Dress-in-law to her son's wedding

At the wedding party guests glued viewsnot only to the couple but also for their parents. In the pre-preparation of the mothers of children who have decided to unite their hearts in the marital union, you must take the time to search for a suitable dress for yourself. To look good in the wedding photos and video, you should choose a beautiful dress or suit, which will be comfortable and convenient.

Choosing dress for the wedding-in-law

Subtleties of the selection of attire for the wedding-in-law

In the pre-wedding bustle of a big mother of the groomof the time it gives the choice of attire to his son, the organization of the solemn event and all of its components. But to be beautiful at the wedding should not only the bride, but also the young mother. Expectant mother in law recommended start looking for wedding dresses son in advance (at least 3-4 months before the big day). If you do not have time to find the favorite dress, you will have time to reach out to the tailor and sew clothes to order.

The best options of wedding dresses for mother in law

Find a beautiful dress or suit for adulta woman is not easy. When choosing clothes need to be guided by the way in-law feels in a pleasing dress: it must be comfortable and convenient. On the wedding day she would have to spend a lot of time on their feet, so choose clothes should not hamper movement, cause discomfort or uncertainty. It is necessary to dress not only looked stylish and attractive, but also was chosen according to the status and age ladies.

Style and length dresses

If possible, contact an experienced tailor. Only then can you be completely sure that sewed to order the dress will be perfect to sit on you is not going to fold or sag. When ordering or buying ready-made clothes for the wedding, come for a fitting in the underwear, which are going to put on a celebration. Women who have problems with the figure, it is recommended to use the corrective underwear that will hide flaws and make your body slimmer.

When choosing a dress you must consider the body-in-law and to give preference to a style of clothing that is appropriate to the type of figure.

  • Ladies with a figure of "inverted triangle" suit dresses with moderate modest trim top and colorful skirt sophisticated cut.
  • For women with a physique "rectangle" Dresssew with heavy fabrics, good to keep the shape. Do not wear tight belts at the waist, and when you select a style skirt, give preference to a cut on the "tulip" type or "sun".
  • In-law with a "pear" figure need to find adress that well balances the relatively narrow top and wide hips. Suit model with bright clothing decorated top (for example, with lush ruffles or complex cut collar) and shaded bottom.
  • The figure of "hourglass" is considered ideal, allowing you to choose the clothes of any style and decor.
  • In-law with the constitution "apple" recommended maximum visually lengthen the silhouette. With this well help cope V-neck top dresses in addition to medium-length skirt.

Style dress for a wedding on the shape type

With regard to the length of the dress to the wedding, the veryshort skirts are inappropriate. No one tells you to put on a strict pantsuit in a beautiful dress, you will look much more spectacular and more fashionable. Recommended styles of knee-length or slightly below it. If you chose the evening dress length at the floor, then it should be a simple cut, soft colors, so as not to overshadow the celebration the main character - the bride.

The color scheme of the dress

There are two main taboos in color for the dress-in-law at the wedding:

  • white;
  • the black.

Using these colors and tones undesirableapparel for all the wedding guests. The white dress is to present only the bride. And if in-law will be at the wedding ceremony of his son in the attire of black color of mourning, it will cause confusion and surprised looks from the audience at the festival, no matter how elegant and stylish dress was not.

The color scheme of the wedding dress her mother in law

Also avoid buying scarlet dress, inwhere you will stand out among the guests of a bright spot. You want to be in the red dress? Prefer muted calm shades. Beautifully-law will look like in a dress of soft colors, such as peach, lavender, sophisticated gray. All shades of green, deep blue - the color that's perfect for dress-in-law. Consider using the right color clothes manages to visually make the figure a little slimmer. To do this, choose:

  • Dresses smoky pale shades of noble colors.
  • The suit, which is diagonally divided by color.
  • The clothes having trendy vertical prints.

Color-in-law at a wedding party dresses

Sometimes the mother-in-law and mother-in choose a similarclothes or the same color to blend in with each other and stand out among the other guests. This question is best discussed in advance and make sure that the newlyweds will like this idea. If the bride has chosen for her wedding a lot of girlfriends, including my mother and mother in law, the adult women should not put on the same clothes as a young girl. Dress-in-law, which also acts as a bridesmaid, it is recommended to choose the same color as the clothes the other girls, but a few shades darker.

Jewellery and Accessories

The image of the mother of the groom at the wedding will be perfectonly when it will complement the exquisite accessories and jewelry. Before wearing jewelry with evening dresses it was considered a sign of bad taste. Contemporary jewelery from famous designers is not inferior to the beauty of expensive jewelry. Give up those accessories that are decorated with sequins or sparkles - it's yesterday. By-law as well as possible it is recommended to pick up beads, bracelets, rings made from freshwater pearls that look perfectly in combination with any color clothing.

Selection of decorations to the image of mother in law

If you decide to opt for jewelryproducts, then choose a quiet model without large stones or shiny rhinestones. By restrained monochromatic along well suited decoration of colorful brooch, the color of which may overlap with hints of flowers in the bouquet the bride. Bag - an important accessory in a wedding image. It has to be small in size, same as the color of the shoes, or different, making a bright accent in the image.

Do not forget about the beautiful hairstyle - finalchord in the preparation of an image-in-law. Best wedding styling for the groom's mother is a low beam, big curls on long hair, a French shell. From straight flowing hair and slicked back with a strong beam should be abandoned. Elegant beautiful hair is recommended to decorate exquisite hairpin, hairpin with natural stones, pearls.

Jewelry to the dress-in-law at the wedding

The nuances of the dress code, depending on the format of the celebration

Buying a dress for a wedding, a woman needstake into account the format of the celebration. If the scheduled wedding ceremony in a large city church, you need to choose a conservative, low-key outfit. A summer wedding is best suited light turquoise cocktail dress or pastel shades. The ceremony will be held in the park, the garden or on the lawn, then be appropriate to dress in the style of casual shoes with a small heel.

Wedding dress-code: select in-law dress

The bride and groom decided to celebrate hiswedding in the morning under the bright rays of the sun, while in-law, it is desirable to abandon the elaborate evening gowns in favor of short lung garments of light shades. Elegant dress dark tones more appropriate to wedding parties. Also for the daily ceremony of choosing conservative decoration, whereas for the evening celebration will suit bright and stylish accessories with precious stones.

In the case of thematic weddingInvitation cards for guests bride and groom show suggestions concerning not only gifts, but the dress code. Dress-in-law should also be combined with the celebration theme. Do not choose too complicated carnival outfits. It is enough of a wardrobe item that supports the theme of the wedding, for example, a hat, gloves, scarf or brooch.

Wedding signs for choosing clothes for mother in law

Special superstitions regarding clothes-law onson's wedding there. You can wear any dress liked. Just a few wedding will take can be attributed to the groom's attire mother. So, for example, people's beliefs recommend in-law to come to the celebration in the whole outfit, rather than consisting of a skirt or trousers, and blouses or shirts to marry her son and daughter-was strong. It is also a bad sign is the appearance of her mother in law on holiday to dress in black or white.

Photos of beautiful dresses for the mother in law to a celebration

The best dresses for mother-to wedding