Wedding bedding

Bedding in the bride's dowry included morein ancient times, because the beautifully laid wedding bed creates a special atmosphere for the young romance and happiness. Currently, the bride is no need to buy it yourself, because it is sure to receive a free wedding linens. Moreover, the wedding presented with the best quality textiles made of expensive fabrics such as jacquard, satin-suite or even silk.

How to choose bed linen as a wedding gift

Linens are not necessarily honeymoonersmust be white: some people like dark colors with a large pattern or soft pastel shades, and red color in this way means passion. Newlyweds give sets with lace and ruffles, with embroidery and drawings adorned volume 3D-image. The most common materials for ceremonial clothes:

  1. Silk.
  2. Bamboo.
  3. Tencel.
  4. Satin.

Wedding bed linen

If you can afford it, then donatenewlyweds silk bed set. This cloth belongs to the luxury segment and is made from silkworm cocoons. Silk has a unique temperature control features that allow you to feel comfortable and sultry night, and in the cold season. Bamboo fabric is also "breathable" and anti-bacterial, but because of the fragility of the fibers should be treated with care.

Tencel - a wood technology, performed withusing the latest nanotechnology. This is an environmentally friendly material that is ideal for people with allergies and, in addition, has a high strength. Mako-satin or satin luxury - it is a cotton silk, made of Egyptian long-staple cotton. In appearance it resembles a fabric, silk yarn, distinguished by a matte rather than glossy, like a silk gloss. Through careful processing, "silk cotton" has excellent breathability and durability.

Options sets wedding bedding

linen kits are available with a beautiful weddingdesign and hand-decorated. For example, Japanese bedding sets for different hand-painted wedding and bulk embroidery and machine work in their manufacture is used very rarely. Perfect for bridal models with large floral print and decorated with paintings on the theme of the wedding:

Wedding bedding
  • wedding rings;
  • hearts;
  • swans;
  • pigeons.

White linen is a traditional wedding, buttoday's young people prefer practical color, so it is best to choose a gift kits with patterns, prints or color embroidery to cater to newlyweds. In terms of size, it is optimal to set a double standard that is sure to suit honeymooners bed. Look at the video several options bedding sets for the wedding:

With original embroidery

Embroidery gives wedding bedding setselegance, attractiveness and strength. It becomes very pleasant to the touch and emphasizes individual design gift. Embroidery is applied to the outside of the set, while it does not degrade the quality of consumer home textiles, since its application is thought out to the smallest detail.

Complete with original embroidery

decorated figure

Collections wedding home textile strikeimagination with its diverse designs. Designers offer newlyweds the major figures in the form of lush bright roses, stylized Egyptian ornaments, Japanese characters, animal skins, palm leaves and other African motifs. Newlyweds enjoy a variety of bedding ensembles with large flowers on wine and amethyst, lilac matt or moss-green background.

Complete with bright pictures

Linen with ruffles or lace

Lace wedding textiles also differits diversity. It looks elegant and expensive, so is ideal as a wedding gift. Frivolous ruffles on lace bedding especially appreciate the bride, who prefer to design their bedrooms in style Shabby-chic: soft sentimental antiques and classics.

Wedding linen with lace

Colored wedding lingerie

Although there is a wedding tradition obscurebed on their wedding night white sheets, is now in vogue kits with color colors. Linen can be plain or with a variety of decor that is at the wedding bed looks great. Very popular colors such as:

  • pearl;
  • Ivory;
  • green tea;
  • Bordeaux;
  • gold.

Colored wedding lingerie

Wedding set with 3D effect

Wedding bedding sets with 3D effect - isnovelty among the home textiles and the entire textile industry. For his sewing, often used satin, which is applied to the volume image, enabling the colors stay much longer than usual, sending a very realistic picture. The picture is applied to the cotton yarn double weave with the help of printing, rather than by sticking a colored film, as some consumers.

Sets with 3D effect

The color scheme of bed linen

To select colors for bed linennewlyweds need, taking into account the style of the bedroom. If the guest does not know the color preferences Suite, the best start of the color psychology. Psychologists say that an unfortunate choice of colors of home textiles can lead to headaches and inner discomfort. It is better to pay attention to the colorful bright colors: blue, yellow, black. Apart from them:

  • Red is perfect for a bedroom suite, it's the color of love and sexuality.
  • White - a classic color for weddings, symbolizing purity.
  • By the purple and brown must be approached with caution - some highly sensitive people, these colors evoke depression.
  • Green adds vigor, so as the main color for the bed set is not very successful, because can cause insomnia.

color variants

Photo sets wedding bedding

The first wedding night the newlyweds should rememberfor life, so decorating the matrimonial bed should be given special attention: everything must be perfect. The marriage bed, and with it the bed, it was covered, it should be beautiful, comfortable and romantic, to enhance the enjoyment of couples together. View our selection of photographs, which show examples of a successful choice of bed set for the wedding.

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