Wishes for the wedding the young in their own words

For festive table guests needsay pleasant and kind words. And everyone wants to speak out is unusual, especially. If the poem - not your thing, offer suggestions for a wedding in your own words. In such invested a lot of respect, warmth towards the young couple. Wishes necessarily to learn the ropes, remember the foundation, and in the process add the cordiality, sincerity. If you are worried about important events, stammer, record greetings for the wedding. Not forbidden to arrange it nicely and give the newlyweds.

The ideas of the original wishes of the family newlyweds

Many assume that the only verseform of wishes for the wedding sounds nice and original. But it is not so! Warm words in prose can be mental, interesting, if correctly to make them. Optionally, enter it in lofty words, you need to clearly and simply congratulate the groom, bride, sincerely happy for them. Below are examples of requests in their own words to the wedding, among which you are sure to find a favorite for honeymooners.

From parents

Parents congratulating newlyweds

Suggestions from parents to their son or daughter inwhich held a wedding, very touching and emotional. Parents in this day let their children out of the family nest, allowing them to build their own. They will always support them, but now children themselves begin to build your perfect hotbed of happiness and love. Parents may wish to birth heirs maintain the eternal fire heat in a relationship, happiness and vaimnoy care. Below are suggestions in your own words to the wedding of the parents:

  • When the two lovers find each other and connect the knot, the new star lights up in the sky. So let the love of your star burns brightly, lighting the way to your new home and giving you warm.
  • In the vast ocean of life of our family - the ship,which stands at the helm of the wife and the husband plays the role of the sail. So we wish the bride to find the right course, and the groom - to be sturdy. Let your caravel many years crisscrossing waves of happy family life. And if a storm happens - the deck of your ship will always shine with love and peace.
  • For our honeymoon has come a very special day. The planet formed a new alliance, a new star on the horizon of love. We wish you prosperity and strong family that no domestic strife and difficulties are not marred your days. Joys and sorrows you divide in half. Let your love fire never goes out, turning into an unbreakable union of two hearts. Happiness of a new family and a new home! Cover the back of each other, take care, try to respect and understand in any situation! We wish to quickly hear the ringing laughter of children! Be happy and healthy, our children!
  • Congratulations to the young with a bright, important in their livesday. In light was born, another wonderful family, which, like a flower needs love, care and attention! You come hand in hand, a new phase of his life, and there is still a lot to live through: the first good luck, bad luck, that will make you more confident and stronger will prevail if the love, patience and wisdom in your family. We wish you a happy and long! We wish to give birth to sons and daughters, among whom, in a warm atmosphere, fun, you'll be celebrating all anniversaries!
  • How nice to look at the young, they shinehappiness! I think that all those present will support me. Everyone cheers for you, with you. This is your day, let it shine in the eyes and the soul will stay with you for life. Let the family hearth brings only positive aspects, but in life good fortune and prosperity!
  • It is said that love flows into friendship andrelationship becomes a habit. So we wish you to love that pushed you towards this important life step, grew stronger every day, to the warmth and tenderness, which is present in your heart now, has never gone to the attention and patience, to whom you have in relation to each other, were eternal. Try to reduce the trouble and strife to a joke. Good luck, dear!
  • Dear newlyweds, you laid the first brick in thebuilding your family. We wish happiness was built a reliable, durable, so that no trouble could not destroy it, so that no adverse wind it was not terrible. Let your way bright sun shines!

Funny greetings from his brother

Wishes for the wedding of his brother

Relatives of the bride and groom, brothers and sisters,also will glow with happiness for the couple themselves heroes of the occasion. For them, this is also an important day, exciting, touching. On the eve of the ceremony there is a question about how to congratulate what to say, how not to lose the excitement? It is better to prepare in advance, so as not to be trapped. Jot down on a piece of paper, which would like to say to the young, which give a parting word. To be sure that we are beautiful, look at the examples of the wishes of his own words to the wedding of his brother.

  • I want to give advice to our main beauty, bride: do not disagree with your husband. Remember that it is always right, and a woman - no mistakes ever!
  • Dear bride and groom! Always love one another, appreciate and respect. Let married life be full of surprises and troubles will never darken your way. Your union must know bitters, only at the wedding may sound bitter!
  • I wish you easy sailing in the sea of ​​life, where youalways the sun will shine, and a fair wind will make life smooth. Let your vehicle will always be filled with love and well-being of the waves washed his side every day! Let the wind of unity customize your family in the back! A flag on the ship is a happy family life!
  • I wish to teach young timely throw wood on the blazing fire of love! Because of this ability depends on well-being, a sense of union!
  • Together, let us congratulate the young! Let the heart fills only tenderness, love, kindness, and her eyes shine with happiness. Let the bridegroom is a reliable pillar of the family, no bad weather, troubles it did not break. For young!

Greeting word from his sister

Touching wish sisters

Wishes own words from her sister alwaystouching, exciting. You can, in his speech to recall the days spent together in the father's house, funny moments that happened. Usually sisters entrusted innermost secrets, they very much value. Be all their affection during a speech at the wedding. Do not forget to mention how you rejoice for a young couple, for the choice made in life. Spoken words are important, because they will not take back. If the greeting is unsuccessful, it will leave a bad feeling, and you'll blame yourself.

Therefore it is very important to prepare thoroughly. Carefully selects each word, write a wish on a piece of paper, which will be able to peek at the possibilities. Sister allowed to prepare a vivid and emotional greetings, unlike other guests. But the limit is important to know not to cross the fine line, to not look vulgar greeting or as a family scene. Guests do not have to feel themselves superfluous. If you can not decide what to say, look at the options proposed by the wishes of his own words to the wedding of his sister.

  • For me, your wedding - a very exciting moment,because you are very close to me. I was overwhelmed with emotions of happiness for you, from an excess of tenderness, which wants to throw at you. Be always support each other, develop together well with every passing day. Always go on compromises, concessions, do not forget about the bright, pure feeling, which will connect you.
  • You - the happiest elected because you were able to find each other. Let your hearth is burning bright flame of happiness, love and loyalty!
  • Family - is a musical instrument. Disharmony in it - not a rare condition, so Werth in every way to get down. I regret that the music of your hearts never interrupted by notes of falsehood, sorrows, disappointments, that there was a cacophony of quarrels, scandals. Let hearts beat in unison!

From the bride's best friend

Congratulates best friend

Variants of congratulations may be two: memorize a poem or prose wishes to rehearse in your own words. The second option is considered to be more sincere. Be sure to pre-prepare, because no one is immune from that, not to get lost in the last minute and give incoherent stream of words instead of a beautiful speech. Wishes must come from the soul: it is not forbidden to dilute joke, funny story, if the bride's good sense of humor. After all, best friends binds a lot of interesting and funny moments.

An interesting way to express your wishvisualization will be - a set of photos, slides, which shows your cheerful company. If you wish to make a short film that will be appreciated by the young. The perfect greeting may consist of a life history stages: awareness, funny, bright moments, the appearance on the horizon of her future husband, stories that prove your true friendship. However, do not tighten your lug, it can tire the guests. It should not last more than three minutes.

Ending wishes should be capacious, strong,carry a meaning. This is due to the fact that the message of congratulations to remember the beginning and the end. During the speech, keep confident, because this is a happy day for your best friend, and at the ceremony to collect only the closest people, among which there is a place and you. Therefore, all the excitement away. For tips provide examples wishes in your own words to the wedding of the witness or the best girlfriend.

  • I want to express my admiration for the queen of the day, the bride. Look how beautiful she is, happy as wordy her eyes. She sure everything goes. Let this light will always be in her eyes, even tears, the hardships of life will never extinguish it, even heart burns with passion, kindness, her eyes never cease to shine, and her husband helps her always, serves as a support, hope, protection, no matter what!
  • As a witness to today's Union, I wanttestify that you were created for marriage, happiness, love, birth Zdorovenki kids, what you wish for. Be completely happy, but that day will let you in words ... sad!
  • I'm at the wedding of my best friend! She's not just a friend, it is - my sister in spirit. We passed a lot with it together, and now she steps on the highway of life. But you should not be afraid. After all, in front of you waiting for a wonderful world full of happiness, love, laughter, childish prattle. I wish you a long journey on your family boat. Divide in half all that this path has been both a joy!

From the best friend of the groom

Greeting words best friend

Friendship - a great value in human life. Therefore, the wedding is not as important an expensive gift, like a presence and attention to good old friends. After all, they are able to not only help in trouble, but also sincerely happy for the newlyweds in the happy moments, admire your choice. The friend - the guest of honor. In his speech is not forbidden to remind you that you cherish friendship is important to you groom and his fiancee, wish from the heart of the best.

Wishes from each other can also be comic,funny and cheerful. If the groom tie interesting moments, do not forget to mention them in his congratulatory speech. Just do not need to talk to all the guests about what the bride or groom have to blush. If you do not know what to wish the newlyweds, take advantage of our examples of wishes in your own words to the wedding of a friend.

  • Congratulations, my friend, and your beautifuldarling, happy marriage. I wish conquering new heights, going hand in hand together, so that you are always lucky to lay on the shoulders of only a pleasant, easy care, so that all you have done together to support, reassure each other. May you learn to appreciate every moment of family life, to forgive each other.
  • Dear friends, I want to congratulate you on your wedding day! When we were youngsters, we dreamed of a beautiful princess, who will share with us our life. So, you waited for your love. But this is your fairy tale is over. At this point, it begins a new page, without misery, misery. Let life be full of good moments, vivid impressions, children's laughter!
  • Marriage - a novel in two parts: poetry and prose honeymoon rest of life. Poetry - the shortest part, and prose - a lot of pages. Divide the second part of the novel into several small pieces, make each of them poetry honeymoon!

How beautifully and briefly congratulate the young with the wedding?

Beautiful wishes for the wedding

To beautifully and briefly congratulate the weddingyoung, should think over the desire for a wedding. If you are familiar with Brac, remember a time when you realize that these people are meant for each other. If you know a little, then pay attention to the appearance and congratulate metaphor. For example, compare their life with dazzling bride's dress or wish to remain always as happy as now. Try to be sincere and wish what would you most like. Here are some examples of the wishes of his own words to the wedding:

  • Congratulations dear newlyweds. Let your bright and wonderful life will be even happier, gentler, warmer, and others do not cease to admire your beauty.
  • Have the groom to his bride loved cars, sports, beer, fishing. And he, in turn, passionately carried away by shopping, cooking, soap operas. Then your life will be perfect!
  • Gems are just stunningin the hands of a master. Fate has united you to show the world a true masterpiece in which the newlyweds shine brighter than a thousand suns. May your marriage be long-lasting, durable!

Video greetings from your friends in your own words

In the following video you will see the options for the wishes of his own words to the wedding. Then it sounded like a touching and lovely words, and fun, fun.