Wishes bride

An important pre-wedding event isparty farewell to unmarried life. Wherever carried feast, do not forget the sincere words of greeting. Wishes bride's bachelorette party is to prepare in advance, so that during the celebration when it's turn to propose a toast, it did not catch you off guard, and you will not fall into a stupor. A wide selection of beautiful poems, prose congratulations allows anyone to read at your leisure, to match the surroundings and reflect the attitude towards celebrations culprit.

Congratulations and wishes for the bride

What to wish the bride at bachelorette party?

Many girls, to prepare for a bachelorette partyfriend or relative, often wondering what words to express my feelings to please the bride. As a rule, a party wishing girlfriend culprit celebration a happy family life, strong marriage, loving, understanding husband, a romantic honeymoon. Often sound fun and memorable farewell was done on a hen party, because a few days later girlfriend officially received the status of "married."

All these fine words can be furnished indifferent forms of verse, prose, videopozhelanii or record with the wishes of the bride from all the friends present at the event. Select congratulations to the bride at the bachelorette party should carefully so that they sounded sincerely, wholeheartedly, the maximum transmit feelings and emotions that you are experiencing, displaying your relationship. In addition, the style, shape, decoration greetings holiday depends on the subject matter, the venue and the mood of others. Watch a video with the original example of congratulations for the bride:

In verse

Especially popular are the wishes of the brideon a hen party in the form of poems. Beautiful poem would be appropriate at a party in the style of home gatherings or during the celebration in the restaurant. Sincere greetings, farewell to the future, wishes a happy life, be faithful, loving wife and go hand in hand with her husband a long road of life will love the bride and will leave pleasant memories of the evening for many years.

Yesterday - girlfriend, cool girl.
Partying, meetings, parties and cinema.
Today - a woman, a wife. But still
Any used has changed its share
This free, independent of you,
Henceforth and forever betrothed
Ring of Doom, a ring of sweet days.

You marry girlfriend
Life will change yours,
Soon you will gain a spouse,
And the family will.
At the bachelorette party all together,
No wonder we have gathered,
To congratulate the bride,
To make you smile.
I wish you happiness,
And the enormous good,
To terrible bad weather,
Do not touched you.

At the bachelorette party bridesmaids
Having fun and enjoying themselves.
Before the wedding the bride -
What is entertained urine.
They remember all the former,
Prospects of her draw.
"Experience - come with time" -
everybody is talking constantly.
So skillfully lure ...
For all the bride calm,
Because they know firmly:
Finally deciding to get married,
About family she dreams,
Fun, joy
On the family will not exchange.
Let her happy smile,
And she will give birth to children.
Let them live together with the beloved,
Will denezhek surplus.

For the wedding everything is ready
And the bride gives the word -
Before the wedding, sit,
On the bridesmaids look!
At the bachelorette party was collected,
Only unmarried name.
The fun -
All are good friends!
The house is decorated with the bride,
In the intervals danced,
In conversations we mourn,
Childhood is also not forgotten.
Traditions have not changed -
Ransom shoes discussed
A lot of different things -
Make a fun wedding.
Bridal bouquet collected
In the flower, and dream,
To catch the bouquet,
When she will throw.
Finally porydat,
It also gave her friend
In marriage, their way
Dispersed, anyway.
Reluctantly diverged,
On the track took a sip,
The bride should have a rest -
Tomorrow wedding her way.

While fun, incendiary partiesappropriate to be cheerful congratulations to the bride, perhaps with a hint of sarcasm or irony. They will amuse all those present at the celebration, cheer up. All requests are usually related to the enlightening tips that should come in handy in the future bride's married life, it may even be a short "guide" for taming husband, advice on strengthening marriage.

Often heard congratulations future wife,We remind you that this is the last opportunity for the full fun of the bride with her bridesmaids. These poems include motivational appeals have fun this holiday, enjoying every moment, cherish the last minutes of idle-free life, to forget about the problems and pre-wedding worries.

Well, girls, you are ready
Today celebrated it enough ?!
Lay the wine and not be afraid!
Dance and re-pour!
Soon our boyfriend
Marriage gives girlfriend.
Though it is a pity to us a little,
But it is bright road.
Our groom Cossack excellent!
Certainly bring happiness!
Today we walk!
We celebrate the bachelorette party!
We laugh and cry,
Let us drink and dance!
We will bathe in luxury,
After walking so much walking!

Ah, your bachelorette party in full swing,
Very fun to all of you,
And today you're in the mood,
Do not be sad at all.
You're saying goodbye to the unmarried
Life is boring, fun,
This day is to remember you need
Sleep today do not lie.
There are a number of all the friends,
Will all wish happiness,
Whether today, flirtatious,
We need to sing and dance,
Well, the wedding will be tomorrow -
Day serious, difficult,
Surprise let all the people
Your dress with a veil,
It will be the way it is beautiful,
And radiantly white,
You, the bride, be happy,
Time of joy come!

We, your devchonochka-girlfriend,
Veselushka we flirtatious,
All came to celebrate a bachelorette party,
Oh, now we'll walk!
Places will be a little all around,
If the road will suddenly!
Congratulations on this day, my dear,
And, of course, we look forward to the wedding!

