Interesting congratulations wedding day

An important, important day in the life of lovers -wedding day. Share the joy, to have fun together at the wedding of the couple invited their relatives and friends. Traditionally, going to the ceremony, the guests prepare gifts and congratulatory words to try to put a maximum of warm words and wishes. Beautiful greetings help to convey feelings and emotions, which are invited to experience the newlyweds. Prepare requests should advance to the moment of congratulations and nice not to get lost, and above all genuinely deliver his speech.

Variants with interesting congratulations wedding

Congratulations on the wedding can beromantic, touching, humorous, comic, or funky - the choice depends on the relationship and the guest suite, a guest wishes to express his feelings in one form or another. Interesting words will give all those present at the ceremony a few extra minutes of fun, cheer up, be remembered by all for a long time.

Interesting congratulations may be in verseform or prose. But do not read the whole ode - long speech quickly tire and lost the meaning of what was said, everything becomes uninteresting. If possible, the word is learned, it will be more sincere, soulful, beautiful. To please newly spouses are not only classic greeting, interesting poems, but simply beautiful, cherished words from him, to the soul, sincerity, love.

Congratulations in the verses

Especially popular are the weddinginteresting greetings in verse form - beautiful words related rhyme offer excellent suggestions for a new, young family. Huge selection of poems allows each guest to choose a wish on your taste, so that is one hundred percent like the young, will touch their souls and have fun.

Wedding - romantic celebration, sothe majority of cases heard touching words celebratory toast. These greetings are usually selected older guests - parents, aunts, grandmothers. For them this day for jokes, they enjoy a happy moment when their children became adults, have created their own family, so try your wishes with love to say warm words of farewell, blessing.

We congratulate you on your wedding day,
Good luck, I wish you happiness!
Live to fame, love one another,
After all, from this day you husband and wife.
All share in the life of friends, half -
And labor and anxiety that you will meet.
Let your life flows like a river,
In a way that knows no barriers!
And let over your head
Only three constellations are lit:
One constellation - Love.
Others - Loyalty and Happiness
And the third - just Compassion.
Let them sparkle over the family,
To fulfill the dream.

Oh, life! You give the newlyweds
During the life of heaven and loving children,
Greater happiness, good health!
Let the good luck to you friends!
A friend of a friend you love warms,
Not his senses in confusion over trifles
And most children give birth,
Living with them is more interesting to you!
Be able to give, forgive Know how,
Keep the warmth of the hearth,
And for each other's lives do not regret ...
Then you pass by adversity and misfortune!

Wear a gold ring,
It should be printed on the certificate ...
Well, the young wife,
We are in the day you wish?
To house the music sounded,
That was not boring alone,
Live in harmony, interesting,
That happiness was - full house!
Love take care trustingly, vigilantly,
And only at the wedding will let you "Kiss!"

Today, you are married,
For you - a happy day in the world!
Once you lit a beacon of love,
So you let it all my life, and shine!
Everything happened the way you want,
And then came the coveted hour -
You put loyalty ring,
Flowers and music - for you!
Tread close, together in the leg,
Beautiful a strong family.
Let not the easy road,
But be sure to direct!
To be close to the heat and cold,
For the honor of the family standing wall,
So that was a good husband, fiance,
The bride - a glorious wife!
Love take care trustingly, vigilantly,
And only at the wedding
Let it be you "Kiss!"

Dear newlyweds!
You have a special day today.
So be always happy.
Let it be bright road,
Let there be a happy family.
Keep sensitivity, tenderness, affection,
Trepidation the first meetings.
And those rings that have taken up,
Manage to preserve until the end.
Let your life ever.
These days will not be repeated,
Loving it should always,
And only a single time to get married!

The verse can be funny, naughtyCongratulations, that is sure to please all guests, heroes of the occasion and remembered by all for a long time for its originality and uniqueness. Such interesting poems selected friends, wanting to cheer up a little, maybe somewhere poddernut spouses. Humorous greetings include best wishes to love one another, to live a happy, friendly life, well-being, good words. Just say it all might be unusual, unfamiliar to many forms.

On the wedding day, guys!
A husband and wife,
As far as we remember,
One satan!
We wish you a long time
And live happily:
Wife to be fun,
And her husband - to make people laugh!
And family life
Soul does not get old:
Wife to be beautiful,
And her husband - to want!
And we must, of course,
To give birth to, nurture:
Wife to become a mother,
And her husband - to plow!
And, in general, wish,
Well, what to say,
Wife to be loved,
And her husband - to love!

I hasten to congratulate - the wedding took place!
Yes, I wonder who are more fortunate?
Bride that has become a married lady,
Girlfriend lonely all the luck?
Or the groom? Now you do not need
Leaping out of bed to look for socks again!
His wife had prepared, ironed,
And in the evening will offer a delicious dinner,
And gently tuck her husband to sleep!
Go ahead, guys! I sincerely wish
How we are walking and live life!
So that you always understand each other,
And that could give way to each other!
Now each of you on two salaries,
But twice as many domestic troubles,
But there is love, so let it guys
All my life you hand in hand is!

You are cheerful and happy -
Only the point.
I congratulate you on the holiday -
Happy wedding. Good luck!
Bride to be accommodating
And get along with her fiance
And mum new shit
Not to speak afterwards.
A groom to be tender
And tescheyu friends.
Then seem fairy tale
You will be married life!

Be healthy, live richly,
How many will allow you your salary.
But you know, salary is never enough -
Shake all ancestors - they will add you.
Parents have become twice as much
Love them stronger, guests longer.
Do not be afraid of pipettes, fear not diapers.
Give birth of boys, girls give birth.
But the kids are bored parents.
Throw their grandmother, they bring up.
But most of all I wish, however:
So that was not a marriage of your marriage.

Originally, fun at the wedding will be heardMandate, congratulations to the bride and groom. In comic form briefly outlines the prospects for family life, new responsibilities newlyweds, now already as husband and wife. Such a funny, provocative suggestions will be presented with a sea of ​​positive emotions, joy and laughter. It is pertinent these words may sound like from the lips of the young guests, as well as from people with more experience.

You on your wedding day congratulations!
Happiness and love wish!
To strong was your marriage,
Proceed only as follows:
Husband wear on your hands,
And do not ask for a salary,
Wash, cook, wash try,
Svёkru often smile
And worship-in-law -
So you sberezhёsh love!
In the garage, keep in touch,
Wife gifts to buy,
Forget About girlfriends,
With mother-whether angel,
With tests more often to drink -
It is not a family, and heaven!

For a young wife is ready
Parting words:
The wife of the native
Love, respect,
Budi work,
With works dating.
Lying on the sofa
He did not come,
A shopping bag in hand
Often HANDS.
And if you forgot it
What to buy something,
Do not rush
He was immediately scolded.
Once, maybe twenty
Him to repeat,
Tenderly, tenderly,
But measles.
And we say
Again and again:
Remember, man
You can not humiliate!
Before word
Spouse say
Thrice think! -
Why take the risk?
try delicious
Wife feed
It will be for you is to love it.
Beautiful whether,
Less tears, more laughter!
Here are the secrets of success!
But guests
It's time to raise the goblet,
"Bitter" drink
And dance!

Wifey do not need much:
(These are simple truths)
Only the beautiful clothes,
Decorations, flowers
That Ferrari was her husband,
At worst - "Fiat"
A lot of money - too need
In stores so that was a drag.
That apartment was a fairy tale!
Lodge somewhere in the Crimea,
That the husband was always affectionate,
to understand what's what!
Well, comrade cute,
Do you want to love the wife -
From the first days do not be late,
All conditions have been created!
How sweet is your wife!
- That was always like,
Remember, you are our dear:
Careful be with his wife.
Do not argue with her never,
Do everything correctly, then you will live
The long, peaceful, nice!
Wife should help:
Fry, float and wash.
In the morning do not wake up early,
In the shop - you go.
And there will be kids -
You to erase them pants.
On foot to their shaking,
Loudest of all not to shout.
For holidays and on weekdays,
For summer and winter,
No matter how difficult it would be,
Guarded wife rest.

