For how many months, submit an application to the registrar

When a young man offering a hand belovedand heart, hoping to hear the word "Yes!" - this is the first step towards marriage. When this step is performed, and the young happy begin efforts to organize this commemorative event. But the first question is a newly-married couple: "For how long shall submit an application to the registrar?". Let's see what time frame required the couple to sign it, and how quickly the application is submitted, when the marriage case of emergency.

Deadline for submitting application to the registrar for registration of marriage in 2016

Department of Civil Registry Office - a body of executive power,dealing with the registration of marriage, divorce, birth, death and change of name. Newlyweds for marriage registration in 2016 need to get here. Before you apply to the registrar, it is necessary to know how much you will need time to get ready for the wedding, and then determine the date. Civil servants in the reserve every day a certain number of seats, so the pair earlier than 30 days before the selected date of sign is unlikely to succeed.

Personal submission of an application to the registrar

After selecting the date of the wedding the couple is already possible to recover the registry office to apply in person. To do this, you should know what you need to have with them documents:

  1. Passports or other identity documents.
  2. For non-residents - a certificate of provisional registration.
  3. The document on termination of another marriage, if it had taken place.
  4. Receipt of state duty payment.
  5. Completed application form.

If the second half, for any reason,not, for example, was sent to work in a trip, or young separates the distance, a statement written by her hand, allowed to provide only preliminary it is required to confirm a notary. How much does the state tax in a given period of time, please call the particular district department. Decide with the surname is also better in advance to save time in the registry office for reflection. The bride should know that if she would take her husband's name, she will need to change almost all the details of the documents.

Application to the registry office - it is responsible

Online submission of application

To submit a request for marriage todayallowed through the Internet. For this pair should take advantage of the site of the State Registration Service. New electronic technologies have appeared recently, but quickly fell like newlyweds. After all, how much time they had spent on it, to stand in a queue in the registration service, as they save him now. Watch the video, which shows how today serves traditional to the registrar through the Internet:

How many days can apply in case of emergency?

Often there are cases where it is desirable to formalize the relationship as soon as possible. The reasons for which the head of the agency is changing the standard terms of a few:

  • pregnancy, childbirth, newborn baby;
  • serious illness, life-threatening one of the spouses;
  • other special circumstances.

Under the condition of "special circumstances" can betake many life situations in which the future spouses need to hurry. Head of the registry office in accordance with Article 11, paragraph 1 of the RF IC, which recognizes the "Family Code" to paint the young have the right to at least the day after the filing of the application. And how much time is needed to formalize relations in special circumstances, the couple decide on their own.

In pregnancy, a couple will paint in one day

Terms of consideration of the application for registration of marriage

There are situations where workerspublic institution alone increased waiting times. This usually happens in summer to reduce honeymooners queue. After all, the number of couples who want to sign in the warmer months, increased from 3 to 5 times compared to the winter months. How have the young wait for their turn - depends on the registry office located at the place of residence of one of the newlyweds. The maximum registration period is two calendar months from the date of filing of the application.