How interesting to imagine the wedding guests

If the wedding takes place not in a close circlerelatives and friends, some of the guests, as a rule, are not familiar with each other. When the number of guest passes for a hundred, to acquaint all problematic. How to submit a guest at the wedding of informal and fun regardless of the number? Game love the ritual must be part of any wedding script to make it Neskuchniy and memorable.

Meeting guests at the wedding

Rules of etiquette

If all invited to submit, as expected- The surname, name and patronymic, degree of relationship, occupation - it is boring and is unlikely to be remembered for the rest of the guests. Follow etiquette is appropriate only if the minimum number of people, or an acquaintance suggests further communication after the celebration. Etiquette is also important to represent the older generation of the families of the bride and groom.

Close relatives of elderly newlyweds(Parents, grandparents, godparents) is always presented as the most important guests at the wedding - with respect, special attention is required to by name, without familiarity. An exception is made as a VIP invited newlyweds (for example, if invited to head to work, teachers, etc.).

Presentation of the wedding guests

Younger family members (brothers, sisters, children)witnesses, relatives of friends are informal, with humor (if there are no objections from both sides). In other cases, etiquette is also permissible slightly neglected in favor of the guests merry dating scenario. This will alleviate the awkwardness and allow the audience to fully enjoy the festive atmosphere.

How to introduce guests to each other?

The ritual dating guests thought out in advance. The list of invited master is transferred, which determines in what order, and how to present the guests at the wedding according to the scenario. It is also important to consider the order of seating at tables (especially if going to a very big motley company). Guests are introduced in several ways:

  • at the beginning of the celebration in a certain order (for example, starting with the young, then relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.);
  • also at the beginning of the feast, but in a random order (in the course of the contest, game or comic submission);
  • gradually during the holiday guests play their roles on the script (or perform a task master) at the same time sounding.

How fun to familiarize the guests at the wedding

If a lot of people and to all the otheranother is not possible, it is advisable to start immediately with the triumph games dating to no one bored. Presents itself at the tip can be leading or read the names of toastmaster, and those who were named perform his request, or simply get up from their seats. In the name of good to voice a brief description of a guest. If it's funny, unusually, the rest of the audience will be easier to remember unfamiliar faces.

If you do not idea how to presentguests at the wedding, use Noise Maker - a popular option "heating" present. Its meaning is that the guests do not know each other by name and organized noise (clap, stomp, shout certain phrases) for leading a team. This ritual usually ends with a toast to the bride and groom. After shumelok awkwardness disappears first, and most of the guests are ready to participate in the following competitions.

How to acquaint the wedding guests

Introduction of guests at the verses

When the number of those present and timeallow, can be presented each guest's amusing quatrain. The verse reads toastmaster or is instructed by the guests. Poems must be funny or something to cling to, or after 3-4 quatrains all bored. Another option: toastmaster read the first lines, and guest must complete the verse.

Presentation of the wedding guests poems

Optionally compose rhymed presentationfor everyone present. If a lot of guests, it is appropriate to represent their groups. Leading read out poems in order of the script, or random lottery method (choice of cards is usually entrusted to the couple or someone of the guests). If you print such beautiful poems on branded cards and give each a verse, it will be a great memorable gift.

Examples of small rhymed characteristics:

Represent Katya - sister and a girlfriend,

Athlete, beauty, baking apple pie!

And this is our witness - Alex-gooder!

Bridegroom help, always dear to him!

Aunt Olya in a hurry to leave the set table,

To young to congratulate all my heart!

Our brother Ilya is not easy,

Let us ask him to tell us the toast!

Introduction of guests in prose

If poetry does not fit, performance reviewsperfectly serve as a short phrase (just to name a name, who have to newlyweds) or short texts (toast, congratulations, improvised responses to leading questions). A good option would be presenting puzzles in which everyone present must know himself, then get up and give his name to others. The Jokes pass this stage of dating, the more comfortable and freer, guests will feel.

Examples of small features in prose:

  • This noble and intelligent man is toWe groom our example. He is a brave warrior - serves in the FSB. It has now male hobby - fishing. And often sick ... for "Spartacus"! Allow me to present the groom's father Igor Ivanovich!
  • Beautiful, smart, especially women, who have40 years gnaws granite science, but rather teaches at the university, it is easy to judge the Babylonian strife since It is a professional translator. Once she read fairy tales for our bride - Grandmother Rimma Alekseevna!
  • Race driver with the experience and just a great surgeon - friend of the bridegroom, Alexander!
  • Let's welcome the many cheerful classmates resilient our bride, who not only put off studying for her wedding, but also prepared personal congratulations!

Master of ceremonies introduces the guests at the wedding

How to make a guest performance for the lead?

It is important to present each guest,that was funny, inoffensive, but in line with the scenario wedding. Text-card leading fully credited, or playing in the form of a "question and answer". Quotes in this case is preferable. For guest characteristics, as a rule, are taken:

  • its relationship with the bride and groom (siblings, studied together, work or just friendly);
  • profession;
  • hobbies, talents;
  • personal characteristics or preferences.

Comic characteristics wedding invitation

Features invented in comic ora positive style. Doing this should newlyweds themselves or people close to the couple, who know all invited. Views can complete the offerings Pronounce or toast (keep in mind that there is a very shy people who have difficulty speaking to the audience).

How to submit a guest at a wedding in comic form

  • in turn, causes the guests Tamada havingany one characteristic (for example, all named with the letter O or all the "Scorpions" zodiac sign, etc.). All those who have chosen should introduce themselves, and then dance to the selected music, the chorus to congratulate the bride and groom, or to participate in the competition.
  • All that stood in two circles, team-leadingThey start dancing, moving in a circle. When the music suddenly stops, each one involved seems to someone who was close (opposite). Alternatively: guests must also embrace (kiss, shake hands, do the job). The intrigue is, if one lap stand Ladies, and the second - a man.
  • Before the celebration of harvests leading pairidentical cards. They should be visually different: in the form of hearts, doves, flowers, etc. At the beginning of the celebration all those present receive the card. At some point, at the request of leading everyone should find among those present on who exactly the same card and get acquainted.

The comic representation of a wedding invitation

Video: Leading introduce guests at the wedding

To better understand the process, asexample, look at the video below as acquaint the invited guests at the wedding. Note that a good toastmaster not only confidently leading the celebration of the scenario, but often a lot of improvising. Carefully choose a master and an interesting version of the script to make the holiday was a success.