How to apply to the registrar

If the couple was determined to make an alliance, an importantpreparation stage is a hike to the registrar and the formal application. Executive authority is not only engaged in fixing the facts of marriage, but adoption / adoption, divorce, death, change of name. Some couples are a little familiar with the procedure of how to properly apply, but to learn about it closely follows the advance - late paperwork can ruin the wedding plans. For information on when to go to the registry office, how to make a request through the Internet or to speed up the process, described in detail below.

How to submit an electronic application via the Internet

Internet firmly entered the modern lifeperson using it touched almost all fields of activity. There were no world-wide network with a request for registering a marriage. Now, to make a reservation for the desired date, it is only necessary to have an Internet connection. This method is suitable for those who are planning a wedding in advance, in such a way booked a day not earlier than sixty days before the long-awaited event. You must specify the desired date, the solemn event, if it is free, fill out fields with information about the spouses of young people.

Applying via the Internet

Choosing a Moscow registry office, which willpass registration is necessary to consider the following: if a future spouse is a citizen of another country, then the only option for them - to get married in the fourth Wedding Palace. It is necessary to decide what type of ceremony will take place - a solemn or festive. When all required fields are filled in, and the wedding date is picked, the last remains: to designate a day when future spouses will be able to come to the registrar to write a real application for registration of marriage.

Young people need to take seriouslythe choice of the date of appearance on the territory of the registry office, because it is not permitted to carry. If the bride and groom can not come to the specified time, the reservation is canceled the date, and the online procedure will be repeated again. When young people point out all the necessary details, will only have to write your e-mail address and apply for your dates. After processing the request future spouses to come to this address a special code, which is a confirmation of their registration on the portal - the date of submission of the real application code take it with.

Choosing a future wedding date

In addition to the coupon, the pair will need to take with youpassport, certificate of divorce or the death of the previous spouse, if this was the place to be, a receipt for payment of state duty. The cost of registration of the marriage relationship is 200 rubles., Charge it until the day when you need to apply. Optionally take registrar details, Sparkasse banks have the necessary information about where to send money. When all the preliminaries are completed, will only apply at a specified time and to wait until it can assure.

The application to the registrar at the marriage registration

For those young people who want to registermarriage earlier than 3-5 months before the expected date, or is not trusted by Internet portals, is an alternative option - to apply to the registrar independently, without selecting in advance the wedding date and time of registration of the application. First, select the wedding palace, where the wedding will take place: as a rule, the registry office in the district where one of the couple lives. To register a marriage with a foreign citizen (Baltic and CIS countries), all have to stand in the 4th Wedding Palace.

Beautiful Wedding Palace

Queues - this is a common thing, if you're going tosubmit an application to the registrar not online. Sometimes even formed long queues on the Internet lists, and although they are not considered official, such a method could work. Some couples even spend the night under the executive authority to apply early and get a better date. It falls especially hard in the warm, because most people want to celebrate this solemn day, when the light summer sun and cold rain does not drip or worse - is cold outside.

The date of the couple will have to think in advance,not necessarily because it will free the number that most impressed them. Most registry offices works only on certain days of the week - for example, Friday-Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday-Monday, and conduct ceremonies at different times of the day - in the morning or in the evening. Future spouse have to learn information about the registry office, where they want to apply. Pre-compose a sample list of the dates and time of the registration certificate, if it happens, it will take the desired number.

The signature in the registration book

Before you go to write an application,Gather the necessary documents. Firstly, it is a passport of the groom with the bride. Second, be sure to need a receipt for the payment of a fee of 200 rubles. If one spouse is in official relations to this, it is necessary to capture a certificate of dissolution of a previous marriage or death of a spouse. For persons under eighteen years of age, one must have the written permission of parents. There are also restrictions on marriage:

  • Registration relations between close relatives;
  • submission of the application entities, if one person is already married or married;
  • registration application from the adopter and adoptee;
  • They can not marry people if one of them is suffering from a mental disorder and therefore is recognized as incapable in court.

