Divorce in the registry office

Statistics show: the past few years, Russia has a growing number of couples wishing to divorce. This is a global trend, although in the United States and other countries, marriages break up a little bit less. Until a few decades, the situation was different, and 100-150 years ago, the couple lived in the family union before the end of his days. But over time people began to refer to the rupture of marital relations is much easier, especially if it has its own reasons.

How does divorce through registrar

Make a gap in marital relationsState registration authority (registry office) only when these relations were recorded in the same place under the current legislation. This means that other types of marriage - civil, religious - in the registry office is not annulled. The procedure begins with the submission of applications. To this end, husbands need to come together to the registrar and to inform the institutions about their intentions. The application for divorce to the registrar is served at the place of residence of one of the spouses or the state registration of marriage.

The husband whose wife gave birth less than a year agochild or just bears it, may not, without permission to file for divorce. If the spouses have common children whose age does not exceed 16 years - will have to divorce through the courts. Also, the court will have to apply in cases where only one spouse wants to terminate the relationship, and the other objects, or shy away from divorce. The court will make a decision about divorce in a special manner at the request of only one hand, but it would require too much time and nerves.

How does divorce through registrar

In the presence of the registrar of judgments workersbegin divorce proceedings at the request of only one wife, and one who does not belong to the categories mentioned above. If the spouse is serving, seriously ill, he sent (there is a long voyage on the ship), and can not apply in person, allowed his absence. He fills out a statement on a special form and notarize his signature on it. Apart from the application, you need to submit several documents.

Staff at the registry office does not find out the reason whyhusband and wife decided to divorce, do not insist on maintaining the relationship, do not contribute to reconciliation of the parties. The law provides for the possibility of reconciliation: this my wife and the husband have exactly one month. Sometimes during this time the husband and wife are reconciled and preserve marriage. If, however, their decision remains unchanged, there are no obstacles to finally get a divorce.

Documents for divorce in the registry office

What you need for divorce through the registrar?

To start procedure of breaking the maritalrelationships through the registrar must be private the presence of the wife and husband. The possibility of filing an electronic version of the application through a single portal of public and municipal services. To do this, fill out all the fields and upload the scanned documents. If spouses wish to apply in person to the registrar, it is necessary to produce documents (listed below), as well as receipt of payment of the fee. If, however, by breaking the marital relationship only wants one side, before contacting the registrar requires a court decision that the other spouse:

  1. Incapacitated. The application shall be accompanied by a copy of the court decision on the recognition of the other spouse as incapable.
  2. He is serving a sentence of more than 3 years. The documents supplied a copy of the court judgment, entered into force.
  3. Missing untraceable. The documents supplied a copy of the court decision on the recognition of the second wife of missing is unknown.

List of documents for divorce

  1. Civil husband or wife's passport and the passport of one of them and another statement with notarized signature.
  2. Statement on Form №8 divorce signed by both parties or a statement signed, notarized.
  3. Receipt of the financial institution that the fee is paid in full.
  4. The document from the court granting the right to divorce in a special (one-sided) order.

The cost of fees for divorce in the registry office

Payment of the state duty in 2014 - how much is the dissolution of marriage

If the parties are planning to divorce without trial inRegistry office, they must pay a fee in the amount of four hundred rubles (for 2014). If the divorce is done unilaterally, duty fee of two hundred rubles (this amount is to pay only one side). If the divorce is carried out through the court, each party must pay a fee of four hundred rubles (of eight). In addition, there are other costs associated with the judicial procedure.

Blank form for divorce №8

Application for divorce - in the form below

There are three types of applications for divorce- Form №8, №9 and №10. shaped №8 document drawn up in the case, if husband and wife are no common children under the age of sixteen. The left side of the form on Form №8 is intended to indicate the husband of data, and the right - his wife. When making №8 form indicated:

  1. Full Name.
  2. Date, month and year of birth.
  3. Place of Birth.
  4. Citizenship.
  5. Optional - nationality.
  6. Information about the place of residence.
  7. Essential elements of the act of marriage.
  8. Passport data.
  9. The names that want to get ex-wife and her husband.
  10. Date and signatures of the parties.

Blank for divorce form №9

Shape №9 is made, if a divorce takes onlyone side, and she has a court decision that the other spouse is sentenced to a term of over three years, incapable, untraceable missing. A copy of the decision must be attached to the application, otherwise the officers registrar will not take it into consideration. When placing the blank form №9 indicated:

  1. Last name, first name and patronymic of the person, filed for divorce.
  2. Last name, first name and patronymic of the person, with whom relations are terminated.
  3. These husband and wife in the columns "he" and "she".
  4. Grounds for divorce - a court decision or sentence of imprisonment.
  5. For information about the document that certifies the identity of the person in charge of the application design.
  6. Essential elements of the act of marriage.
  7. The surname, which wants to get a spouse.
  8. Name of correctional institution / person details, manage the property of the missing or incapacitated spouse.
  9. Date and signature of the applicant.

Blank for divorce form №10

Form number 10 is made, if the husband and wife havechildren under the age of sixteen, mutual claims. Before compile the form №10, you must file a claim in court. The court will decide with which parent the children will live, how to split property, alimony obligations, the procedure for disbursement of funds for the maintenance of a disabled spouse. You must make a copy of the decision, and attach it to the application. At registration form on Form number 10 states:

  1. Last name, first name bearer / bearers.
  2. Designation of the court which is seized of the matter.
  3. Date of the hearing.
  4. Full Name.
  5. Date, month and year of birth.
  6. Place of Birth.
  7. Citizenship.
  8. Optional - nationality.
  9. Information about the place of residence.
  10. Essential elements of the act of marriage.
  11. Passport data.
  12. The names that want to get the former husband and wife after marriage gap.
  13. Date and signatures of the parties.

How long will the procedure of divorce in the registry office

Timing - how long it takes the procedure?

Since the filling of the application form at the registry officemust undergo a month, reduce or increase the time limit can not be. According to valid reasons permitted the transfer date of the later periods. If people who have decided to divorce, there is no common minor children, and mutual claims, divorce procedure is the maximum fast mode. The process takes approximately one month. Seeing each other spouse will be only a few minutes - the time of application and the date the certificate of divorce.

If the case would need to be solved through the courts,condition for termination of the marital relationship is the judgment. Under the law, the court will begin consideration of the case no earlier than one month from the date of application. Shorten the deadline impossible. After a positive decision of the court employees shall not later than 72 hours to send a statement to the registrar of the decision.

Certificate of divorce

Getting help from a divorce registry office

A month after the application is made,We need to come to the institution, and pick up a certificate. Get your hands on a certificate (certificate) on the termination of a marriage can only do ex-spouses personally: through representatives it can be done. The couple are divorced since, as in the book of registration acts of civil status appears on this record. Further, the former spouses will only get your hands on the corresponding certificate of the established sample.