Hairstyles for the Mother of the Bride - what in fashion?

Wedding - is a significant event in the life ofgroom, bride, young parents. For parents wedding celebration more exciting than themselves Suite. To think through all the details, including its appearance to the ceremony, the bride is more characteristic for moms who are trying to create the perfect image. The solemn laying of help conceal the true age of the woman, as well as emphasize the beautiful features. Which hairstyle for the bride's mother's suit?

Classic hairstyle - beam

The beam fits perfectly into the image of the bride's mother,emphasizing its elegance. In addition, it is securely fixed to the head, so the woman will be able to relax, not worry about the integrity of their placement, taking part in competitions. Consider a variety of bundles for the holiday, as well as brief instructions on their creation.


Low beam is attached to the back of the head area with the help of pins, pins, clips. It is better to choose for this beautiful styling hair accessories to hairstyles for brides mother looked solemn.

To make a low "beam" yourself, use these instructions:

  1. Comb your hair, screw them with a curling iron with a nozzle of a large diameter.
  2. Then, whisk the resulting curls with your hands, make a low ponytail.
  3. Using a flat comb nacheshite tail. Wrap a strand around his hands, then you fix the resulting beam beautiful pins, hairpins, invisible.
  4. Spray hair with lacquer to keep it disheveled.

This styling is perfect for the bride's mother, accentuate facial contours, as well as refresh its features.

Low "beam"

Surround with curls

Volumetric beam with curls can be fixed as aon top of, and in the neck. If you want to show the beautiful neck and shoulders, do the bulk bun on top. Carefully will look styling with a fixed in the neck hair. The instructions below will help you to create a surround beam with curls alone.

  1. Fix the tail in the place where you would like to fix a bundle. Next, curl large curls using a curling iron or curlers.
  2. Each strand tress nacheshite flat comb. Sprinkle the resulting volume tail varnish.
  3. Screw the tail around your hand or fingers. So you get a bundle that should fix the pins.

Volumetric beam with curls - an excellent choice for mature women who want to emphasize their elegance.

Varieties of "beams"


Under the sleek beam necessary to pick up not onlyoriginal accessories, but also a good make-up and colorful earrings large. For this hairstyle requires elements that will complement it. But at the same time smooth beam looks fine in the form of senior women. Make it help this statement:

  1. Zacheshite washed hair back. Apply on hair styling gel.
  2. With the help of a comb with a few teeth comb locks, and gather hair into a tight ponytail. Make sure that the strands were smooth in the tail, otherwise prevent creases make a smooth beam.
  3. Smooth the hair wax and create a bundle, wrapped several times around the strands of his fingers. Fix it by pins and hairpins, invisible.
  4. Spray hair with lacquer with sequins.

Smooth beam will approach owners of long hair, because otherwise the hair will not do. With this laying you will look beautiful on all the wedding photos!

Hairstyles for the Mother of the Bride on medium hair (PHOTO)

The average length of hair is universal - ait is possible to select a variety of hairstyles. For mothers of the bride choose the desirable styling that will blend in with the color of hair. According to experts, if the braid braid for light strands, then weaving pattern is particularly clearly visible. Now there are many hairstyles that involve weaving. At the wedding, it is appropriate to look Spit "fish tail", which is to decorate with sequins, beads.

Photo: Mother of the Bride hairstyles for medium hair

Brunette with brown eyes, it is desirable to emphasizedepth of dark hair. This will help make updo and smooth beam in the shape of a pear, that is, without curls. Also on the strands of medium length hairstyle can be done easily in the Greek style. It is necessary to choose a stylish decoration and mother of the bride will look irresistible at the wedding of his daughter!

On long hair

Mother of the bride with long hair offeredexperiment with wedding hairstyles. So, a good idea to make French "seashells". This is easily done by laying out the long hair, because the "Shell" provides a high bouffant in the crown for which you long, thick locks. Also, many prefer the Greek hairstyle. She walks mothers with a full or round face, making it visually less.

"Shell" for long hair

In short

Short haircuts fit to createfestive, elegant styling. The perfect solution - make a smooth styling at which short hair laid back. This hairstyle should be sprinkled with sequins varnish, so it does not seem boring. Also popular hairstyles remain cold wave, or high styling. These include the establishment of stacking effect of slight negligence. Curls give them romanticism, sophistication.

Options for hairstyles flowing hair

Manicured loose strands at any agewill look elegant. But the wedding is necessary to carefully consider every detail of the image, including hair. So just enough to dissolve the hair. Look at a few options hairstyles for the flowing hair of the bride mother:

Hollywood styling

Many celebrities prefer to curl hairin large curls. So voluminous curls purchased second name - "Hollywood styling." To do it, needed curlers of large diameter (about 4 cm) wide with a curling nozzle. Screw turns on the curling locks, sprinkle with hair lacquer. If you use hair curlers, then you need to wind the strand on them, and go to bed so. In the morning, remove the curlers, hair comb, bring down the curls.

