What to wear to a wedding guest man

The most sensitive issue is the clothes onwedding. After receiving a wedding invitation, not only representatives of the stronger sex, but also their wives and girlfriends are wondering: what to wear to the wedding to the man? If a woman's dress are all relatively clear, the men's appearance causes a lot of disputes. Can I restrict jeans trousers with a shirt or suit guest appropriately rigorous three-piece suit?

In view of the fashion trends and the basic rules of wedding etiquette clothing options for men, there are many. Consider the basic.

Evening suits for male guests at the wedding

Should I wear a formal suit guestInvitation to the wedding? This is definitely one of the most winning options, especially in winter. But the suit may not necessarily be strict on the basis of taste preferences, the man can choose for himself as the classic version, and extravagant.

Classic stringent

Such an appearance would be relevant, if inviteda large number of guests, and the event was held official: furnishings - room high-end restaurants, banquet or reception. However, instead of black is preferable to choose a dark blue, chameleon, dark gray or gray. Figure texture fabric can be varied - and plain, glossy, or striped.

Strict dark suit for a man to a wedding

Light linen

Sets of beige and gray scales are ideal forwarm season, worthy of highlighting the festive atmosphere of the wedding. Linen - sufficient light, natural fabric, so this suit will not allow you to sweat even after participating in a wedding incendiary contests. See photos with examples of such suits:

Summer wedding dress for men


Styles "the figure" costumes can afforddressed man, having lean constitution or a magnificent physique. For obese men is better to choose a more free style, but he has to sit on the figure. Fitted styles beautifully emphasize the style, taste men give preference to such a wedding dress.

Creative set of guest at the wedding

By tailcoat or tuxedo is necessary to put the tie. General rule: it must be similar in tone with the fabric of his jacket, but look contrasting with respect to the jacket.

Footwear sure to choose quality, solid. Socks - in tone shoes. Belt choose slightly darker or lighter than the pants, but the same hue.

As decorations breast pocket of his jacket fit snow-white handkerchief.

The original trio of chocolate color for a wedding

Helpful advice: except conservative white shirt, there are many color that looks perfect with evening dresses - blue, beige, pink, purple, olive. Especially compelling look shirt by eye color.

To learn more about wedding fashion men by viewing the video:

Festive male images

For high

By itself, a tall man in a suit looksvery impressive, but especially outstanding growth are advised to avoid bright fabrics. A more harmonious look from the top of the dark material - jacket, shirt, vest, combined with a light bottom. Very tall men should avoid vertical stripes, and instead of a tie, visually lengthen the body, it is better to choose an elegant butterfly.

Option with a butterfly for a tall man at the wedding

For full

For men, large and respectable guestsage fit strict sets of dark color of the non-shiny fabric. Visually slim colors with vertical stripes and a contrasting color tie.

Want to keep up with fashion, find out about the main wedding trends this season by viewing the video:

What to Wear to a guy at a wedding in the summer

Wedding in summer, usually held ininformal fun environment, so there is more democratic appropriate dress code. This outfit will allow guests more freedom to feel and dance competitions. It is better to choose clothes made of light fabrics for a summer wedding - linen, cotton, cashmere, they will not be hot.

Youth wedding dress for a Man


Suitable any tissue, light or dark, downbranded jeans to trendy. Style trousers can be varied: a shortened length above the ankle, with a turn-up, narrower, classic flared. It is well suited trousers short-sleeved shirt untucked.

Shirt and tie

This option is perfect for trousers andvest. For the hottest part of the shirt is more convenient to choose the light, pastel colors of thin fabric with short sleeves. If your suit and shirt with pastel shades, put the tie orange, red, blue and other bright colors - such combination will be very successful.

Stylish summer suit

Create beautiful, stylish image, you can usecombinations of bright pants, dark jacket and T-shirt polo neutral color. The focus can be on the shoes by Fashion Loafer, moccasin or bright. But shoes and outfit must be in harmony with each other.

Stylish summer suit guests at the wedding

Shoes summer eliminates all kinds of shoes,sports moccasins and slippers. All this applies to everyday life, and does not correspond to the time auspicious. Lightweight and stylish shoes and socks the same tone - the only relevant option.

An exception is the jacket in coolspring weather. If no jacket, you can wear light, but strictly on a style jacket over a shirt. But under no circumstances should not be lifted collar - it does not look aesthetically pleasing.

What not to wear to a wedding

  • The unspoken rule prohibits only two colors - black and white. The first is considered to be too formal and the other competes with innocent white bride's dress.
  • You can not be like the groom - to avoid embarrassing situations should know in advance what color suit will put the culprit celebration. And to choose for themselves some other option.
  • Unsubscribe from the bright, flashy, extravagant costumes, or guest risks triggering a smile the rest of the guests and the newlyweds discontent.
  • Choosing clothes, man as a guest, andwitness, should be guided not only by its taste, and make sure to look organically next to his companion. Pare guests advisable to wear dresses, combined with each other.
  • Precautions should be taken to the shiny fabric - in the photo and video they produce glare under artificial light.

However, any rule there are exceptions:

If the wedding is held in a solemn officialenvironment, all guests must wear tuxedos or coats. If the bride wore a white suit, all the others are choosing the opposite color - black. Or vice versa.

Theme weddings can beat indifferent styles. Usually young pre-warn all visitors about the dress code of the upcoming event. It can be rock-wedding celebration in the style of 80's, and sometimes even a beach wedding.

If desired, easily find any wardrobesuitable things for the celebration. With a new stylish shirts, relevant accessories (cufflinks, handkerchief, tie or butterfly) easily revive stored for such cases, but somewhat out of fashion jacket and trousers.

And how do you decide what to wear wedding invitation man? Share your tips in the comments!

Stylish clothes for men at the celebration Photo

Bright wedding set for a slender man