How to dress for the wedding of his brother

Invitation to the wedding - a joyous occasion, andif a close relative married, the joy is double. At this celebration we want to look spectacular, modern, festive, so it's important to think carefully about what to wear for the wedding of his brother. There are a few rules of selecting attire that must be followed in order not to go beyond etiquette.

The basic principles of choice of dress to the wedding of his brother

Before you proceed to the choice of attire,try to find out from the newlyweds upcoming wedding style. Today's young couples trying to shy away from the traditional framework of a wedding celebration and show imagination, undertaking a holiday in the sea, Hawaii, rustic style or another. It even happens is that you forget about this alert. Not to be trapped, coming to a pirate wedding in a tuxedo or a smart evening dress embroidered with stones, it is best to find these moments beforehand.

It is important that clothes respected harmony styleand color. If you choose to wear a dress classic cut, do not choose too bright and causes the tone, give preference to pastel. It is better to stick to the usual styles, dresses too original cut will pay the blank stares of other guests. Do not wear a wedding brother very short order - it will look vulgar and vulgar. At the wedding the groom's sister, youth should avoid dresses in teenage style look elegant.

Wedding dress for sister of the groom

The boy should know in advance what will be in costumeSuite not to be repeated in clothing. Indecent considered the case when the clothes guests on the financial level of superior wedding dresses young. It is also important to choose the appropriate shoes along. Shoes or boots should be not only beautiful, but above all comfortable, because you have to take part in various competitions, dances. Wearing uncomfortable shoes, you will be deprived of this opportunity, and do not get pleasure from the event.

How to dress for the wedding of the guy?

The best option for men clothing is fashionablecostume. It can be anything - and plain, striped, checkered. This suit has every man, it hangs in the closet and waits for an opportunity. The young guy for a wedding does not quite fit the classic dark suit, because the wedding - it is an informal reception. It is better to stay at the light, beige, shades of gray or white. If you have only one black suit, it does not matter - the selection of bright shirts save the situation. Home to brothers clothes are not copied wedding dress the groom.

Wedding suit for the groom's brother

Shirt take color, do not wear white -This color is used for the main hero of the occasion. So she looked harmoniously, pick it under the color of your eyes. People unaccustomed to wear a tie, make it do not necessarily. But for the greater solidity, in deference to the newlyweds should wear. new jeans suitable for youth student wedding with a monochromatic shirt untucked or thin light jumper.

Dresses for a young man at his brother's wedding

Tips for the selection of dresses for girls

Sister of the groom have to lookelegant, beautiful, so it's important to know what to put the girl on the wedding in such a case. But do not choose an outfit that would be superior to showiness of the bride dress and threw himself into the guests eyes. In the follow measure. When choosing a dress is not tempted by the beauty and see how it fits you personally. Consider the features of your figure - perfect proportions are rare, so you should give preference to the clothes, which cleverly hides the flaws.

Beautiful female dresses for weddings brother

Do not buy clothes is not its size, ityou'll look at least ridiculously. From the looks ridiculous dress, two sizes larger than necessary, or overly tight figure. Pick a dress matching accessories - handbag, jewelry. The color of the dress is selected according tsvetotipu:

  • Winter tsvetotip - brunettes and brown-haired women with dark eyes, pale pink skin. They fit gray and all shades of blue (purple, turquoise, blue).
  • Spring tsvetotip - blonde with blue or green eyes, pale pink skin. They will undoubtedly be to face the warm pastel colors.
  • Summer tsvetotip - blonde with dark, gray eyes and pale skin. They should choose a wedding dress pink, green, gray or blue.
  • Autumn tsvetotip - brunettes and brown-haired women withdark gray or dark green eyes, dark skin. They pick themselves festive outfits of various shades of brown (olive, orange, coffee, cream).

Girls with small breasts and lush hipsshould choose trapeze dress with multi-layered skirt and overpriced hoists. The fair sex with broad shoulders and hips, large breasts and a small waist fit any dress model, emphasizing the beautiful proportions. Do not hide a figure in the Empire style dresses and models straight free cut. Girls with long legs is recommended to wear a wedding dress, mid-length tunic and large breasts will emphasize the V-neck.

Plump girl with magnificent breasts and widehips to look slimmer, be sure to choose a dress with a form-fitting top and neckline. With broad shoulders do not fit the free arm, bell or light, better to choose a fitting sleeve. Visually reduce the lower part will loose skirt with vertical folds or a dress with a smell. Too skinny models do not hide, but rather emphasize the excessive fullness.

Clothes for the wedding for obese women

What to wear to a wedding, depending on the time of year?

At various times of the year for the wedding dress will bediffer. When it is selected should be guided by the air temperature, weather conditions, time and venue of the festival. But the principle of choice of clothes for the sister or brother of the groom remains unchanged - to dress more elegantly and solemnly than other guests. Summer clothes should be light, natural fabric and pleasant to the body, absorbs moisture. In cold weather, warm chosen for weddings, elegant clothes elegant cut in restrained colors.

How to dress for a celebration in the winter?

Men are recommended in winter wear to a weddinggray suit, blue-gray or gray color. Designers have developed many models of elegant winter suits for men. Are popular models striped, or with a fine printed pattern. Stylish look suits of wool or buklirovannoy tissue. For women, there are plenty of winter clothes for the wedding. Can you choose a dress with a jacket or bolero, a suit of light, beautiful fabrics. It should not look like an office. At the wedding looks feminine outfit, so try not to wear a pantsuit.

Winter outfits at his brother's wedding

If you are invited to a wedding in the coldyear, take care not only about the main outfit, but also the outerwear. In the banquet hall, you will remove it, but during the photo shoot video on the street it will be in the frame. Not suitable for the occasion sports jackets in bright colors or old worn coats. Put on your best classic coat or coats in subdued colors.

In spring and autumn

For the day of the event must be selectedlight-colored clothing - shirt, light trousers and a tie. Tuxedos dress only in the evening. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to change the outfit, the best present day in a light suit, and in the evening - in the dark, or in a tuxedo. At the wedding it is better not to wear a black suit, but if in your wardrobe there is nothing else, refresh its bright fun tie.

Women's costumes are considered to be the prerogative of womenolder, usually their mother's dress or a close relative of the young. But she, too, was not forbidden to come to the wedding in a suit favorably emphasize beautiful figure. blend skirt with topom Also it is suitable, the main thing that outfit did not look ordinary. If you're thinking what to wear to a wedding - elegant evening dress or a more modest attire, keep in mind during the day is better to stay at a nice cocktail dress delicate colors and can change his evening dress at nightfall.

Demi-season clothes at his brother's wedding

Variants of summer dresses

As it is becoming a hot seasonproblem, what to wear to a wedding, so it was not too hot. Men suit light shirt with short sleeves. It can be both monochrome and pinstripe. Complement light shirt pants classic cut. The solemnity of the moment emphasize the elegant tie with a shirt in a contrasting color. Women will look fresh and romantic lightweight chiffon dress with floral print and striped dress flower or fruit shades. From black dress in the summer should be abandoned.

Summer wedding dresses for the groom's relatives

Video: how to dress at her sister's wedding to his brother?

It has long been observed that a large amount of clothing inwardrobe does not solve the problem, when you want to look like something special. On the contrary, this diversity is easy to get confused and get lost. Saves only good taste, a sense of proportion, the ability to properly combine colors and styles. If you're a girl, and still have not decided what to wear at his brother's wedding, watch the video - it will orient you in the right direction.

Photo collection of evening wear for the celebration

Evening dress for wedding