Dress for wedding for the groom's mother

Wedding - a long-awaited, solemn event. Its the same with looking forward to both young and their parents. This day - a good excuse to look nice. No one disputes the fact that the most beautiful outfit will be the bride. But the wedding dress for the groom's mother should also be chosen with great thoroughness. For parents, grow a decent young couple deserve to show off the beauty.

Rules for the choice of wedding dress for moms

It should be remembered that this day will be oversuppliedevent - a ceremony in the registry office, wedding, meeting children, a banquet, so you have a lot and move fast. Choose comfortable clothes mom, comfortable. It is important that it was not too hot, does not restrict movement. Of great importance is the right style, comfortable shoes for his feet.

If your wedding will be carried out in somea certain style, help mom pick up a dress the same color gamut. For example, pick up her blue, turquoise or blue outfit for maritime-style wedding.

According to etiquette, avoid corsets, frankcut-outs, open shoulders, deep décolleté. Even if the groom's mother looks great on children's wedding should not wear revealing outfits, it is considered a sign of bad taste.

Think about what kind of clothes for mothers accustomed. If she uses daily skirts, do not buy a trouser suit, so as not to complicate the already troublesome day. The correct attire mom can wear many times after the wedding, it will cover the fabulous memories of this day.


Every woman has their particular shape, soclothing style is chosen individually. Even for larger women is not recommended to choose a dress-robes. Tight model with a narrow bodice as inappropriate at the wedding. The best example of the medium variant.

Hide figure flaws help silhouettes Empire style. Tight-fitting bodice, overestimated waist will make almost imperceptible appeared over the years, belly - the groom's mother will look charmingly feminine.

The dress in the Empire style for the groom's mother

You take the right decision by choosing a dress-case. Simple at first glance, cut, combined with the lively bright colors and expertly chosen accessories, create a striking effect.

Dress-box for the wedding the groom's mom

Nice to look and dress a-line, knee-length or below. When expressed feet shortcomings should choose a long skirt. Examples of such dresses you see in the photo.

Style A-line mother of the groom at a wedding

If the wedding will be celebrated in a warmyear, feel free to choose the model of chiffon, satin, silk and other light flowing fabrics. Great look combined models of several types of fabrics - satin with guipure decoration, silk with lace trim.

For cooler seasons suitbrocade, taffeta, jersey. Attire for the wedding should be practical, since it will have to stay in all day and all night - choose a dress from nemnuschihsya tissues.

Perfectly in tune with the dress appropriateAccessories: a beautiful scarf, stole, jacket, bolero, jacket, hat with a flower. Pick the color of their dresses, or contrasting colors. Use these multi-layered costumes, when there is a need to hide figure flaws.

Fashion accessories to the mother of the groom wedding dress


classic decorations fit for mother of the groommedium length with hooded or knees to mid-calf. For lovers of the elongated styles - feel free to choose the length of the ankle. Dress "on the floor" with a loop or choose not desired, the clothes should be convenient, comfortable with the movement, because the day of the celebration, you'll be helping the young, to move a lot. Too long - it will get in the way, making it difficult to quickly cope with all the weight of responsibility.

Mini-length is also not suitable for a wedding, it will look good on the witness, but not on the groom's mother. Future in-law more in line with a discreet and solid style.


Color clothes mother of the groom can be anything,except for a few colors. At the wedding does not wear clothes of white and black. The dress of white you can mix up with the bride and the black color is considered the mourning, visitors might think to groom mum wedding undesirable event, and count it a bad omen.

We do not advise as to wear a bright dress, throw flowers in his eyes - red, green, orange, lemon. You will distract attention from the main culprits celebrations.

The last limitation: the bride and groom mother should wear dresses of different colors.

For mother of the groom suit plain classicpastel colors. Looks great outfits purple, beige, cream, sky-blue, all shades of pink, juicy cherry, gray, lavender.

Trendy colors of mother of the groom dresses for wedding

Beautiful Evening Dresses

At the wedding ceremony, the groom's mother can wearbright pastel colored dress, and in the evening to replace it with a beautiful evening. For example, the elegant dress warm pastel colors - ivory, champagne suit for the wedding ceremony, cocktail and blue, purple, turquoise, golden - for a party. Definitely not suitable evening dress in black, red, white.

Clothing should hide flaws agemother figure, to emphasize its advantages. For example, if she has thick arms - choose a dress with sleeves, and a small tummy conveniently hidden under shaped dress with a high waist. A button is recommended to replace the beautiful brooches.

Tasteful outfit is simple, but has its own unique charm. For the wedding is better not to choose pants suit, they can not capture the femininity and the charm of her mother.

Evening dresses for mother of the groom

Evening options for theme weddings

Themed wedding means that outfitsall present will be built in the same colors and style. Mother of the groom to be "in tune" with the young, so if children have planned a theme party - try to trim dress, appropriate style and theme of the celebration. Become an active participant in the wedding theme, a unique theatrical action, create a good mood yourself and everyone around!

Dress for the bride mother on the marine theme

Elegant dresses for obese mothers

For moms that differ too much pomp, shape,There are styles that emphasize the advantages of their forms. In this case, it will look great silhouette form a trapezoid - the longer the dress, the figure will look slimmer.

Model of a Greek-style visually pullsfigure, lengthens legs, hides rounded shape of the abdomen and thighs. Inflated waist will give grace, enigmatic figure, a belt that is under the breast, beautifully accentuate the line of cleavage, and free soft folds skirts will not hamper movement.

Many women, even in adulthood, retainideal settings waist - it is necessary to emphasize the dignity of the figure, wearing a form-fitting dress with a soft belt and slightly extended downward skirt, decreasing vertical folds.

Women who have beautiful breasts, have onea great advantage - they do not need any tools, emphasizing the beauty of the chest, only need to choose a wedding dress with a modest, but elegant decollete.

Styles for plump mothers groom at wedding

Interesting models for plus size women look in the video:

Where can I buy

Dress for the bride mother, you can buy inwedding salon, and in stores specializing in the sale of evening dresses. Well established in Moscow salons: Margot, La Boheme, AmoreMio, Aftershock.

If the mother - a lover of virtual shopping,then try to choose a dress from the online store. For example, evening dresses for every taste can be found in the popular online stores laModa, Deniris, iLikeDrees, PinkVanilla. Buying a dress on the Internet, be aware of the risk of purchase does not meet the image size, color or style of dress.

It so happens that the dress model that you sawon the Internet, you like crazy, but make virtual purchases you are hesitant because of the risk. Then copy the photos and ask for services in the atelier-showrooms, for example, in the studio of Catherine Filyaevoy or workshop Harmony, Dreamsuit.

We advise his son to choose a wedding dresshis mother in advance. Before the wedding she will have plenty of other worries, and you can buy at the last minute that accidentally comes handy, and not really decorate it.

photos of the dresses for the wedding for the bride mother

Fashionable outfits for the groom's mother's wedding

If these tips help you choose which dress the wedding the groom's mother will leave your feedback in the comments.