Games for wedding guests

Wedding - is not only carefully selectedoutfits, accessories, and a restaurant menu, but also a happy celebration of life for all those who are destined to go on it. A pastime that at this celebration was interesting, it is important to take care of a good entertainment program for guests. You have to understand that the fun at the wedding - a pledge of pleasant impressions and unforgettable memories of your holiday. So show a little enthusiasm, their imagination to pick up a few dance competitions, fun games for your guests. Everything about it, read on.

A selection of fun games for the wedding guests

Perhaps you - a real fount of endlessideas, you know how to invent interesting games, competitions, entertainment, relevant at the wedding? Excellent! However, not everyone is given so masterfully organize an entertainment program for invited guests. And wishes and preferences remain the same: to make the holiday was insanely funny, amusing, entertaining.

Gay wedding with contests and games

You can refer the matter to theprofessional toastmaster that all these problems are passed on to their shoulders. But what about those people who have undertaken to organize a wedding in a narrow family circle, on their own, without the involvement of other professionals? In this case, a selection of fun outdoor games for the wedding night, below, you should definitely help the original and entertain your entire wedding company.

Game guest "Singing Hat"

A wonderful and very positive game for visitorsduring a wedding feast. Something like the hat of the famous movie "Harry Potter": for example, the fact that the supposedly designed to read thoughts, test preferences. Props, which is required for this competition:

  • large bright hat with a high cylinder,
  • pre-prepared sliced ​​using popular songs with funny expressions (perhaps even ambiguous) of men and women.

To avoid confusion with participants, writealternately male voices mingled with women. Start the game with a newlywed couple, and finish the rest of the guests do not go around by grandparents, parents. Each wears a hat in turn and change the melody. In fact, this contest interesting always comes out to cause mass laughter, fun, and sometimes even guesses the nature of the personalities that you try on the hat singing.

Competition for the wedding with singing hat

Wedding Game "Mummy"

This competition involves the creation of a "real"mummies. The tools that will be needed for the implementation of this game - the toilet paper in the amount of two rolls. To participate are invited to the bride and groom, each of which then gathers his team members among the guests present. Approximate number of people that chooses a captain, five - six.

Teams are selected by people who willturned into a mummy by wrapping toilet paper. From a certain point, each participant begins the process of wrapping, and the signal gives way to the next and so on until the moment until the end of the roll. To win is the team that was not only the fastest, but also qualitatively fulfilled its task.

Game at a wedding in a mummy

Game "Pins"

Stock up in advance for this competition whiteclothespins and blindfolded. An equal number of girls and boys are invited to participate, witnesses, too, need not forget. Men are blindfolded and the girls cling to clothes read out the number of pegs. The essence of this game is that you need to quickly find and remove the clothespins with a blindfold. The competition on speed, so will be the fastest winner.

Wedding game with clothespins

"Shaved ball"

For this insanely fun and exciting contestyou will need balloons, inflated to the maximum, as well as a razor. Pre apply marker to have different faces. Among the invitees selected a few men in their ranks, and the bridegroom comes. Each in his hands on the ball and is given a razor. Women are next to each contestant with a towel in his hands in the wings. Game deception is to carefully shave foam plastered balloon. Towel necessary to wipe shaving foam in the case of when the balloon burst.

Wedding Contest shaving ball

"Broken phone"

To implement the next competition youneed four men among the guests present. Three must be put out of the room, and the first tells the following story: "I was a loving father of three adult sons. The most senior was clever, mediocre - mediocre, well, Jr. absolutely durёn ". With pantomime first participant must show without words to the second all that heard, and so on a chain. After all this invites a leading last member and asks that he understood. The result of this game will be the most unexpected and terribly funny.

Wedding game of broken telephone

"Give orange"

For this game invite 20 people to the centerHall and divide them into two teams. The first party is put between your chin and chest orange - in this position it is necessary to pass the next contestant. Since orange is necessary to carry through each person, you can not use your hands, maximum - you can help yourself the shoulder. If citrus fruit falls, the game starts over. The winner receives a prize and the team, which was able to accurately convey orange until the very end.

Playing with the orange gear to each other

"Balls to the issues"

In this game the leading advance to prepare20 notes, which will be written any questions about the newlyweds. Next, you need to inflate the same number of balloons to then put the note inside. At the wedding toastmaster sold for a symbolic price guests sitting at the table one of these balls. Guest must blow up the balloon and tell everyone the answer to this question. Use interesting questions that will have comic overtones.

Playing with balloons for the wedding guests


Among those present toastmaster chooses a volunteerwhich explains the rules of the game: it is necessary with the help of pantomime, wordless show kangaroo other guests, and they have to guess it. While the competitor is prepared in another room, the host tells the guests that they will now be portraying a kangaroo, but they are not required to file the form that they know. As a result, a volunteer at the end of the contest will show very angry and furious animal. In fact, it is very funny and amusing entertainment option.

Game for a wedding with the image of a kangaroo

"Go under the thread"

Lead selects four to five pairs. Arranges chairs for each pair with taut thread. Competitors are given on the ball for two, so they squeezed between their bodies the subject. Quest games before the contestants is the following: you must carefully go through under the thread so as not to lose the ball. This thread will gradually change their position, dropping down. The winners are those participants who managed to fulfill all the conditions. Even this game insanely popular with hikers. It helps good fun and unload after a hearty dinner.

The game is to pass under the thread at the wedding

Video: Funny wedding game for the guests of "Fairy Tale"

In addition to concise competitions, visitors must bemotivate a variety of games that have a small script with its own history, perhaps with dressing, personal participation. For example, a playful game called "Fairy Tale". Do you have a good opportunity to see firsthand the video attached below, how to organize this competition is not a wedding, what to do and what the result comes out.