Friends of the groom

Organizing a wedding - troublesome, because you needobserve the tradition, think about the nuances, to this solemn event was a memorable one. Previously, most of the problems lay on the shoulders of the newlyweds, making a joyful event in a series of worries, "a feast for the guests," but now things are starting to change, and wedding chores are shared between family members, friends of the bride and groom are not indifferent to the long-awaited happiness young. Therefore, at weddings, instead of the usual boyfriend, or best man, are increasingly found several young men.

Stylish Groom with friends

Who are they - friends of the groom?

Friends of the groom - the closest companions,male relatives who have. These are the people that are at a wedding, in preparation for her bear the "burdens" of the organization, carrying out of the celebration. In other words, these are the people that make the event lively, cheerful, harmonious, organized. The new practice is to invite not just one, but several best man at the wedding, came to us from Europe (UK) and quickly caught on, helping to solve two major problems:

Harmony friends images
  1. Relieving the burden of Brac and witness. With the emergence of a few friends, the volume of the wedding of trouble began to share all cronies alike, and because the load on one person declined markedly. This also applies to the separation of material costs.
  2. Do not offend the groomsmen. In previous traditions he had to highlight "best" friend among the rest, assigning boyfriend. Now close friends can become them.

Young friends

A new tradition has made fun wedding,carefree, brighter. The groom at a wedding where pals act all his friends feel comfortable, confident. Therefore, these assistants should be really close-minded people, but even with a large scope of activities they should not be too much - ideally no more than ten.

Duties of groomsmen at a wedding

comprehensive - Home, honorary groomsmen functionsupport for the groom. This moral support, including the organization of a stag. Physical - assistance in organizing a wedding, in her conduct. Financial - many items of expenditure, for example, decoration wedding convoy, lie on the shoulders of cronies. Without the aid, Brac would be difficult to organize everything for all to follow, and a few close friends without discomfort, pleasure, sharing the load with each other cope with their responsibilities.

Friends of the young

The duties of the friends of her husband included:

  • Moral support Brac another.
  • Choose a wedding dress with bride for him and for themselves.
  • Filing suit in time, if they were rented.
  • Decorating wedding procession and the associated material costs.
  • Organization of stag.
  • Visiting the wedding rehearsal, celebration on the occasion of the engagement.
  • Organization of competitions, entertainment at the wedding.
  • Help guests with accommodation and other matters.
  • Shipping gifts to the newlyweds home.
  • Dancing with the women who had come single, general dance organization for all guests.
  • Organization of video, photographing.
  • Participation in the photo shoot.
  • Support, assistance in organizational aspects.

The groom with his friends team

However, the presence of friends with the groom notIt eliminates the need for witnesses who function somewhat expanded. In addition to the above responsibilities, the best man who shares with the rest of the cronies, have the most basic:

  1. The signing of the documents in the registry office.
  2. Participation in the wedding ceremony, if such a procession is provided.
  3. Storage rings until the right moment.

Therefore, choose the "best" friend's future husband would have, but the presence of additional groomsmen role does the need for more formal.

Friend and witness

Clothing for groomsmen

Bride and comrades speak at the ceremony unitedteam, so dress should be a single character, stylistic decision or have common parts. Clothing in young and cronies may be the same or slightly allocate the total weight of the groom. The more original the team will look like friends of her husband, the merrier, it seems more beautiful wedding. The image of the man's company must not go beyond the general concept of the wedding. Therefore, groom attire, friends - it's also a kind of attribute the creation of the right atmosphere at the festival.

Bright and groomsmen attire friends

Here are a few ways to create a single image for the original man command:

  • Butterflies. Colorful or single color, and the young friends. Butterfly groom can stand size or tone.
  • Multi-colored socks in all members of the team.
  • Suspenders.
  • Pots or hats.
  • Points.
  • Buttonholes, pocket handkerchiefs.
  • Plaid jackets or pants.
  • Colorful ties at the same one style boutonniere.
  • Jackets of the same color or tone of material.
  • Lack jackets.
  • Vests.
  • Costumes uniform style, subject matter, a reproduction of the same era.

Team friends in striped socks

In the selection of costumes for friends and future husband, should consider the following:

  • Comfort. Character costumes should be close to the groom, friends, dress should emphasize the state of mind. In addition, the suits, shoes should be comfortable and convenient.
  • Bright hues. If there is no thematic necessity, when choosing colors of the costumes look for bright colors or blue, or try to dilute the image of bright colors to the event did not seem grim.
  • The brightness and originality. Vivid details, stylistic solutions will help make the wedding fun, memorable.

Organization friends wedding in "Snow White" style
  • Harmony. friends Costumes should not only incorporated into the overall concept of the wedding, but also combined with the groomsmen outfits. Then at the event, photographs will not be aesthetic dissonance.
  • Children. If you groom or friends have a child or younger brother, male, invite them to the groom's team. This will not only allow the boy to feel responsible, to adults, but also add to the atmosphere poignancy team, reliability, comfort.

The combination of groomsmen and friends dress costumes

Friends of the groom in butterflies photo

A simple and always a winning way to highlight the bride and the team - the butterfly. Here are a few examples of how these accessories enliven the image and atmosphere of the wedding of friends, see photos below.

Bride with a butterfly

Dance of the groom and his friends

Another fresh tradition at weddings was the danceGroom with friends. This dance is presented as a gift to the bride, a demonstration of ardor, the severity of the groom's feelings, so often sung in redemption. Friends of the groom, as faithful allies, support the young and help in the preparation. The dance, which is performed by the guys - it's either improvised or planned a small setting.

It's always very fun, interesting show, so the young dance with your friends, becoming one of the brightest moments of the celebration. Take a look at the video of one of these performances:

Cheerful friends - the key to a successful wedding

Contests for groomsmen

In addition to the groom dancing with friends, there ismass competitions, which attracted friends and newlyweds. Take part in such competitions - a direct duty of buddies as you search toastmaster, drawing entertainment fun for the guests. Contests with friends of her husband - it is always very cheerful, positive sight. They attract good and very culprit. Spending in the foreclosure process, as a test, or during the time of the feast. Here are a few ideas for the organization of such competitions:

Druzhki-friends at the wedding
  • Art shave. Give the young comrades inflated balls, razor foam. Participants must apply the foam on the ball and "shave" it is not lopnuv. Protect clothing cronies and other guests, t. To. If the ball bursts, foam smashed around.
  • The desired ball. Inflate a lot of balls, put them in a scrapbook, one of which is written "key" if groomsman choose the wrong ball, the boys would have to pay the ransom, and so, until they find the right word. If the contest is not held on the redemption, and during the feast, the wrong ball can mean fulfillment of desire pals.
  • Stairs. Put forth a future husband to go to the favorite on the stairs, without touching it, without using hands and feet. Solving the puzzle will be transferred to other hands that should make pals. If participants do not guess, you will be punished, for example, pay a fine.
  • An Apple. Tie the friend's eyes. Bring him three apples - red, white, green. Task boyfriend, biting off each, guess the color. To him it was more difficult to enter the syringe in one or all the apples alcohol (brandy, wine or any other strong drink).

groom Comrades played the most important role in thewedding - make it fun and interesting: entertain guests, play the fool, support, help him to take part in competitions and organize them. They are filled with the spirit of the wedding celebration, romance, fun and endless positive. If the groom's good gay friends, so be sure to be able to wedding.