The girl in applying will need todecide to leave her his name or change it to her husband's name. There is also the option of combining the two names. It is a matter of personal choice, not an obligation, which depends on many personal factors. Future wife, if she decides to take her husband's name, or make a double, have to take care of the timely replacement of the following documents:

  • passport;
  • international passport;
  • a certificate of registration in the PF;
  • certificate INN assignment;
  • insurance policy;
  • employment history;
  • car registration certificate;
  • driver's license;
  • documents on the acquisition or lease of real estate.

Documents for the wedding statement

When applying heroes of the occasion should beIt will decide which option they want the ceremony - a gala or not. Netorzhestvennaya registration - it's just stamping passports and getting a marriage certificate. The first option involves the giving of rings, painting witnesses oration registrar beautiful wedding music, congratulations, champagne, clothes. As for the music, the melody will be able to put my few palaces, but the bride and groom can choose one of the classic tracks.

If you had originally planned to registerexit, look for the registry office in advance, providing such a service. Most of the executive authorities is strictly forbidden make important documents outside of the building, but some of the Moscow Palace of marriage can spend visiting marriage officially. In extreme cases, the bride and groom will be able to "dramatize" the ceremony and sign the law before.

Is it possible to apply the same to the registrar?

If the bride or groom can not attend to the registrar atchoice of dates and its design, there is a service to submit the required documents alone. This will require a statement from a man who is not there for a good reason. To allow the executive authority to apply for the registration document that one of the spouses is unable to attend, it is certified in the notary's office.

How much before the wedding allowed to apply

Many are concerned about the issue, through a gaptime wedding will take place after the submission of the application in the territory of the registrar. By law, the celebration should take place at least thirty days from the submission of the application and a maximum of two. Then the appointed day when the future spouses will have to step up to the registrar to give passports for stamping. Now the wedding date can be confirmed by phone. Some palaces applications are accepted from couples on dates throughout the year, it is suitable for those who are planning an event in advance.

Self submission of an application

Applications can not be taken with caredays - is, as a rule, on Monday and Sunday, although it should be thoroughly learn from the bride and groom are interested in the Civil Registry Office. There are also special circumstances and valid reasons that allow the heroes of the occasion to sign earlier designated by the legislation. When hold early registration marital relationship:

  • immediate threat to the life of one of the spouses;
  • pregnancy or the birth of a child;
  • conscription;
  • long trip;
  • other special circumstances (such as pregnancy).

How to apply at pregnancy

If there is an interesting situation, manyGirls want to quickly get married with her boyfriend to the wedding could not see the tummy or ethical reasons. Registrar provides express check-married couple's relationship, if you submit to a statement correctly. To do this, you need to collect all the required documents + medical records to the doctor's opinion on the confirmation of pregnancy. Given the complexity of the situation, executive authority department decides when the marriage is concluded between the bride and groom - a term from 2 to 21 days.

Special Circumstances application

The application to the registrar for divorce

Not always submission of an application to the Department of Civil Registry Office is associated with pleasant events - there are accepted documents for divorce spouses. The registrar may dissolve the people in the following circumstances:

  • no minor children, common agreement of the spouses - served together;
  • the presence of minor children, if the spouse is incapacitated, jailed for more than 3 years, considered to be missing - is served by one person;
  • if the divorce - the court's decision, submitted by one spouse.

What information contains a statement about the divorce:

  • Private people are divorcing, indicating the place of residence, identity card data.
  • Details of the certificate of registration of marriage.
  • The text of the statement.
  • Signatures of spouses, date.

To get to apply, you must havedescribed on a set of documents: marriage certificate, passport or Russian citizens of another country, or other identity documents, the receipt of state duty payment (800 rubles - for four rubles to each spouse). If the divorce is approved by the court, it is necessary conclusion. Basically, the procedure of dissolution of marriage comes a month after the declaration - during the 30 days allowed to withdraw the document from the registrar.

How to apply through the state services?

Public services - is an Internet portal that providesyoung people to create a service on your future wedding date, as well as choose a day when heroes of the festivities will come to write a statement. Online request help future spouses in advance to find free time, the date of the grand event. See how to make such a request on the example of the Samara area:

In order not to upset the wedding plans, consider alldetails and find out how to submit an application to the registrar. This seemingly easy process can take a lot of time, and also has some important nuances. Having dealt in the correct order of application, heroes of the festivities will be able to easily go through this bureaucratic prenuptial test.