Possible wave of hair

Curls, pulled back

Pulled back locks - an actual hairstylethat fits the bride's mother. It is possible to comb hair, curled in ringlets, back and collect them in a bun or ponytail. To fix the curls, use beautiful accessories: clips, barrettes, hairpins. ornamental flowers are also suitable. But do not overdo it with the decoration of hairstyles, because the main virtue - modesty.

Stylish styling for moms

Under each haircut hairdressers manages to pick upappropriate hairstyles. Butch involves creating stylish hairstyles, most of which are perfect for special occasions. Consider some stylish hair styling for the bride mothers with short hair:

Cold wave

This hairstyle has appeared in 30 of the lastcentury, but it does not lose its relevance to this day. But if the cold wave is provided for mothers of the bride, you need to follow to fit together. Clothes should be elegant and emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide flaws. It is advisable to choose the elegant dress with a retro-chic look that will be a "cold wave"!

Awesome styling

Awesome styling suitable for very shorthaircut, like a man's. This stacking makes using tools for styling, such as wax, mousse, gel. Bouffant up should start to perform with temples, gradually rising towards the top. To fix the hairstyle should be resistant hairspray, otherwise there is a risk that the styling will not last until the end of the ceremony. Hairstyle "High styling" will look at the mother of the bride stylish, modern, it's worth a try.

Stylish styling for short hair


Elegantly looks smooth styling shorthair. Its creation should be combed back hair and smooth it with wax or gel. The hair is allowed to leave the loose, but if you do the classic smooth hair, you should put them in a ponytail at the nape. Decorate stacking several tiny pins and sprinkle nail fixation.

French "Shell"

Hairstyle "Shell" has long won the hearts ofWomen who want to look stylish. But the French "Shell" was created exclusively for the catering, so mothers of brides are doing it safely on his daughter's wedding. Hairstyle is a multi-layered structure of twisted pryadok. You can make the French "barnacles" on their own:

French "Shell"
  1. Divide the hair into two horizontal parting. Fix the lower part of the clamp.
  2. The upper part of the hair is necessary to comb the inside. So, you get a kind of beam to be sprinkled with varnish and secure clasp invisible.
  3. Take from the temples are two broad strands of hair, wrap them around the end of the beam, and lock pins.
  4. The rest of the hair should be wrapped on the left side to the right. Attach the resulting hump pretty barrette.

French "Shell" is not only suitable for glamorous get-togethers, but also for the wedding of his daughter.

Hairstyles with weaving elements

Original patterns weave hairstyle is widelyused to create a grand image. Fancy braids rejuvenate mother of the bride, will face more alive. What kind of hairstyle with braiding elements to make the wedding?

  • Kos "Snail" bares the shoulders, neck, women, andattracting the eyes of the guests of the holiday. This braid is called "Italian", because this version of the weaving was invented in Italy. Hairstyle should not be too tight, on the contrary, the strands should be freely placed in the queue.
  • Kos "fish tail" - a favorite among the eveningbraided hairstyles. There is an opinion that the braid is not suitable for special occasions, but it is not. Decorate hair exquisite decorative elements, you will be irresistible!
  • Spit Flower is a weave thatIt covers the whole head. Weave braids begins with a side parting and ends in the neck. Spit is necessary to entwine themselves around several times and secure at the nape.

Hairstyles with braided

Hairstyles to weave among the most original styling and perfect mother of the bride.

The Greek style

Greek-style hairstyle need torim, which will be wound strands. Choose light-colored bezel, decorated with beads, sequins. Then hairstyle in the Greek style will look solemn. Consider how to create a packing:

  1. Comb your hair, dividing it parted in the middle. Slide the bezel.
  2. Separate from the two temples, one provide designated, tuck them behind the rim.
  3. Then, separated from the left and right sides of the head are small strands, and tighten them at the rim.
  4. When you reach the nape of the neck, the remaining hair braided. Fill it to the rim.

This hairstyle will appreciate not only the family of the bride's mother, but also the guests of the event.

Hairstyle in the Greek style


High hairstyles used to createjewelery image. They are suitable not just for brides, but also their mothers. Such placement is made on long hair and strands of medium length. By updo include: "Shell", "Babette", fleece, and many others. To create a high stacking, it is necessary to arm comb with thick teeth, hair dryer with a flat nozzle, mousse and hairspray. You can do it yourself or ask your hairdresser.

Video: how to make the evening hairstyle with your own hands

French "Shell" is considered a classichairstyles for special occasions, and appeals to moms. But how to do it yourself? Watch a video master class, and you easily get to create a French "barnacles":

Hairstyle for the bride mothers choose easy, butwell-chosen styling makes a woman attractive, making it irresistible looks at all the wedding photos and video. It is necessary to work hard over the selection of hairstyles, then you do catch yourself admiring glances all evening!

Do you know other styling that will suit the bride mother? Share your ideas in the comments!

Photos of hairstyles for brides mother