In prose

Beautiful wish for the bride may not beonly in verse but in prose. The bridesmaids can prepare in advance greeting, thoughtful words, choosing the winged phrases, aphorisms, which would be appropriate on this holiday, or to improvise according to the situation. Congratulations prose can be serious, romantic or funny, comic, funky - it all depends on the company's situation and the mood of the audience.

Our dear friend! We wish you, to your family life was so zheaktivnoy, cheerful, vibrant bright inasyschennoy unforgettable experience as a bachelorette party, which will organize mytebe today. Apogulyaem myna glory!

Podruzhenka, nevestushka ours for tyneozhidannoWe become his wife. Congratulations! Eternal unquenchable love you wish, husband, affectionate iotzyvchivogo who knows how to please a lady: the flowers every day, branded clothes, diamonds, perfume ... In short, my friend, be happy!

Soon will come the most solemn andimportant day in your personal life - wedding day. This is a major step in life, it is extremely difficult and responsible. And so I want to wish you, to your family relations were always rosy and happy. I wish you to respect and love each other until the very last moments of life. Remember these words: it is from you, my dear, will depend on the weather in your home! And so try to be for your husband's reliable support, devoted friend, who show understanding and care, keep it in all situations. Let your family will get round all the hardships and tribulations!

Here come the very finest hour in his life. You are an adult and are approaching the most solemn moment - the wedding. This step is difficult, unprecedented and very responsible. And I want to wish you understanding, patience, mad love to the last day of passionate nights, strong health, and the meaning of life - children. The woman - the keeper of the family hearth, and it affects the weather in the house. Therefore, be faithful to her husband's support, friend, adviser and maintained in all circumstances, to be understanding and caring for him. Let your family bypass the troubles and misfortunes.

Funny comic wishes

Do not do without the fun at bachelorette partywishes to amuse the bride and bridesmaids all present. They usually include the wishes of fun at the bachelor party, as well as advice on further family life, the right to communicate with her husband. These humorous, funny greetings may be in verse or prose, but in any case they will give a lot of joy and positive emotions on holiday.

Honey, our friend, tell me, why do you say somarry? Can you imagine that such a joint family life? This is a permanent continuous monitoring: where to go, with whom for so long on the phone, this guy .. why he took a long look at you ... Your husband will watch for any step you take. Do not even hope that he will keep in my memory all of your Special Occasions. It will be much easier to remember what day is the birthday of his mother than yours. A flower? In his concept - they give only the wedding, why give flowers to women who have already won? And do not expect that after the wedding you will be getting flowers more than twice a year. Well, after all the above you still wish to marry? And that means only one thing - you are very fond of her future husband. And then I wish you that all this has been said before that happened in your married life is exactly the opposite!

Your bachelorette party saves us from boredom,
Before you will know the wedding meal,
We are happy to pour glasses of liquid,
And then karaoke avidly.
And yet, not yet you ride in a white dress,
I wish, in your bachelorette party smile,
So as not to forget the chick-girlfriends,
Positives get this evening.

All precious friend,
Soon you will become his wife,
Will gather at the bachelorette party,
There will be no more than one,
We fully tear off,
With all the grief right now napёmsya,
White envy will burn
Married just want to,
Do not tease you our souls,
I would like on the outside is better

girlfriend's wedding without a bachelorette party - not the triumph,because he - a good push to try something new: the one who never drank - drank; who never came off - dare; who have never danced - zatantsuet; and who never sang karaoke - will start singing! There does not exist the word "no", there is only a "walk and comes off!"

Wishes from the best friend in your own words

The most sincere and wishes - not those,which are found on the Internet, in books, or peeped women's magazines, and the ones that sound from the heart, even if not in the original, poetic form, without grandiloquent phrases and rhymes. Truly a beautiful girl will be greetings from a hen party at her best friend, with whom they share a true friendship, told her, carefully chosen, deliberate words. It can be comic, cheerful, but in most cases it's touching words with sincere love.

Bachelorette party - fun event for the futurethe bride and her bridesmaids, which is difficult to imagine without the wishes, which, depending on the assembled company, the situation and the mood of others may be funky, comic or romantic. No matter what words, what form you choose a greeting as he will pronounce the main thing - that everything said was from the heart, with sincere feelings and emotions, then all must be fulfilled.

Our dear friend! Today you have come together to ensure that we shared with you the joy of the upcoming marriage. On the last day of your bachelor we wish you a happy family life with a person whom you chose as her husband. Tomorrow we congratulate you both with legal marriage, and now let's have fun and unforgettable spend the evening!

Friend! You stand on the threshold of a new life that will bring you a lot of happiness, joy and smiles. Let it be said that family life - not sugar, it's hard work. Do not believe! The life of a loved one - a paradise on earth. I wish your couple to only multiply your love, and happiness will never leave your house!

We do not even notice how grown. So, today we celebrate your last "free" day, and tomorrow you wake up in the arms of the man she loved, who will call you my wife. Remember, my dear, that the girlfriend - it's forever, and no matter what happens in family life - I'll be there with you!

My dear friend! Wedding - important step. In this world where everything goes in all directions, marriage - a phenomenon that helps to stay human. We are confident that you will be the best wife and husband can inspire new discoveries and initiatives! In any situation, know that we will always help you and never let you leave!