughout your life, to bring the child with you. As we submit to God, I conquer you as a wife. I fully give myself to you and I wish us eternal love!

Touching poems

  • Bride:

My husband, I swear to you dedicate

and sincerely promise at all here:

be faithful, kind, affectionate always

and help when trouble comes.

And if it is difficult this way,

heavy that you can not break,

I will be glad to go through them with you,

with my love - clean and big.

The care and warmth I give you

and sincerely thank you for everything.

I swear I'll try this life

worthy to live with you for you.

  • Groom:

My dear, my dear wife,

in thee I have found the companion and friend.

Thank you that you became my happiness

and warms in severe storm.

I swear to protect you from the pain

its huge sincere love,

and I promise to be your support:

together with you we turn all the mountains!

I swear to be faithful, kind, patient,

keep your rest very frugally.

Bathed in the pure happiness of our sea,

I love you in joy and in sorrow.

Funny from movies

Wedding vow from the television series "Friends":

From the bride Phoebe:

- I had to grow up without parents and adequatethis family, so I have always pursued a feeling that there is something important in my life. But standing here, I know - that's all I need. You - my family.

From Mike Groom:

- Phoebe, you - great! You have a wide shower, you are generous, you are strange in a good way. You make an adventure in my every day with you. I do not believe that my share is good fortune. I'm ready to live with you all my life!

Heroes TV series Friends utter oaths

Funny and humorous

  • Bride:

I solemnly swear to a noisy group of persons present here that:

  1. Catching needlework, I never bind "rod of iron"!
  2. I will educate her husband on the great principle of "where to put - take it."
  3. I sign a hundred books about tasty healthy food, because the way to a man's heart is through his digestive tract.
  4. Let her husband go to all the training so that he does not interfere during the harvest.

Oath of my wedding but will not be forgotten ever! I swear!

  • Groom:

I solemnly swear to a noisy group of persons present here that:

  1. I love to give his cherished wife (but not fraternal).
  2. Keep it as the apple of the eye (and on other people's time!).
  3. Foster in his beloved devotion, love (but away from the neighbor).
  4. Praise all culinary experiments spouses, if it will be there!

Oath of my wedding but will not be forgotten ever! I swear!

Saying vows celebration culprits

Video: Plea bride and groom on-site registration

Most wedding vows the bride and groom - athose that describe the real relationship between the spouses, open personality couples. Formal and traditional options are also good, but it is much more enjoyable and memorable become speech, including lovely details of life newlyweds. Just wedding vows are preparing for the next couple of videos: heroes of the day decided to create a movie with a wedding moments, which imposed unique text oath speeches. See beautiful entry with touching words: