Prizes for the wedding guests

Tradition give prizes at the wedding came into voguea very long time and has a lot of popularity. At Toastmasters often in the arsenal there are nice little things for a successful celebration. For guests willing to participate in competitions and actively participated in your holiday, we recommend you to encourage them nice gifts. Prizes for the present need not be expensive. The main thing - it's the memory of such an important event for newlyweds, a well-spent time. In this article, we gathered many years of experience in the selection of prizes for the guests at the wedding.

Tips for selection of gifts for the wedding contests

Going shopping for gifts for guestsadvance is necessary to make a list of necessary prizes. They should match the contest, which will take place during the celebration. When choosing gifts Be creative. The resulting gift for winning the competition must be meaningful, and after a time to warm the soul. Prizes for the audience at the festival can be different, have different costs - it all depends on your ability. But even the inexpensive prizes can please the guests.


Challenge options

When you select the prizes need to pay attentionBesides, what kind of audience will attend the event. Guests should be selected gifts by gender and age. Senior prizes fit the same size, for children and young people - the other. There are varieties of gifts, which are suitable for any age and gender. Here are some options of prizes:

  • Original themed souvenirs.
  • Standard cheap souvenirs with hearts - symbol of love.
  • Photo.
  • Funny and humorous prizes.
  • Sweets and alcohol.

Original themed souvenirs

Souvenirs must be original, otherwise theylost among the faceless mugs and badges. A large selection of original themed souvenirs you can find in the bridal shop. Or pre-order them through online shopping, the choice of destination souvenir products impresses with its diversity. Successful are those prizes:

  • Stationery.
  • Cases for pens, glasses.
  • Stand the bottle.
  • Frames for photos.
  • Paper money with the image of "love story" newlyweds.

Standard inexpensive gifts

Such a celebration, like a wedding, a lot of bearsfinancial costs, therefore, together with stylish gifts suggested to purchase the standard inexpensive souvenirs. These prizes will please children and people older. The diversity in this matter warrants the opportunity to bestow the right of each key. For example:

  • Sweets, chocolates, cakes, cookies.
  • Calendars, badges, medals.
  • Figure soap, small towels.
  • Cups, spoons, coasters hot.
  • The magnets for the fridge.
  • Trinkets.
  • Calendars.
  • Candles.
  • Photo albums.
  • Books souvenirs.


The photos on the memory

Original gifts for guests to portraitHoneymoon to remember. Apply for these portraits of beautiful, brightly colored frames. These photos give recommend a wedding at the end of a long memory to all those present at the festival. The surprise for the guests can be a guest with a photo hero of the occasion, and a super prize for winning the competition may be just a bottle of champagne instead stuck with the factory label photo of married couples. Also photographs depicting spouses draw up prize cups, wrappers for candy gift.

Funny and humorous awards

Contests wedding usually have a comic character,therefore it is better to use prizes and with humor. For men, it can be ties motley colors, noses with an elastic band, firecrackers, small dumbbells. Women suit unusual hats, jewelry, candles, stockings, kitchen utensils, for example, a rolling pin. Guests can have fun couple of different comic award of diplomas, certificates, medals.

Sweets and alcohol

Often at weddings guests as giftshanded sweets. It may be chocolates, sweets sets, candy on a stick in the form of cockerels, hearts, etc. Sweet pastries, too, would be appropriate: fortune cookies, sweets in a beautiful package, tied with ribbons. The original promotion will be painted Tula gingerbread. Alcohol bottles in unusual teaches guests the male: it may be brandy, vodka, wine in small bottles, canned beer.

Video: Medal for the wedding guests for their participation in competitions

You want to impress your guests? Arm yourself with a color printer, paper, scissors, glue and tapes, watch the video - and you get a cool and original medals for any competition. In the video you can pick up some interesting ideas, and show imagination, you can easily make a competitive coin: