The words of congratulations to the wedding of his son-mother-in

daughters wedding opens a new stage in the life of anymother daughter get married, she will have my own family. With maternal shoulders dropped a large load of responsibility: taking care of her daughter obliged her husband, and the mother will be responsible only to help with their grandchildren. However, the mother's wish that his daughter and her husband were the only good relationship. In his congratulatory message to mother-in-law is trying to express their wishes for the young about their future life together, wish them love, understanding. Also, Mother of the Bride wants the young to remain faithful to each other.

Examples of congratulations from the mother-in-law to your wedding day

Parents of the newlyweds - one of the mainexisting wedding parties. They are actively involved in organizing and conducting weddings. It should not only be well prepared the event, but also to successfully conduct it. Guests couple (especially in-law) should feel that the bride's mother is pleased with the wedding took place, and the bride will have a family. If you do not prepare in advance oration present at the ceremony may think that the mother of the bride dissatisfied with something, or too lazy to say a few warm words of welcome in-law.

Examples of congratulations from the mother-in-law

In order not to lose face duringweddings, mother-in-law has to prepare it in advance. Learn more quatrains is not difficult. It is important that in addition to congratulations with the wedding-in-law and heard a few words of farewell, although the bulk of the speech Tiffany - a congratulations. Greeting part of speech must include the good wishes - love, happiness, even during bad weather, health, young, the future of their kids. It would not be shameful if the mother-in-law brother-wish not to delay the birth of a child: the education of children - the main meaning of the marital relationship.

In verse and prose

For congratulatory speech will have to learn 2-3quatrains. It is advisable to come up with their own verses, but if this is difficult, it is necessary to learn other people's poems. As an alternative to the poetic works should be seen greeting texts in prose. Self-congratulatory prose texts come up a lot easier than writing poetry. To congratulation left on videos and photos, before the start of the wedding ceremony should notify the photographer, video operator about at what point we should start shooting.

Examples of congratulations in verse and prose

Tiffany greeting text should includecongratulations on the long-awaited event - the wedding. Usually in-law mother-in-law wants to be loved, happy, hurry to please her grandchildren. She also wants to groom health, success in activities, and financial well-being. Admitted humorous and ironic remarks, joking but it is necessary so that the in-law did not take offense. In some families, there is a tradition called the son-in-law. If the bride does not know this, you should warn him that he was not surprised to such treatment. We offer these examples of references to the son-in:

That wedding in the house looked darling,
His son-in want to bless.
To my daughter I called you "favorite" ...
I wish only to live in happiness together.

Let it be the sun in a cozy nest,
The warmth and joy of life only flourish.
And every day you fly through the window
Colored butterflies to create a holiday!

My family is happy,
What do you met each other!
Love is a red card suit
Let lie tenderness spouses!

You are my children - do not have to "Tiffany"
Groom, you call you mom ...
After I my dear, among other things,
With no party nor see!

Now I'll call you - my son,
I know you will not be against
In simple words tell pozdravok,
I hope that you will not be condemned.

I wish you a lot of good,
The hard work - success
And at home waiting for you to kids
To your house exploded with laughter.

We love our daughter and spoil and regret
Suppose that in life there will be bad weather.
And that did not happen - look fun.
I wish you great happiness.

Something hurt my son-skinny.
Immediately evident: living without Tiffany's!
The point is, we fix that,
And fat podnagulyaem.
The experience I have considerable:
Ten years he kept pigs.

Oh, but my temper explosive ...
Kohli that, then ... right in the battle!
Not in vain, I scare.
You entrust your daughter,
To my krovinochka
The happiness and love live!

If the beloved daughter
Radiant eyes I
From marriage see,
I will call you "son"
And, believe me, do not hurt!
So, my dear, do not spoil!
Quickly wife's mother a kiss!

Today, you are beautiful, my daughter,
From the cry of happiness I wanted something.
Now, because you own family,
What do you want, because so long wanted.

So whether you are always excellent wife,
Caring and faithful wife.
And protected by the always calm family.
And be the best girlfriend you always for her husband.

You zyatek, I was caught,
you are not afraid of Tiffany,
Our daughter took to her,
Okrut, she bewitched!

Take care of it now,
Let happiness open the door,
Let love in the family lives,
And dancing and singing!

May you all be okay,
Life passes chocolate,
Look here, zyatek,
It Teschin pozdravok!

For beautiful verse
We will go down the street,
In such a groom
The whole nation admires,

Thankfully I was
My daughter-crumbs,
What this has led
I Zyatkov good.

And now the public's
I promise easier
What am I going to him
The best mother-in!


My dear brother-in you today,
Since the wedding I hasten to congratulate.
And I am now calm for her daughter,
More like me to add.
You become a son during that time,
And there were quarrels, right enough.
You will have to bear the burden,
And that love keeps on giving!


You zyatek, I was caught,
you are not afraid of Tiffany,
Our daughter took to her,
Okrut, she bewitched!
Take care of it now,
Let happiness open the door,
Let love in the family lives,
And dancing and singing!


My dear, beloved son in law!
Here is an example from whom to take!
May you live so not grieved,
Daughter loved, was friends with me,
this drink a glass to the bottom,
Pour over the wine!
For newlyweds drink
And do not spill a single drop!
To live to you - do not grieve!
Happiness is to know and do not shed tears!

I do not believe in stories about the relationship with the mother andproud that our family gets bigger. There is no greater joy for me than to see my daughter happy and to know that we are now all become family. Let your wedding day will be remembered for many years of happy marriage.

No matter how composed Amusing storieszyatyah and teschah, and his son-I love! He's my one and only, true to husband my only daughter! Be always the same wonderful as it is today, gathered around him true friends, with all my heart love young wife and just - be happy!

Wishes from Tiffany's own words

Best greetings - that inventedindependently. If nothing comes to mind, there is always the opportunity to take advantage of someone else, or draw blanks are clever and interesting thoughts. Some people are able to give wonderful speech and without preparation, offhand. Even if there is a small hitch, the effect of the original wishes did not fall, because the wish for the good and happiness of the bride's mother would heartily.

Wishes from the mother-in-law in their own words

In his congratulatory speech, we need to focusthe fact that the wish-law happy, happy married life. Offend the groom insulting statements is not necessary, but a good joke in a speech Tiffany is appropriate. Congratulations are reduced to the wishes of family happiness, prosperity, wealth and marital fidelity. At a large gathering of relatives and guests easy to lose self-control and forget congratulatory text, even if it is memorized. In that case, should prepare a piece of paper with the text of congratulations.

Words like mother-in-law appeal to the

Often the bride's mother is not quite satisfied with herZyatkov: that same ideal people have little or no, each groom have their drawbacks. But this does not mean that you need to put up with the shortcomings: should pay attention to it, and when the opportunity to advise yatyu get rid of them. Wedding congratulations such a case. From direct threats and insults the more is better to abstain, the word suggestion should sound veiled or comic form.

Words like mother-in-law appeal to the

To greeting speech was not likeSession suggestion didactically words should be diluted with the wishes of good luck, prosperity and neutral vocabulary. If the young are experiencing any difficulties, and their parents are able to help them, be sure to mention that at any moment can turn to them for help.

Video farewell speech at the wedding of Tiffany Young

In his summing-Mother of the Bridecongratulates the young, wish them a great family happiness, love and fidelity. Mother-in-law and son-also wants her daughter to create a close-knit family, and expresses the hope that their home will avoid trouble and the couple themselves will trust each other in any situation. Newlyweds need to feel that their parents will help them in difficult situations. It is not always the bride's mother understands how to make an appeal to the wedding test. We offer a look at the thematic video, which shows an excellent example of summing treatment of the bride mother.