Registration of marriage during pregnancy

The decision to marry is almost the mostan important decision in the life of almost every man. But some people do not think about the registration of relationships - all common to see young couples living in civil union. Often they start to think about how to legitimize the relationship, only after there decide on the joint child. How does the registration of marriage during pregnancy?

What says the Family Code?

Family Code of the Russian Federation states thatwith good reason, whether the pregnancy or birth of a child, a marriage can be registered on the day of submission of the application. According to the normative document, the couple expecting a baby, should seek an appropriate statement to the registrar at the place of residence of one of the newlyweds. The timing takes the chief registrar in each case. If the newlyweds will be denied in a shorter period, then the decision is appealed in court.

In practice officials typically aremeet the future parents and shorten registration expectations. But it needs to produce the relevant documents, stating the reason, on the basis of which it is necessary to reduce the period of registration. In pregnancy, the couple must present a certificate from the officials of the medical institution. And to the question, whether allowed to get married in the church of the pregnant woman will answer in detail in the video father Arkady:

Features registration of marriage during pregnancy

The marriage because of pregnancygirl, has long been no one condemns. On the contrary, many modern couples begin to live together only after decide to have a baby. Being in an interesting position, women allow themselves to escape finally from work and enjoy the pre-wedding chores. Let us consider how registration is going on in pregnancy and the marriage of the parents of the future is different from other similar procedures:

  • At the request of the bride and groom couple filed a joint statement to the registrar in person a month before the desired wedding date.
  • The date, as we already know, are allowed to bring and ceremony, at the request of the spouses can be both a solemn and humble.
  • If the bride at the time of the wedding is in the hospital for saving, the registrar provides a service on-site ceremony directly.
  • When the official part of such registration is not provided. Young only exchanged rings and do some photos for memory.

Touching wedding in the hospital

Required documents

When a couple of documents must be inStatement civil passports. If earlier someone from the future spouses have had previous marriages, they must present evidence of the officials of their termination and pay the state fee. On the territory of the Russian Federation concluded marriage is allowed from 18 years. But the process of formal marriage during pregnancy girl happens to 16, and even 14 years. In all other respects the registration of pregnancy is no different from the usual recording.

So, from an adult pair the following documents are required when applying for registration of marriage:

  • passports;
  • application;
  • Receipt of state duty paid;
  • Reference - the basis for an accelerated procedure (if necessary).

Dates of registration of marriage during pregnancy

The order procedure

As already mentioned, if the young want to legallyspeed up registration, it is necessary to confirm the pregnancy. It happens that the young are refused because of early pregnancy, but in this case, there is some reason, for example, the bride put on preservation. When obtaining a medical certificate is required to make sure that the following items are listed:

  1. Gestational age.
  2. The term of delivery.

Dates of registration of documents for marriage

From what gestational age is specified in the certificateand when the expected birth, will depend on the lines of marriage. Typically, the registrar workers expectant parents register for one week or 3 days after the presentation of a medical instrument. However, by decision of the chief of the state body of registering marriages, the procedure may spend the next day, if the institution is not too loaded.

Finally I want to give advice to young parents: regardless of whether or not a planned pregnancy, do not delay marriage registration. The closer the deadline, the less opportunity will celebrate such an important event at full capacity. After the birth of the child will have to set aside money to provide a new family member, but for themselves time and money will be less. To the memory of a wonderful wedding memorable for a lifetime, it is better to spend her time.