In prose

For those who do not know how beautiful, with a look andsense to read poetry fit congratulations wedding in prose. Beautiful lyrics with happy wishes, cloudless family life, healthy children, prosperity, mutual love will not leave anyone indifferent. Prose wishes can be touching, serious or comic, funny. Such texts are always well easily perceived culprits celebration, guests are remembered for a long time, and sometimes quoted.

Dear newlyweds! I wish that there were more black ... in your life! Yes Yes! To young husband always wore a black suit with a black diplomat paid to obtain "black cash" with a "back door". A young woman went to a black "Mercedes", was vacationing in the Black Sea, eating caviar and drinking black coffee!

Real life consists of many little things,empty words, arguments, situations. Life - a garland of colorful, bright and cloudy days. And on your prudence and harmony depends on peace and prosperity in your life, dear newlyweds! So let everyday trifles do not spoil the main thing in your life - happiness and joy.
For your happiness, the bride and groom!

The French writer Andre Terje wrote: You can not have a happy life, there are only happy days.
Let's drink to it, so that the newly created family had many, many happy days, of which as a whole would have been a happy life!

Often family life compared with the new year. First, there are large-scale celebration, congratulations and gifts. But after a while, and people understand that this year is very similar to the last. So I want to wish the young couple to today's celebration was for them the beginning of a new year, but the start of a new era! Let's raise our glasses for us and for the young, who showed us what true love!

My Favorite (name) and (name), a variety ofcongratulations on your wedding day made today in your honor, I have to add one thing. Every time you have a boy were planted near the house of one poplar, and every time a girl - a birch tree. And so when we all get together again to congratulate you on your golden wedding anniversary, we would see poplar alley and birch grove.

His words

The most sincere congratulations to the good willnot those that sound as standard on every wedding ceremony, and those that are said heartily in your own words. Such a wish will be the most sincere, touching, memorable. Everyone can think in advance a speech that will speak for honeymooners, this is especially true for those who can get confused and can not find the right words at the right moment. Others may improvise, complementing already said, I focus on what matters most.

Dear newlyweds! On this day, you made a very important step in my life - created a new family. We wish that you were able to carry the love that ignites your heart now, throughout life. We wish to make your dreams and plans for the future, a sense of life is not broken, and to gray days are not bored, and the relationship is not lost romance - often make each other surprises and do not forget to tell each other "I love you!"

On this day came the closest,native people for our honeymoon for one purpose - to celebrate the birth of a new family and to express their congratulations to the newlyweds. The most important thing is always to do everything together, then there will be extreme and everyone will be liable jointly. Let all the hardships, troubles bypass your marriage, house party, and quarrels decided by a simple kiss. It's hard to imagine a family without a full charming children, so we wish more healthy heirs who become true happiness.

Dear bride and groom! On this day you joined their fate and were new to them the status of "husband" and "wife"! Now all you have to be divided into two - the joy, trouble, joy and sorrow, to be a real support, support for each other, to live together and go hand in hand. We wish that thread, linking you to this day, it was becoming stronger every year, gradually turning into a strong rope! Do not forget, now you are the relatives and friends of people who take care of love, be happy!

Some people believe that family life is divided intotwo stages - a honeymoon full of romance, sensuality, passion and all the rest of my life, where there is only life. We want to wish you, your whole life has been like a honeymoon, is rich in love, kisses you to enjoy each other, creating his life story, which will be an example for your grandchildren. Take care of the feelings that were able to test, try to carry them through life, keeping tenderness, passion for each other until the wedding gold!

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Congratulations to the young lasts throughoutfestive day, when presented with flowers at the registry office, during the wedding walk when given presents during the festive feast. Unusual congratulations wedding with gifts can be turned into a fun action, during which the guest will be able to hand brought gifts, original congratulate newlyweds, they elevate mood and guests. An example of such "representation" look at the video: