Hairstyles bridesmaids (61 photos)

Choosing the right hairstyle bridesmaid -an important part of the wedding ceremony. The girl who had the honor to be with the bride during the wedding, you should think in advance about the installation. It should be approached topics celebration, be neat, modest and elegant.

Rules hairstyles for bridesmaids

There are a few unwritten rules hairstyles bridesmaid, you need to keep coming up with the image of a wedding:

  • The first and most important rule - laying girlfriendthe bride should be modest and simple, that in no case does not overshadow the triumph of the culprit and not distract attention from her guests. Consult in advance with the culprit celebration, some styling you do to be more elegant.
  • The choice of style depends on styling theme parties. If retro - fit Babette, graceful wave of the twenties, but to the classic wedding ceremony is best to choose something more simple - hair-shell, the low beam.
  • Bridesmaids plays an active role during the celebration, it will have to withdraw from all the worries of the bride wedding day, so hair should be, above all, comfortable.
  • Basically bridesmaids dresses sewn to order,installation must comply appearance attire. Let the hair be of the same shape and is decorated with the same elements (rhinestones, pearls, sequins), and that the hair culprits celebrations. But it should be stricter, less brightly decorated.
  • The highlight of the wedding can be the availability of short colored veils all invited girlfriends. This accessory must be practical, easy - fit veil, attached to the back of the head or crown.

Coloured veils have bridesmaids
  • For hairstyles fit any accessories notattracting too much attention. Elegant living flower barrette stylish, neat wrap, woven into a braid belt, beautiful hairpin, decorated with stones - all this will be a perfect decoration shag girls.
  • Holiday make-up should not be too much to stand. Quiet shade is soft lipstick will be the perfect complement of the image.

The evening hairstyle on long hair

Do owners of long head of hair there are manyevening styling options. Hairstyle best bridesmaids can take a variety of forms depending on the celebration theme, personal preferences girls combining its image with the image of the bride: flirty curls, sleek ponytail, beautiful weave, high stacking. How to make a beautiful hairstyle for the wedding, refer to the video tutorial:

Hollywood wave

Hollywood wave - current hairstyle girlfriendBride. Smooth, neatly arranged strands waves look amazing. This option is ideal for a relaxing wedding rate, which does not have a lot of time actively, otherwise spectacular hair will become worthless.

The image of the bride's friends: hairstyle Hollywood wave

With braids and braided

Hairstyle for the best bridesmaids with braided- The classic version, which is suitable for any wedding party. Beautiful French braid, elegant spike, free fish tail plait wreath - the options are many and they all look lovely. Choose the one that best reflect the concept of celebration.


Tails and tufts

Tails and beams - popular hairstyles stylesbridesmaids. Convenient tight or loose bun, ponytail gathered behind the neck open pretty girl rescued from the heat during the summer season. Another option hairstyles - curled on curlers curls gathered into a ponytail and laid on its side. Bunches with tails can be located at the back, top or in the middle.


Bow of Hair

Smooth stylish hairstyle "Bow", created with the help of a gel nail polish and skill stylist, help the girl to look elegant and gentle.

The image of the bride's friends: styling hair bow out

Splayed curls

If you can boast of shiny, healthyhair - flowing locks, twisted curls are the perfect embodiment of the evening laying will emphasize the romantic nature. For details, refer to photo:

The image of the bride's friends: laying loose curls

Hairstyles for medium hair

Girls with long hair down to his shoulders are bigselection of festive evening hairstyles. For example, the Greek styling, stylish harnesses, naughty curls gathered in the side or rear beam hair. The important role played by accessories - headbands, ribbons, barrettes.

Easy careless laying

Air laying on the head of hair of medium length looks sexy. You can tighten the strands of curls or collect them from behind. Watch the video, which will help to make your own light careless curls:


Elegant shell - easy to design practical option hairstyles. Best friend culprits celebrations certainly appreciate its convenience during holiday.



Elegant Greek hairstyle looks solemnly- It is suitable for a large luxurious wedding. Ask the bride as her hair will be laid, in order not to surpass in complexity of laying the main character of the holiday.


Options pilings for short hair

All sorts short hairstyles are the trend. The classic bob, stylish bob haircut for boys with short bangs, almost reach the middle of the forehead - all of which can be the basis for a beautiful evening hairstyle. Popular styling curls, feathers, voluminous shaggy, careless strands, the ends of which are treated with wax. If you want to shine in the photographs with long hair, ask an experienced cabin attached to the native hair long locks overhead.

Cheat ripple

Cheat using curling ripple give volumehair, make it fluffy. This hairstyle can be clear or blurred contours, depending on the wishes of the girl. Tip: before you use the tool, treat hair mousse, lest they bristled in different directions.

The image of the bride's friends: hairstyle with ripple

With the effect of wet hair

Hairstyle, creating the impression of wet hair, perfect for summer or beach party theme.


Awesome styling

High spectacular styling fits perfectly in the wedding party, "mods". Fluffy short hair, stacked high, looks modern and unusual.


Spectacular bean

To create an unusual hairstyle bob haircut, use fleece that lift the hair at the crown or screw the romantic ringlets negligent.

The image of the bride's friends: bob hairstyle

Beautiful hairstyles for bridesmaids photo 2016






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