Netorzhestvennaya registration of marriage in the registry office

Registration of marriage - is a formal noticeState of the decision of two people become husband and wife. These people are laying the responsibilities and receive the rights that the law provides. For the procedure is not necessary to carry out rituals or ceremonies, as long as the hands of the newlyweds appeared a marriage certificate. Registration of marriage without official part increasingly gaining popularity among young people, which rightly believes that the money spent on the wedding is better used for more useful things for young families.

How is netorzhestvennaya marriage registration?

Netorzhestvennaya family registration - this is hiskind, signing an official contract, when two people came to the registrar blank, signed the Book of civil registration and gone already married people. This ceremony is arranged only at the district registry office, where all the changes are recorded status of people, from birth to death. In the Palace of Marriages such events occur only in a festive atmosphere.

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On netorzhestvennoy registration may berelatives, friends or relatives of the young. But as a rule, the bride and groom take with them only witnesses who, after a brief ceremony, the young shoot on video or make a few amateur photos in the memory. netorzhestvennoy The registration procedure is as follows:

  1. Applicants have come on the appointed day / time.
  2. Render the employee registry office of the passport for registration.
  3. Inspector forms the assembly record, checking data.
  4. Acts record is printed on a special form, which has a license plate and is subject to a special account.
  5. On the form (marriage certificate) stamped and painted head of the registry office.

Passports on the page "Marital Status"stamped. If one of the spouses changes name, then on the first page of his passport stamp is put on the replacement document within a month after the registration of marriage. Then, applicants are invited to a separate room where the inspector asks them to put a signature in the assembly and the magazine gives the newlyweds a marriage certificate. This netorzhestvennaya ceremony ends. Check out the video below where the couple is fast, fun and a good mood are married without official part, formal suits and photo shoot.

For some days pass netorzhestvennaya register?

In contrast to the ceremony, whichIt can be ordered via the Internet, a simple wedding is only served in person, for 5 weeks before the desired date. The very moment of registration assigned to a free date. As a rule, these are the days from Thursday to Sunday, in one or two months after the submission of the application, depending on the workload of the registrar. In special circumstances provided for by law, the period may be reduced to one or two days. Such cases include:

  • pregnancy;
  • birth of a child;
  • threat to the life of one of the parties;
  • other situations.

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Cost netorzhestvennoy marriage

Join a young family without official partin Russia it is free of charge. Newlyweds only pay the state fee and bring the receipt to a designated wedding day. The procedure takes less than 15 minutes, and after the signing of the couple are considered spouses. No special uniforms and formal consent is not required.

Photography is not the official registration of marriage in the registry office

Most fairy tales end with the phrase "theyThey married and lived happily ever after. " The girls who have grown up under such stories, created a stable stereotype that the top women's happiness is marriage. Therefore, the ultimate dream of these women becomes enchanting wedding with guests, dance and banquet, which will promise happiness forever. Unfortunately, the reality is cruel, and magnificent wedding does not guarantee a relaxed and carefree life of her husband. What it will be depends on the spouses themselves.

Formal wedding does not guarantee happiness in marriage

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