Verses groom at wedding

Often at weddings sound poems addressed tonewlyweds, which contain congratulations, wishes of happiness, health and love, touching farewell. Poems read newly relatives of spouses - close and distant, their favorite friends, as well as a husband and wife to each other. Each product, depending on the style, intonation reading written text makes present different emotions. Below you can read the original, beautiful poems, which are dedicated to the groom - the protagonist celebration.

Embodiments of congratulations to the groom at a wedding in verse

Poems intended groom, can besolemn or humorous, depending on the individual congratulator. By poems treated when it is difficult to convey the full range of emotions that you experience, the usual text-prose. In addition, many poetic works have an uncanny ability to evoke a sense of the sublime, they are better remembered and more heart touching present. A beautiful poem dedicated to the groom can be a bright event of the evening, which will long remember the holiday guests.

The verse chosen as the congratulations forfuture spouse, you should definitely write down on a beautiful card, because then the bride can still many times to re-read the original work. Before performing the guests the celebration with a poem, you must first rehearse all: several times repeating the text in front of the mirror, in exactly congratulator will remember most, so during the reading will not have to constantly look at the piece of paper. Advance preparation will allow the reader to focus on who is the verse.

Mandate - greeting groom in verse

At the wedding will be especially appreciated by those versesgroom, which are written congratulator yourself, because only such works become the most personal and quivering. And though there is a little lame, or the size of the rhythm and the rhyme is not too original, but this wish is sincere, from the heart. In addition, the small rhythmic defects will be invisible when reading a beautiful poem to the audience. Another option - to turn to a professional poet, who will take into account all the wishes of the customer and will be able to write a good product of the groom.

Choosing the same verse in the internet, you need toIt focuses on how to maximize it came culprit celebration. If congratulator wants to wish for something specific, you need to look for those poems, where there are the same, the right words. Guests, possessing musical talent can be fun to congratulate hero for the day song - not necessarily to compose their own song, but to play a touching song or melody with parting words - a great idea.

Beautiful poems from the bride to the groom

Beautiful bride probably spends a lottime choosing original greeting for a future spouse or inventing it yourself. For gentle, romantic natures perfect option with the reading of the poem, how to more fully reflect the true feelings of the girl. The culprit must triumph from the heart to thank the groom for the fact that he decided to share the journey of life with it, for the light that gives new husband, for his care and power, for a sober view of things.

Today I am very happy,
I'm getting married today.
You said I was the most beautiful.
For myself, I look in the mirror.
I see there is a happy bride,
What is wrong with me?
And I worried, and I blush not to the point -
It is a day of exciting.
Yes, my glazonki shine,
Because you're near me.
Ah, envy me, devonki -
This guy - he's my husband is now!
Now everything we do together,
Because we're family now.
"Bitter!" - Shout you groom, the bride.
Spinning happiness my head!

Love you, I'll love,
I swear it will not forget.
You also remember, my dear,
What you are promised a day like this.
He said that our love is tied,
You promised life in abundance.
I do a lot of promise,
But the main thing - love - said.
And that's really no me happier
Because I loved and love.
And our marriage is no more beautiful,
For all thank you.
You are given the fate of me, my love,
I am grateful that fate.
Let the troubles pass by,
Only, I hasten to you.

We are united with you fate,
And let our union is strong.
I've always loved,
And the love that I am proud.
You are my prince, else you my favorite -
Many words can tell you.
We go through life together, cute,
No, our union does not break!

Darling, you are my happiness.
How good to have met you!
Today I wore a wedding dress,
Today is a special day like this.
I promise to love you forever,
Good to be your wife.
And you love me, of course,
My dear husband, my dear!

Greeting verses from your friends

Friends, unlike the groom's close relativesand the bride can choose a humorous, funny work, because the couple certainly have time for the whole day get enough of the instructions given and family life tips. Friendship poem should radiate warmth, joy, carefree, much to the groom with the bride beautiful happy life, interesting trips, pleasant meetings, incredible, amazing adventures.

You are now clean-shaven
And immaculately dressed,
Today you will become her husband,
You make a vow for many years.

We want more
Overall you find language.
Let love you gently warms.
To her you be ready, as a bayonet.

You now - the head of the family,
Oh, it is added worries.
Mainly become in this action,
But pleasant turn.

Darn will, ironed, cleaned
And take care to exercise.
You're not going to be superfluous.
Always at home will be waiting!

Groom with wedding day congratulations
Only I wish prosperity.
That certainly loved wife
And stores like a jewel!
Well, you, my dear, always mutually
Answer. My wife, when we love,
It will take any tests.
Peace to you, good and understanding!

Well, the groom? The end of freedom?
Goodbye free bread!
Goodbye clubs and girls -
Now you busy for ever!
But I see - you're not upset,
And look at you in love,
When you look at the bride,
And I want to always
Your eyes were filled with feelings,
As this is the most important day!
Have you found his mate,
Do not forget, because you are now
Two people with a common life,
You go into the future together,
And that does not happen to you,
Always love your bride!

You dared - and here,
We are at your wedding.
The friendly team of our choir sings,
As soon as pour!

Congratulations to you
On this happy day,
And we wish, loving,
To the two of us in life -
Hand in hand with it -
With the one you have chosen,
Who is the closer, a mile!

The new status now!
Fate presents.
So accept the same from us
These rhyme-words:
After all, from now on you - husband,
Next - a fairy-wife.
Let the sounds of carcasses now!
For you, old man!

Greetings from relatives of the groom

Close relatives of the groom, as a rule,choose touchingly moralizing poem, because so want to newfound alliance with the wife of his wife was totally happy and strong. Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles can choose poems, which states that the family - a great responsibility, it is necessary to preserve life. It is necessary to give a farewell speech to the groom always show tender care for his intended, to be faithful to the very end, pamper her, as a woman - it is a beautiful flower that will flourish only with proper care and respect.

Today you put a ring -
It means so much in life.
It's loyalty to the person,
Now your man's task
It becomes observe peace
Protect the family all the strength,
After her husband for any woman
Not to be always beautiful,
Not to be full of virtues,
A must wear on your hands
And always be around the support,
The ability to provide live
Always in abundance and care,
That he could at the most difficult time
Keep your wife in high esteem,
Love with all your heart, as now.
Today you put a ring
And suddenly become a man,
That happiness has mastered
And he began the second half
For the most delicate and beautiful
In the light of women - wives.
Above you the sun became clear
And now you are doomed
To live in happiness, peace and quiet
While flowing through the veins of blood,
Today, male and female
Entwined in a single love.

We will give you advice right now,
And then we'll see in a year,
As you fulfilled our covenant
How to live without tears and without troubles.

Young wife love,
And the left does not dare, do not go.
Whether with his wife and night and day,
Spend all the time together.

Provide for a young family
And try to save the rest.
On the go skipping work,
A wife in the morning do not wake.

My floors you with the soul, the groom,
And the problem is solved for two.
With the advent of the baby light
With education still needs to be addressed.

The child in fact need care.
Oh, and how much profit worries!
And add a lot of cases,
If you become her husband wanted.

Congratulations on your wedding day
Let hope be fulfilled,
Realize all dreams.
You are to each other, be gentle
Without heat - the house empty.

Let peck of salt will be sweeter,
Will let the water wine.
And love without regard
You are each other all year!

Love, the groom, with all his heart faithful
His legal wife,
What next will certainly -
I love only her alone!

Let your eyes rejoices the weary
Always carefully it,
Gently nakinet blanket
When it was cold.

Let her hug arm
Support, eye heal.
Do not hurt, she is vulnerable -
In need of your love.

Always let rife apartment
Prosperity, light and heat.
Let all the reverence of the world
Fill your family home.

Do not try to hide the excitement,
In such a holiday is forgivable all!
After all, today a special date,
You're family for life by!
Look at the bride that will be,
Your companion in a general way,
She is the one who will not forsake you,
She is the one who will understand and forgive.
Let the responsibility does not scare,
Way barriers will not mount,
After all, you are God in heaven, combines,
It will help you at times heavy.
Let you will be satisfied with his wife,
And she let him proud of you,
Let your bachelor's will
Change of world peace and the family.
Let fireplace in your home is not extinguished,
And everyone will warm him,
Let each day with everything just fine
You seem, than before.
Let only become stronger feelings,
To each other much more expensive,
Let the art of marital happiness
You will be able to fully realize!

Video: bride groom reads the verse under saxophone

After the wedding rings put on,newlyweds'll want to sincerely congratulate each other on the creation of a family. This point will be particularly majestic if to show his joy of marriage poems. Reading the poem, congratulator can be used as decoration speech rich tonal variety, music or visual support (eg, demonstration of the photo on the projector).

The heroine of the next video - beautiful bridewhich has decided to congratulate her betrothed of poetry narrated by the sounds of the saxophone. Along with the music lines acquire new shades, creating a unique and sublime atmosphere. Watch the video where the girl sincerely confesses his love verse, he touched his beloved to the heart: