Verses parents at the wedding

Touching, is an important moment in the life of twopeople in love - it is the day of their wedding. But no less exciting and joyful at the same time it is for parents Suite. They all life from birth guarded, maintained, sent their children, and now wait for the blessed moment when they are ready to create a family. Read the verses for parents at the wedding - it's a great chance to express my gratitude for the donated love, affection, understanding, support in difficult times. This is what you can do for parents, because they will be incredibly nice.

Beautiful poetry thanks to parents

At the end of the wedding celebration, when all the guestsThey told their wishes, congratulations, give the floor to the young. They can express their feelings, to thank the guests who have come to this solemn day. But special thanks, beautiful words that come from the heart, the most deserving relatives, welcome guests at the festival - the parents Suite.

Prepare treatment, poetry, thanksgivingit should be for parents of the newlyweds in advance. In this exciting time, after the mass tested, experienced a day of emotions, it will be extremely difficult to get together and say what was planned. Words will be forgotten, thoughts will be confused, so training is essential. You do not need to rewrite, reprint the long poem, read everything from a leaf, in this case, the moment will lose all the poignancy and sincerity. It is better to learn the words by heart, and even if a few words or lines will be forgotten - do not worry, all parents will understand.

Bowing to parents at the wedding

Cooking gratitude, the couple mustremember that at the time when they will recite, they will already be a single entity - a new young family. That's why to write it, and then to say it is together, referring to both pairs of parents. Suppose that in the past there were some differences, however, take a step to the meeting that after the wedding, as a legitimate family, to start anew.

Gratitude poetry-in-law of the bride

Wedding - is not only a union of two people but alsoacquisition of new relatives with whom you need to make friends, to become a real relatives. Bride in this day acquired a second mother - in-law, which according to the rules of etiquette should say sincere words of gratitude for a wonderful son, for being such a wonderful man, brought up in love and affection, now become her beloved husband, loyal and reliable support. During this speech it is very important to emphasize the fact that the daughter will do everything possible so that her husband was infinitely happy - these are important words for every mom.

That mother, whose son is more expensive of the world,
More expensive than the sun - and then himself.
That mother, who kept
His dreams, caring and loving.

Who praised and scolded,
Taught the kindest, be bold.
Which, not knowing helped
His once strong love.

Not one I may, I do not know.
But at this moment I'm with him. And I'm alone.
I am the past, a memory receive.
And my life - a new spring.

And I want so sincerely, so subtly
Having said that, do not say anything.
What lights are burning in the eyes of a child,
What are some more eyes burn

Thank you for the fact that he forgives.
For what consolation in the hour.
Because no promises
Empty. And for the fact that he loves you.

For the fact that he himself, sometimes not knowing
Just say the word - and rest the soul.
Because he knows me so.
And he accepts, as I have - so.

And if along the same road we
Go. Laugh together and sad.
I swear to you that I will not be strong,
What I will always forgive him.

What I will try to be like you, reliable,
And gentle and kind and direct.
And in this life, joyful and challenging
His love, like the one given to me.

And it may be later. I'll believe.
Same as I, afraid of everything.
Quietly he says, "I will not forget you.
Thank you for my "husband

I want to tell you thanks today
For the fact that I managed to close you become!
For your son, for your love,
And let me in-law to you and you to me in-law,
But we have found a common language with you,
I want to worship today I mother
Let not my mother first, let mom second,
After all, you have managed to become my own mother!
Advisor to the best I have found you!
Out of your speeches or bitterness, or evil!
And if there were disputes, and we,
Pardon, I want to ask you,
That word is not daring to offend you continue!
I wish you in the future, sun burn,
And we have to kindle that flame again
Instill in our marriage Respect, Love!

Mother in law, my dear you are!
You're mother to me, and not someone else's,
She raised her son to me,
And with them we are now family.
For we do not worry.
Yes, and I will not hurt you.
Just shy as I see it.
And, it seems that is not sweet,
And I'm not the daughter, and the daughter in law
I wish from you the recognition,
To live, teach, your knowledge,
Without pride, as a gift to take
And I will live with you in harmony

Touching poems from the mother-groom

Beautiful words spoken from the heart in a daymarriage should be addressed to the bride's mother - newly-made mother-in. Men, as a rule, people far from romance and not everyone can speak beautifully, but on this day to say a few sincere words of the bride mother needed. It is only because of its merits, this day you have become the most happy man, having found his love. Give thanks for raising such a wonderful, economic and docile daughter, who will be faithful companion of life, joy in life.

Today is a holiday for you,
What I certainly congratulate
I want to say thank you,
we because of you now walk.

You gave me happiness.
And here she is with me.
We promise to live together
And for each other to be the mountain.

Thank you for what you
Bride I was raised.
They grow in happiness and love,
All the problems have helped.

Princess raised me,
She was given only the best.
and all dreams come true
When could you performed.

She always understand, forgive,
The eyes look so lovingly.
And that is flared,
But the little things is not the mountain for us.

Thank you for this hour
We have become a strong family.
Let all the hardships that if
All of us are party.

Gratitude to parents of bride and groom

Parents - the most expensive people who didvery precious gift - life was with you in health and disease, together overcame all obstacles and tribulations encountered on the path of life. At the wedding, decided to thank the parents for education in sub-forces, for the restless nights and the sea of ​​happy moments, they gave life to the road. Be sure to thank the parents of the second half, because thanks to them on that day you are together, you have found your love and feel like the happiest man in the world.

Parents, thank you, family
During those sleepless nights for us,
As with love in your heart, young,
We were in the crib late hour ...
For the love, support and care,
What we were given as a child and always.
Being a mom and dad - the best job,
That does not bother ever.
Thank you for the golden son,
For precious husband, because there is no
This is also another reliable.
Gave birth to happiness for me to light!
Thank you for the baby was unearthly,
For a wise and good wife,
Attentive, responsive match.
I love it as love spring in March.
Thank you for teaching us once
Worthy to be human life.
Love in the hearts of gold is always more expensive.
And we were able to recognize her.
After all, if you do not, then we both
Would not met the Miracle on the way.
And now we will redouble their love
And fortunately able to find all the keys.
We hope for your understanding
And their grandchildren will thank us.
Thank you for your patience and diligence.
You love, appreciate, and in the hearts store!

Thank you for the tears shed,
During the night that you were awake,
Protecting our peace and dreams
Above the child cradle late.

For the first breath, for the first smile,
In the first step, which we passed.
For birthdays, for the first error,
For all the surprises that presented.

For that helped us rise
And find a connecting thread.
And in the hour of life is not to break down,
That was not the question, "How to live further?"

You helped to gnaw granite of science,
We are guided with a firm hand.
Thank you for everything: for the pain of flour,
For our happiness, peace over his head.

We are here with you today in this hall
Gathered on the birth family,
And, when he was a child promised
We bring your bow to the ground.

Mom and Dad - the main people,
Most people on this earth!
If you are near, I know that there will be
Quiet life for me and you.

Your warm in bitter cold to warm,
Strong hands always support,
Heart native, when sick,
Cure can you easily.

Give you a god of long life, health,
Glitter, enthusiasm in the happy eyes!
My dear, thank you for all you!
You ode term here in these verses.

In our life burst into the wind of change,
We fell in love, you have supported us,
We want to protect you in return.
From anxiety, emotion, from sadness.
In return we'll give you a grandchild,
Five boys and five girls,
Let them bawl and shout,
Getting out of his diaper.
Our gratitude for the love
We do not express in words.
We - and your life and your blood
Forever we will stay with you.

During the acceptance speech inappropriatethe use of inspirational words, grandiloquent phrases, are ideal for simple, clear all the words. The main thing - that they were sincere, spoken from the heart, and went from heart to heart. Be sure to match it to say the spouse must jointly. If the spouse who is a timid or shy, the main part of the speech is to say one of the newlyweds and the other just add a couple of sentences at the end.

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Wedding - a wonderful holiday, filledtouching moments. One of them is to read the poems of thanks to parents. For such a speech matched the most gentle, kind words, spiritual verses and phrases. They are able to transfer as much as possible the attitude, feelings, emotions, feelings that overwhelmed the soul Suite. But few nice words to learn, it is important to read them with sincere tears of his eyes and trembling voice of happiness, to convey all the emotions to the recipients. Look touching video where the bride is reading spiritual poems moms: